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January 28, 2011

Since discovering that I am a targeted individual, I learned a lot. I am writing this blog to help out. I know there are other targeted individuals out there who are struggling. Who are probably being drugged, being institutionalized and who are homeless or at risk of becoming one. They are being harass daily 24/7 and maybe contemplating on giving-up. Please do not cave-in. This is what I learned, and hopefully will help you to keep your spirit up and to keep on fighting.

Filtering – Learn how to filter, not only the unwanted voices or the daily noise campaign but also the daily propaganda in the media. Most of targeted individuals will noticed that even in the mainstream newspaper, articles related to his or her situations are manifested with innuendo in several articles and seeking his or her attention. For example, if a targeted individual felt like shopping for something, a sale ad will be visible. If he or she is looking for a job, an ad will appear in the newspaper or job web-sites tailored made to his or her credentials. In addition to this, there will be diversion news that might interest him or her and will play an important role in diverting his or her attention to do the more important chores of the day. Be aware of this tactics. Take charge. Allow only the ones who serves you. Meaning if you like the diversion, go ahead and enjoy it but make sure you know your priorities.

Fake TI – Another disinformation are those activities perpetrated by phony or fake targeted individuals visible in social networks. They are there to make sure the public get the impressions that most targeted individuals are mental case, mostly delusional and or paranoid. They are there to make sure that the public will have the impressions that most targeted individuals are terrorists, perverts, antichrist, anarchist, anti-governments, anti-this and that. Their basic functions are to misinformed the public, plant seed of doubts to targeted individuals themselves and their groups. These fake-targeted individuals are provocateurs who will initiate fight between targeted individuals so that any events or activism fails or become disorganized. They are also there to instigate hatred to different communities, plant rumor and misinformed the public about issues affecting targeted individuals. Real targeted individuals will eventually developed a techniques on how to identify these kind harassers.

Knowledge is bliss! – They know their actions are crime that’s why they are hiding in with their high-tech gadgets! Here are the facts: this operation violates human rights, constitutional rights and civil rights that highly industrialized and developed countries adopted. In addition to most common countries’ criminal legislation, these perpetrators are essentially terrorists! Their tactics are designed to be nearly impossible to prove, aimed to make targeted individuals look and sounds crazy, so don’t fall to their trap.

Conspiracies! –Unfortunately, several sector of the society participate in this crime. No clear motive for the reason why this crime is being perpetrated except for money. As everyone profits, the health care industry, the military, the governments, financial institutions and private households. Mainstream media will induced conspiracy theories like UFOs, NWO, globalization, and all that crap! All of these are diversions to the actual motive of these operations. It all boils down to money, nothing more nothing less.

Randy Quaid – The most visible targeted individual victim, is perhaps Randy Quaid, Hollywood actor of such films like National Lampoon and Brokeback Mountain, who publicly admitted last year being harassed over a decade by a group of perpetrators. In his revealations, he mentioned several actors who are being targeted and in fact some died in the last few years. I noticed the cause of sudden deaths of these actors were related to some sort of mental disorder and or substance abuse. Most could be assumed a misdiagnosed drug overdose. I can only imagine that publicized reasons for their deaths are false and all diversionary tactics to mask the truth. Who knows. No one knows if these dead celebrities are actually targeted individuals.

Satellite – As the symptoms of OSEH are like daily normal occurrences, it is very hard to detect who is being targeted and who are not. It’s hard to get a factual statistic of the number of targeted individuals globally. One thing is for sure, it is happening around the world. As I experienced being attacked in the air (while traveling inside a plane from Ontario to Vancouver, BC), on water (while traveling inside a inter-island transboat from Vancouver to Victoria, BC), on land (while traveling by bus from BC to San Francisco, CA USA) I realized that all these attacks are done via satellite.

Young Recruits – Another fact: the harassments are broadcast via satellite and can be hear in all major cities, atleast to the cities I have been. Unless deaf, targeted individuals will hear the broadcast harassments anywhere. Another fact: I noticed an increased in recruitment of young perpetrators. I wonder what brainwashing method they have done. They are being desensitize with the violence and hatred. They are normally seen as street or field agents with their ipod in their ears and cell phone in their hands.

Guardians of the Oppressed – I also noticed an increase infiltration of the religious sector. It is ironic that religious sector and not for profit organizations participate in this ungodly operations. The same organizations that are supposed to be the guardians of the oppressed and the ones who I expected to have a high regard for social justice, equality and human rights.

A World of Perps? – On a lighter note, I noticed that those who participate in this campaign seem at lost or who are acting insane. I went to a job interview in Vancouver one time and while I was waiting for the person who supposed to be interviewing me, there was this woman running back and forth in front of me, acting like a chicken with no head or direction and with her high heels making noise to the whole hall way. The receptionist acted like as if nothing noticeable was going on. Another example was a perpetrator appeared while I was walking, heading to the bus stop, he was driving this heavy concrete track. After idling for a few minutes, he drove around the blocks, only to re-appear to the same spot where I seen him first. He seem lost. He has done the assignment don’t know what to do next. I can only assumed that the perpetrators has lost the capacity to think for themselves as they are waiting for their controllers command. Crazy acts like these seems to confirm how insane this whole organization are. My perpetrator kept on saying: “Imagine, a world full of perpetrators, harassing each other!” and then someone will shout, “money, money, money!” This one I passed. They are still figuring this out.

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