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T.I. Speak Out! (2021) 2/2

January 12, 2021

I’m glad you continue to chronicle your experience. I’m in the same position as you are in for so long, and I’m still is. As you will learn more about this phenomena, it will test your resilience made more challenging because of the pandemic, that we, including the general population, are experiencing.

Beware of the heightened conspiracy theories spewed by so many, including people in the government. Most of this concepts has dark motive that will test your judgement. Just some reassurance, based on my experience…things will get better, if you know how to deal with things…

I would like to give you some advises… this will be hard to do during the pandemic but you have to do it. Be creative, stay positive, and be adaptable.

First, stay healthy, eat well and exercise. The gym will be close but outdoor activities will still be open. Follow the health protocol even if you don’t believe in it. You have to do it, to survive this craziness.

Second, if you decide to be active online, no matter what you do, make sure you present yourself well. This is always about perception. Do not make yourself look you are losing it. Your sanity is the number one goal, do not lose it. Remain neutral if you decide to be active in social media. Do not engage in heated arguments with others. Remain positive with your views. Do not let the perpetrators in you circle of friends, do not reply to them, block them instead.

Third, live your life, do the things you enjoy. No matter how tired or bored you are, rekindle the things you enjoy in the past. Learn new things. Time will not be a problem anymore during pandemic unless you are a front line worker. Do not stop working. You have to be busy.

Fourth, do not isolate yourself to everyone. Learn to use virtual app. Call your friends. Do face time. Chat with families.

Final word for you, no matter what you do, Learn to filter and ignore. Learn to listen to your breathing. Do not listen to external voices. Stay positive and refocus to the good things.

Do take care of yourself. Let us hope 2021 will be a better year for all of us.

Below are videos that might help…

Video credit: Dr. Matthew Aaron

Video credit: Jane Yevgeniya Adams

Video credit: Nigel Nicholson

Video credit: TLOKE 57

Video credit: Ella FFTI

Video credit: Andrew D. Santana

Video credit: karis cal

Video credit: John Washington

Video credit: R.T. T.I. in NYC

Video credit: Martijn Jongen Targeted individual

Video credit: BereanJenn

Video credit: Scott Free

Video credit: Vice


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