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Abuses of Psychiatry and Politicized Science

September 11, 2012 Comments off

This page concerns the abuse of the “healing professions” of psychiatry and psychology, and the long history of CIA and intelligence involvement in that community. It also deals with the manipulation of the scientific and engineering establishment to suppress knowledge of technological developments crucial to people’s health, well-being, and even their basic human rights. Dr. Robert Becker is a pioneer in electro-medicine and was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. This is an excerpt from his book Cross Currents (1990) in which he describes the conspiracy to suppress research into and knowledge of nonthermal electromagnetic effects. Here is an interview with Dr. Colin Ross that is part of the CKLN-FM mind control series. He discusses a number of topic regarding mind control, including its relation to his profession of psychiatry. It’s a very strange story. It tells us that there is something going on in our culture and in the mental health field that is hidden and secret. This is another kind of incest secret in the field of psychiatry that all of these people who have been running psychiatry in the latter half of the 20th century are either directly or loosely connected to a whole huge universe of covert hidden secretly funded mind control research, and as I emphasized, that’s a fact….

So this really went on, they really used psychics operationally and they believed in it enough to keep spending millions of dollars on it for several decades probably. Now when you read all the Senate materials from the 1970’s and you read all the existing literature, the claim of the intelligence community was that all this mind control research was stopped in 1973 due to Senate oversight and so on. One of the MKULTRA sub-projects is on the paranormal, esp and using esp for covert operations purposes. That element of MKULTRA didn’t stop in 1973. We now know from the CIA itself that it ran on until 1984. So we know for a fact that at least that element of this mind control research program that was said to have stopped in 1973, continued to 1984. My position is that it is simply implausible that this stuff isn’t ongoing up to the present…. Ewen Cameron, former Head of the Quebec Psychiatric Association, the Canadian Psychiatric Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the World Psychiatric Association – in fact, the founder of the World Psychiatric Association – and also one-time President of the Association for Biological Psychiatry. As politically connected a guy as ever existed in the entire field of psychiatry in the 20th Century, with his obituary in the American Journal of Psychiatry, funded through MKULTRA and Human Ecology Foundation, did LSD and other hallucinogen research funded by Canadian military and the CIA and was successfully sued (he had already died) – the CIA settled out of court actually… (Ross does not mention that “psychic research” might be used as a cover for research in electronic and acoustic techniques, with eager “volunteers.”) Ross’ talk also has a second segment.

This is a PubMed abstract to a German article on Stasi persecution syndrome. It would seem that there should also be a CIA persecution syndrome or an FBI persecution syndrome, since those organizations are also known to have covertly harassed individuals with the intention of inflicting psychological harm. This is an article by Alan Scheflin from Psychiatric Times, November, 1999, titled, “Ground Lost: The False Memory/Recovered Memory Therapy Debate”.

Source: Abuses of Psychiatry and Politicized Science


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