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Media: OSEH Related Films part three

February 18, 2011

Films Tackled the following topics: Human Rights (HR); Organized Stalking (OS); Electronic Harassment (EH); Mind Control (MC); Technology and Direct Energy Weapons (Tech/DEW).

Control Factor (2003)

READ: Psychotronic Mind-Control – Synthetic Telepathy * HR, OS, ES, MC, Tech/DEW

The True Story – MK-ULTRA Mind Control Revealed (1998)

READ: MK ULTRA: CIA Mind Control Brainwashing Techniques (1979) * HR, OS, EH, MC,Tech/DEW

The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

READ: The Manchurian Candidate (2004 film) * HR, OS, EH, MC, Tech/DEW 

The Millenium Trilogy (2009, 10)

READ: Stieg Larsson – The Millennium Trilogy * HR, OS, EH, MC, Tech/DEW

The Bourne Trilogy (2002.04,07)

READ: The Bourne Trilogy (Blu-ray) * HR, OS, EH, MC, Tech/DEW

Gaslight (1944)

READ: Book Review: Gaslighting – How to Drive Your Enemies Crazy *OS, MC

I Like to Work (Mobbing) (2004)

READ: I like to Work (Mobbing) (2004) * HR, OS, MC (mobbing, bullying)

Conspiracy Theory (1997)

READ: Conspiracy Theory (film) * HR, OS, EH, MC

The Truman Show (1998)

READ: The Truman Show * HR, OS, EH, MC

Bully (2001)

READ: Film: Bully (2001) * HR, OS, EH, MC (Isolation, mobbing, bullying)

White Noise (2005)

READ: White Noise (2005) * MC, Tech/DEW

The Game (1997)

READ: The Game (film) * OS, EH, MC, Tech/DEW

Enemy of the State (1998)

READ: Wikipedia: Enemy of the State (film)* OS, EH, MC, Tech/DEW

Eagle Eye (2008)

READ: Wikipedia: Eagle Eye* OS, EH, MC, Tech/DEW

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