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Neighborhood Watch Bulletin: Stalking, A Form of Citizen Harassment and Torture

February 28, 2011

There is a noticeable amount of stalking occurring in some of the neighborhoods surrounding Santa Clara University. I live on O’Brien Court and this area and certain surrounding areas appear to be staging grounds for stalkers and the training of stalkers. Stalking is a method of torture that employs false accusations, slander, theft, vandalism, break-ins, and daily physical and/or electronic harassment.

In twentieth century East European societies, where this form of secret police action was perfected, even family members of a target were commonly recruited. The first organization in the US to make use of stalking to isolate and intimidate individuals in order to maintain control of the local political and social organizations was the KKK.

The East German STASI became famous for this form of torture and population control. At the height of their activities, they engaged one in fifteen people in these acts of aggression against state-selected targets. The object of stalking is to isolate the target and keep him or her isolated so that they may be harassed without witness to a point that they appear insane, can no longer economically function, or commit suicide.

Targets may also be ‘set-up’ on any number of trumped up charges (by planting drugs, etc.), imprisoned or committed to asylums. Once in prison or otherwise institutionalized, the target continues to be tortured. Those who participate are often led to believe that the target is responsible for their troubles and are taught that targets should be killed. Stalking is called, America’s dirty little secret and 1 in 12 women will endure this at some point in the course of their lives and 1 in 45 men. This type of citizen intimidation and secret policing activity damages the integrity of the entire community and must be stopped.

Stalking groups are available for hire and corporations use them to target any whom they feel might threaten their image. Stalking groups infiltrate local police, businesses, and civic governments and are extremely well-funded. Stalking represents the gravest threat to free societies since it secretly selects individuals and then dis-informs everyone in their community in regard to them. The effect is to destroy that individual’s credibility and ability to function in society. It is the dirty arm of secret and corrupt government and today, operates even in our school yards.

It is a “chickens come home to roost” problem so to speak since stalking has been employed by the CIA and other US special military forces in most countries around the globe to discredit and undermine potential civic leaders, intellectuals, teachers, human rights activists and others in foreign civil societies.

Terrorist Gang Stalking Gang stalking enjoys a long and sordid history. It was a part of the KKK’s infamous lynching campaign that lasted well into the the twentieth century, was called Jew Baiting prior to the Holocaust, was perfected by the East German secret police who were called the Stasi, was called “Rat F’ing” by the Nixon administration, and has also been known as Blacklisting, McCarthyism, The Red Scare, Cause Stalking, Mobbing, Stalking By Proxy, and The Politics of Personal Destruction. People ranging from activists (democrat and republican) to whistle blowers to women who have dared to break up with abusive partners are being targeted. Terrorist Gang Stalking is a form of abuse designed to control, intimidate, and ultimately destroy.

Nobody is immune. Terrorist Gang Stalking is an equal opportunity form of torture. Because of it’s covert nature Gang Stalking is well known among those who are targeted by it and those who practice it as America’s “dirty little secret”. In the United States those in power can’t legally imprison or torture those who oppose them politically or who threaten to expose crime, greed and corruption. But some people with power and money can have those they hate targeted for gang stalking until they commit suicide, are set up and jailed, become homeless, or are forced into prostitution. The point of gang stalking is to marginalize a person who has been labeled a threat by driving them to insanity, poverty, or suicide. Experts estimate that one out of every 12 women will be stalked within her lifetime and one out of every 45 men will be stalked in his. If this epidemic is allowed to continue unabated, in ten years everyone in the United States will either be stalked or know someone who is being stalked.

Terrorist Gang Stalking is a tool employed by fascists who seek to quash freedom of speech along many other Constitutional rights. Please join us in the fight to expose and stop this insidious crime. If you are being stalked by a Terrorist Gang, make sure to have a camera with you at all times and a small camcorder with sound. Phone cameras with video and sound capacities are also good to have on hand. This is a must. Get hidden cameras put in your home and around your property ASAP to catch your stalkers. They WILL break in and they WILL do property damage.

Source: Group (or Gang) Stalking, a Growing Menace

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