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What is voice to skull?

June 24, 2010

Eleanor White: What is ‘Voice to Skull’?

The ‘psycho-electronic’ type of mind control I’m discussing here is the covert, around the clock harassment of innocent citizens living in their homes and communities, and is currently world wide in scope. This harassment includes electronic mind/body attacks, street harassment skits, destruction of family and other relationships and destruction of careers.

One especially invasive attack method in the arena of ‘psycho-electronic’ mind control is ‘voice to skull’. Voice to skull is the transmission of voice, or any other audible or subliminal sound, directly into the hearing sense of the mind control victim. This is sometimes done around the clock and can be one of the severest forms of torture. Voice to skull technology is sometimes referred to as “synthetic telepathy”.

Current-day voice to skull cannot be stopped by any known electromagnetic shielding, a fact which demonstrates how advanced classified mind control technology has become.

The listener needs to know that at least one method of voice to skull transmission, using microwave pulses much like radar, is not particularly new. During World War II, technicians working in the path of energized radar antennas discovered they could hear a buzz, seeming to originate inside their skulls. This buzz was being caused by the train of very short pulses of microwave signal, each pulse causing a single click.

In the early 1970s, Dr. Joseph Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research used a computer to control a radar transmitter such that for each time a human voice waveform changed from a peak to a valley, the radar transmitter sent out a single pulse, causing a single click to be heard by the test subject. Because these clicks were timed according to the human voice waveform, the test subject heard a voice, rather than a string of clicks. This has not been pursued, at least publicly, due to concerns about the effect of microwave signals aimed at a person’s skull, but it does work.

In actual fact, a suitably modified amateur radio transmitter operating in either the 420 to 450 megahertz band or the 1.3 gigahertz band, with a highly directional antenna, is capable of transmitting voice to skull signals at less cost than the price of an automobile.

In addition to simply driving a target crazy, voice to skull can cause far more severe damage to a targeted person if instead of audible voice, one of several types of SUBLIMINAL voice is transmitted instead. When the subliminal voice is that of a hypnotist, and is aimed at a targeted person’s bed, voice to skull can be used over time to undetectably program the person. Because the power level required is fairly modest, being something like the output of the common heat lamp, the person being programmed could have no idea this was happening.

A person who is highly susceptible to hypnosis, and about one in five are, could be put through living Hell simply by way of subliminal voice to skull.

It is common for psycho-electronic mind control victims to report a very frequent or constant “ringing in the ears”, which is also a symptom of the “Lowery” method of subliminal voice conversion. Lowery’s method is described in U.S. patent 5,159,703 and such a converter can easily be built by someone with reasonable electronic assembly abilities. Source: the7thfire.com

Effects of Radiation Harassment Technology (V2K) Technology
PERPS (Perpetrator or the harasser) have technology that in a nut shell can do the following:

  • They are a very faint sound, therefore a person interprets them as their own thoughts. Since they are a very faint sound, only those things that are know to a person can be manipulated. Put it simply they won’t be able to teach you Chinese. An example of this is that if a person says a sentence very slowly and close to your ears, then you will only understand it if you know it or parts of it, otherwise your interpretation of what’s being said would be different as compared to what was actually said.
  • PERPS use other means to make a person dwell on things that where unknown to them. Like after listening to a news article, or even other people saying something similar that PERPS would want a target to direct there thoughts on. Affects related to this are listed below. (VOICE)
  • They can vibrate certain muscles, affects related to that are mentioned below. (MUSCULAR)
  • Certain parts in nervous system react to them. Affects related to this are mentioned below. (NERVOUS)
  • They can cause power surges. (EMP) (EMP = Electromagnetic Pulses)
  • Give throat irritation, mucus formation. (MUSCULAR)
  • Watery mouth. (MUSCULAR)
  • Hyperventilation, sudden shortness of breath. (MUSCULAR)
  • Vibrate certain muscles in our body. (MUSCULAR)
  • Give different body aches and pains. Specially back ache. (MUSCULAR)
  • Clogged ears. (Like the way it feels when the elevation changes, like in plane or in elevators). (MUSCULAR)
  • If a person have an existing condition, like a cut, or infection, they can make it really pain. (MUSCULAR)/(NERVOUS)
  • Nausea, headaches. (NERVOUS)
  • Listen to a person’s thoughts. Yes that’s what they are capable of. Lots of time, during early manipulation, that’s what a person complains of, that someone knows what they are thinking, or watching them all the time, however, not all is true, some of those thoughts are manipulated by PERPS. (NERVOUS)
  • Manipulate a person’s thoughts, by putting specific words while a person is thinking. (VOICE)
  • Manipulate a person’s emotions by making them angry or inducing anxiety or even make a person cry or laugh. (NERVOUS)
  • They can cause simple sounds to occur again and again. For instance, if a pager is set to simple beep, then they make a person to think that the pager is on, yet when its not. (VOICE)
  • They can cause surges, yes, the lights that went out recently in NY, is there doing. (EMP)
  • They can make minor malfunctions in electronic equipment. Causing them to flicker, or even in some cases render the equipment useless. (EMP)
  • Any sensor driven machine is prone to them. They can cause a light sensor to activate at night, causing the light to go out. (EMP)
  • They can temper with thermostats. Causing the air conditioner to come on, or the refrigerator to malfunction, or cause the car to over heat. Yep, that’s what they can do. (EMP).

Source: Voicetoskull.com

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