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March 12, 2011

A Word to the Wise T.I. (Targeted Individual) A free, occasional magazine and advice column to help victims of Organized Multi-Stalking, Covert Electronic Harassment, find physical, spiritual and mental balance. First blog post: May 28, 2008: Meditation – “Meditation can be a great boon for TIs. It can block unwanted V2K, and reduce anxiety.*Yet the first thing you notice is that your mind seems to wander whenever you try to meditate. Again and again you find distracting thoughts, songs or music intruding on your consciousness. These may be your own thoughts or V2K. You are not alone. Everyone, TIs and non-TIs alike, experience distracting thoughts when they practice of meditation.*If you cannot block V2K, then block it instead. This is easily done by sitting close to two radios, each with an entirely different kind of music playing: classical music on one station, jass on the other. The conflicting sounds will drown out the V2K. Keep the volume low so neighbors don’t complain. Don’t use music with song lyrics; you do not want to pay attention to words (V2K or songs).”

Advocating to End Elder Abuse and Protect our Seniors! Advocating to end elder abuse of our seniors around the world. It is commonly committed by a trusted relative who decides they want the elders estate for themselves and they use undue influence to gain control over senior’s estate by tactics such as neglect, isolation, fear, over medicating, under medicating, physical and verbal abuse, etc. It’s wrong that the courts don’t follow the probate laws, which allow this crime to persist. First Blog: January 12, 2007: Elder Abuse: How to get help! “This holiday season, you may have visited elderly relatives and shared a time of laughter and fun. But amid the light conversation, there could have been some dark possibilities. The National Center on Elder Abuse offers advice on signs of elder abuse. Some of the warning signs of elder abuse are easy to spot, such as bruises, black-and-blue marks and abrasions. Other signs are less apparent. The center says 90 percent of all elder abuse is committed by relatives, so if your friend or loved one lives with a spouse or adult child, be on the lookout for tense relationships and constant arguments. If you suspect a problem, ask the person if he or she is being abused. It puts you in an uncomfortable position, but you may be saving your loved one from a painful situation.”

Artificial Telepathy A thoughtful exploration of mind control technologies, with particular emphasis on psychotronics and V2K (voice-to-skull) weaponry. First blog post: June 02, 2006: Bio-electromagnetic Weapons – “Electromagnetic weapons operate at the speed of light; they can kill, torture and enslave; but the public are largely unaware that they exist, because these weapons operate by stealth and leave no physical evidence. Electromagnetic weapons have been tested on human beings since 1976. By widely dispersing the involuntary human test-subjects, and vehemently attacking their credibility, it has been possible for the United States to proceed with these human experiments unhindered by discussions or criticisms, let alone opposition.”

Bob Levin for Congress 2010 Investigative Journalist, Writer, Poet, U.S. Government Whistleblower, Seeking Asylum in Canada. Eclectic Spiritual Humanist & Italian Jewish American. Independent Democratic Socialist. What Zionism originally was, has become the prostitute’s veil that masks the syndicated consortiums of the military industrial complex. We must not become their human weapons. Please share my thoughts with all who are willing to find the middle ground to build a mutual peace. Homes, families, figs, grapes, olives, education, freedom, and peace – not war. First blog post: January 14, 2010: Bob Levin for Congress 2010, Oregon’s 1st District – “This is an act of systemic genocide for negative eugenics by those that some estimates conclude intend to murder 68% of the world’s population en masse by causing deliberate climatic changes, through global plantationism, GMO food crop manipulation [maybe some of you are old enough to remember when chickens tasted like chickens], and the corporatist agenda of processing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity.”

Cameo Garrett this is a blog about my life and thoughts on: clergy abuse (Mt. Angel Abbey); defamation by press (Willamette Week); freedom of speech; abuse of government powers; religion, and other social issues; and the art & humor in routine life; and is dedicated to my son First blog post: June 15, 2007: Little Impromtu Poem – “You sense and respond to my emotions just as I try and have tried to do so since before your birth. I do think we have a special bond. I’m so proud of you and love you so much. You make quiet men laugh out loud, and you go out of your way to make others smile.”

CFASW Collection For Targeted Individuals This blog records targeted individual’s (TI’s) written accounts of what is happening to them due to the torture or stalking by electronic weaponry. Photos, videos and their own stories are to be posted here. These postings should help provide a good indication of what TI’s are experiencing. First blog post: May 19, 2010: Welcome! – “If you are a TI wanting your story told, please write me: suzelectrowell@yahoo.com. I’d like to post what you have to say as well as your links, videos or photos of your TI experiences. Please pass this on, I’d like to reach TI’s around the world who can utilize this site.”

ConspiraZine! Exposing Suppressed Information and Proudly Under Government Surveillance! Ron Patton is a conspiracy researcher, having written articles for Paranoia Magazine on CIA mind control (Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control) and the spiritual implications of the UFO/alien phenomenon (Demon’s in Alien’s Clothing). He published a newsletter from 1994-2000, Endure to the End, which exposed tangent movements and erroneous doctrines within contemporary Christianity. Ron also published a magazine in 2003 titled, Mkzine, which examined coercive mind control, invasive human experimentation and other related abuses. He presently co-produces ConspiraZine, a radio show with host Demy DeAsis, exposing suppressed information. It’s featured on Free Radio Olympia at 98.5 FM on Saturdays from 4-6pm and KOWA in Olympia, WA at 106.5 FM on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. First blog post: December 21, 2008: Interview with Kathleen Sullivan by Elana Freeland – “We’ve got to keep on going and not give up. See, the perpetrators think we’re going to, and so if we do, they win. We can’t let them win, and that’s the bottom line for me. Until I can’t write anymore or talk anymore, I’m going to keep communicating this stuff. I have committed my life to doing this, and I feel a great joy now because I’ve made that decision. I went through several years of stark raving fear because I knew that there might be a great cost for doing this, but then I realized that if I don’t do it, I’m going to spend the rest of my life being miserable because I could have done it and didn’t. As soon as I made the decision, I am at such peace now and feel such joy. It’s really exciting.”

Covert Harassment in Southern China The Contours of Crime and the Nuances of Deceit in a Pernicious Organized Covert Campaign Aimed at Destroying the Life of an American National Living in Guangzhou China. Blogger: minigh dimol k First blog post: October 28, 2006: Guangzhou Journal: Thread of Complicity in a Covert Campaign to Destroy One Man’s Life – “This began on February 15th of 2006, while in Guangzhou, China. I resided at Shuangzixingcheng, across from the main gate of Sun Yet Shan University, where I had been a student of Chinese during 2005. At this time, after a series of misfortunes that happened within a few days of eachother, friends began gaslighting me. The same friends were the once who set me up for a series of major thefts to be perpetrated against me, the misfortunes that seemed to preface the actual stalking. The guards of the apartment complex where I lived, Shuanzixincheng, were highly active in the covert assault on me, and they participated in the theft of my laptop, which took place after I had been drugged with sleeping agent by a guest in my flat in the middle of February.”

Denmark Vesey The Blackest Man on The Internet First Blog: March 02, 2006: Was Video Cofession Faked? “First no WMD’s … Now Bin Laden’s confession video turns out to have been faked. What’s next, Saddam is on the board of Haliburton?”

Don’t Fear Your Freedom I am the reason you live in a closed, police state here in America today, and I am not a terrorist. Blogging to end American fascism; building awareness of the Pentagon’s history and practice of using American and other citizens as outsourced bioresearch subjects; writing about my experiences as one such bioslave in the Pentagon’s programs to create and cure the bioweapon, AIDS; living for the day when justice for all bioslaves is realized so this peculiar institution is obliterated. See, “Why I Write This Blog,” below. First blog post: April 11, 2009: Happy Easter. – “”Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns and figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.”

Drahevil’s Blog A Mind Control Victim’s Voice. Peace on Earth. Many peace loving people on this planet would continue to carry on his career and passion to make this world a better place to live. First blog post: May 18, 2007: My TV Set VCR player has been sabotaged – “Today I just found out that my TV set VCR player has been sabotaged. I can’t use REW function to rerun the video. It has worked just fine last time when I used it, but not today. The perps always used symbolic or metaphoric way to express their meaning. They never say or tell things directly to me. This is a typical example of Mind Control tactic. I fully understand what they are trying to tell me through this sabotage action.”

Electromagnetic Frequencies This blog is being developed by Dr. Aurelie Laurence, who is a Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist. First Blog: January 11, 2008: Did You Know “a highly respected scientist, found shocking penetration rates of radiation in children as compared to adults. These differences in exposure signify potentially serious health risks for children in the area of cancer, genetic damage, disruptions of cellular, immune and nervous system functions. Scientists say that the thickness of the skull in children makes a difference. It is quite thin compared with adults, and there is more brain fluid – which means that the radio frequencies can travel through the brain more easily.”

FRANCE QUENNEVILLE Gang Stalking Ciblée par le GANG STALKING, le harcèlement électronique et la torture. For Quebec, we tend to believe that the gang is a phenomenon that began in Montreal in the 80s. But in my experience, this phenomenon existed long before that. Not only gangs of bikers invading the parks of Montreal in the 70s, there was criminalized small bands of youths also. They were doing the same kind of activities than today’s gangs. This youth also roamed the small streets and commercial streets. Perhaps, they had not the name “Street Gang” at that time but for sure the gang did exist in those years, too. First blog post: Jully 21, 2010: Diffamation Extreme! – “Néanmoins, ceux qui sont à l’origine de ce crime haineux se sont vraiment organisé pour me discréditer complètement en me faisant passer pour folle. Ceci, afin de me réduire au silence et me détruire. Et, pour couronner le tout, je vis aussi toutes sortes de blocages informatiques pendant que je tente de dire la vérité au monde et de trouver ces truquages sur internet, lesquels me serviraient de preuves pour les dénoncer. Ainsi, c’est pour cette raison que je n’ai rien pu faire encore dans ce sens. Mais, pendant ce temps… le Gang Stalking et la torture continuent de me détruire et de me faire souffrir, moi et les miens.”

Freedom Archives Blog Preserve the Past. Illuminate the Present. Shape the Future. The Freedom Archives houses over 8, 000 hours of audio and video recordings documenting social justice movements locally, nationally, and internationally, from 1960s to the present. The archives feature speeches from movement leaders and community activists, protests and demonstrations, cultural currents of rebellion and resistance. We are a multicultural and inter-generational community-based institution that seeks to bring people together to draw inspiration for our continued struggles. First blog post: March 10, 2008: Walking the Lonely Road:A Review of Paul Robeson’s Words of Freedom – “When we think of Paul Robeson, those of us who know his workhear that bass voice professing a melody like no other voice bass ever recorded. His voice on “Ol’ Man River” is the undercurrent of that mighty river pulling the silt across its bottom and leaving the oppressed working people along its shores behind.”

Gangstalking-Australia If you click on the link on the right, Bad Experiment, you will see in one of his later posts “Gangstalking In the News”. Lately I have noticed more and more stories getting the proper exposure regarding this filthy practice. There is also a radio station in America I think its called Truth Radio, or Truth Brigade I think, which also gives gangstalking exposure. This is happening more in the world now. Gangstalking is just a polite word for Murder, nothing more. First blog post: January 09, 2010: Gangstalking-Australia – “For the last 4 nights I have been forced out of my home, sitting at the back door or front trying to breathe. Chemicals. Right from the neighbours next to me. Why with a 3 bedroom house, would I want to be sitting down the road in my car or in my driveway or at my doors when I have all the comforts of my home right inside. Doesn’t make sense does it. Aircon, T.V. my art, my pet. You can’t stay in here at night if you want to keep breathing. I am getting over Chemical Pneumonia at the moment, I have photos of chemical burns on my face. Going back awhile ago they said “We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that.” And “I want this Cu*t iced”. A week ago I heard them say “Is she dead yet?’. I was laying at the back door on the floor, I was too sick to even stand up. I didn’t expect to wake up the next day. This is not magically dropping from the sky. It has taken 23 years of non stop harassment to pin point things down. I live at 18 Charlson, and this comes from very close.”

Gang Stalking World United we stand. Divided they fall.This blog is going to be about my adventures with gang stalking. I really didn’t choose this adventure, it choose me about six years or so ago. I didn’t ask for it, but I am living it, and so now I will share my adventures with you all. First blog post: January 09, 2010: Voice To Skull – “The world is changing at a rapid pace. If a target today goes to the doctor to complain of hearing voices, they are still automatically in most cases diagnosed as mentally unstable, but the reality is, if a psychiatrist or other health care professional is not upto date on the latest technology, or even aware of secret technologies, they run the risk of making a faulty dignosis, where someone might actually be telling the truth. The science fiction of yesterday, is science fact today.”

Gang Stalking Archive This blog was set uo to be an archive of organized stalking blogs that have disappeared. First blog post: August 08, 2007: Mark Rich’s Letter to Targets – “You are face to face with it in the form of Organized Stalking. It has focused its attention on you & it will not stop. At this point it doesn’t matter when or why it started, or what the name of the group or agency is. It would have happened anyway. You will end up jobless & Mobbed out of work. You may end up in jail or dead. You will loose friends & family. You may end up homeless, possibly living from shelter to shelter. And you will be persecuted the whole time.”

Government Sponsored Stalking Exposing Gang Stalking & Government Corruption Through Evidence Gathering. What prompted me into doing this call is the lack of action oriented development in the Targeted Individual community. And this call will be design to get be to take action to stop these crimes happening to us. First blog post: January 27, 2007 : Happy New Year – “It has been a very challenging 2006 and it amazes me that I was able to make it to 2007. But it was my faith in GOD that brought me through. And with that, I’m thankful. However, those challenges have not disappeared. I’m still not in a desire living situation to conduct the kind of business that will make me successful. So, until that becomes apparent, I must continue to strive for what would bring me to the same level I was in 2005.”

Government Crimes & Civil Concerns A collection of essays, notes and other information regarding organized harassment and stalking, remote technologies that aim at effecting and undermining victims of covert harassment. A victim of covert harassment and mind control. The pervasive stage of the assault has engulfed the past two years of my life. Productivity is minimal since. Dreams and aspirations crushed. I am enslaved to mind influencing disorienting harassment, surviellance, and electromagnetic, and or other, remote technologies. It is my arguement that the military, or intellignece has subjected me since as early as high school, these are long term operations. First blog post: September 26, 2007: Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking – “The essay does not touch on the use of remote technologies that effect the brains of targets, but it it point out the seriousness of this lawless phenomena that seems above the law, and accountable to knowone.”

Group of UAE and Mutli-national lawyers with over 20 years experience in Dubai The purpose of this website is to rise public awareness about a horrendous crime that is committed against us by CIA and it’s co-operative agencies around the world. And to reach for help from the public, human right organizations, human right activists, UN organizations, government officials, religious leaders and anyone with heart. There are hundreds of victims like me around the world that are being harassed, tortured and humiliated every minutes of their life. First blog post: January 11, 2009: Mind Control and Electronic Harassment Booklet – “After 12 years of being a target myself and many years of research these are the most complete questions and true answers to every questions that people may hold in mind regarding Mind Control (MC). These may not look very professional writing in terms of grammar and vocabulary but they are very simple and related answers to all the questions. This is a very good document that can be used for legal action and to introduce the MC to someone who is new to Mind Control such as; judges, doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, politicians and ordinary people. They are also very good information for the victims to understand more about the matter and become more intelligent.”

Happy707’s Blog I moved to Regent Park (which is where the old Heritage USA property is located) in 2005, Since moving to: 707 Glen Ridge, Regent Park, Fort Mill, SC; I have experienced what is called “gang stalking”. As WordPress Blogs indicate; gang stalking is a very real and growing crime in America and throughout the world. First blog post: January 15, 2010: Warning to all gang stalkers – “In the 1930′s, Hitler used gangs dressed in brown shirts to control the citizenry through intimidation, fear, and violence. These brown shirts were basically criminals and thugs. What happened to these brown shirts who were used to raise up Hitler to power? One day, Hitler decided that he didn’t need or want the brown shirts around any more, and he had 85 killed in one night and many hundreds were also killed later, and others were arrested.”

How Bizarre 2010 Freedom of Information Act and Authorities. How Local Councils, Law Enforcement, Police, NHS, GP Surgeries, Hospitals, Citizen’s Advice Bureaus, Career Advice Centres, Inland Revenue Offices interconnect with each other and how this affects the average citizen when they gang up against him in complicity. Individual interaction with the Authorities and the Kafkaesque strangeness of their complicity and stories of other ordinary citizens up against authority secret or questionable activities. First: a directed/intrusive surveillance order was obtained by a malicious fraudster, under RIPA2000.This allowed his squad to blacklist me and freedom to do any crime against me: record/edit my voice and image for ID fraud, cut keys to my home, steal my mail, blacklist me in databases, hack all my internet communications, destroy social contacts with a lookalike or nuisance calls with my voice recorded edited. I am looking to obtain disclosure by SARs of the fraudster who got legal permit to commit so many crimes against me. My other blogs are about the Church of Scientology where I was member from 1975-2006 when I left. First Blog: April 12, 2010: First They Jane Clift You “…read the FOI request titled The security register council database as in Jane Clift/Slough Council Litigation. You can find all my FOI queries”

jbhFILE.com / Daily Rant Daily blog of general status of circumstances made public in more detail at my personal website and domain: www.jbhFILE.com. Subjects and daily events are discussed quite casually here and nothing stated in this blog should be considered matter of fact. For the details of the circumstances that this blog further discusses, please see my main site, at http://www.jbhFILE.com First blog post: March 28, 2007: jbhFILE.com: Why a Blog? – “i was required to author the site due to the fact that the investigation was using questionable tactics necessary to wrongfully incriminate me and as well tactics designed to portray me as a person suffering from rather cliche’ and popular definitions of various types of mental illness. the primary tactic model used by the investigators is, and has been, tactics congruent to those used by gang stalking operations and vigilante-style community watch groups; the general goal being to induce the outward appearance of a person being mentally ill and/or, a person whose claims of being under investigation should be immediately dismissed as some sort of mental illness or abberation of thought.”

Kitty Hundal This is my personal blog. The opinions expressed here are mine and are non-partisan. That is, they are not representative of any group, organization, corporation, political party, other individuals, alien species, etc. etc. Any existing similarities are purely serendipitous. First blog post: June 03, 2005: Who am I? – “My father passed away when I was 12, and my mother joined the ranks of the single parents of the time who had no support or assistance from society at large when trying to work and raise their families. Luckily she had almost completed her degree in Bacteriology (in preparation for my fathers retirement, he was 26 years older than her) and was able to find well paid employment as a Laboratory Technician. She raised us alone from the time my brother as 16, I was 12, my younger brother was 8 and my sister was 5. My life was that of the typical middle class girl of the era (except for my interest in snakes and bugs, which my mother found pretty offensive!”

The Law Offices of David E. Coombs The Specialist you need at your side. Army Court-Martial Defense Specialist. The Law Office of David E. Coombs was established to provide exceptional legal counsel, service, and representation to soldiers. The firm specializes in representing members of the United States Army facing criminal and adverse administrative actions. Mr. Coombs is very serious about his work, and is committed to going above and beyond to help his client-soldiers fight their case. Whether you are facing a simple administrative action or a serious general court-martial, Mr. Coombs has the experience, knowledge, and insight to build a strong, effective, and compelling defense case on your behalf. First Blog: August 26, 2006: Client-Soldiers “The goal of this blog is to provide relevant information to my client-soldiers in such a way that it is easy to understand and to apply. This blog will also provide a forum to discuss UCMJ issues that affect soldiers and their effective representation. The materials on this site may be duplicated by anyone. If you have any areas of court-martial defense, administrative separations, or nonjudicial punishment that you would like to see covered, please feel free to contact me. It is my hope this blog will assist you in understanding your rights.”

Mark Holden I live near Toronto. I am 40 years old. I’m a visual artist. You can view my work at www.markholden.info If you want to help keep me alive, please donate at the button at the bottom of the page. First blog post: February 13, 2009: I’m debating whether I’ll put my life story on here. – “Somehow I get the impression the government is blocking people from seeing it unless they have the government’s permission. Or maybe my counter is wrong. Maybe they just screw with my site counter to make me believe I’ve had only a few hundred hits these last few years. The fact that my site is in the top ten when you google my name says a lot. I love Astrid Constant’s blog. She inspired me to do this one. I hope she got my posts. I really like her political viewpoints. But I’m not ever putting my teeth, bank accounts or ID on the web. But I admire her bravery for that.”

Medawar’s Cornflakes About the fundamental human right to curiosity and reason. How everybody’s most basic freedoms are threatened by animal rights terrorism and similar “causes”. Also, seeks to reclaim science and the right to reason as a vital human freedom. First blog post: December 13, 2008: Introduction – “Enemies of the basic right to curiousity and reason range from neo-nazi groups, such as the “November the Ninth Society” via the Animal Liberation Front, to Organised Crime and other entities which appear vague and shapeless, not to say nameless, to the majority of people, but which have a real and negative impact on some people’s lives.”

Men of Depraved Minds Victim of Electronic Harrassment & voice to skull First blog post: 18 May 2010: Covert government agencies and organized crime syndicates. – “This site contains information relating to advanced satellite surveillance and “harassment” technologies which are made available to covert government agencies and organized crime syndicates.”

Mind Control Bewusstseinskontrolle Totale Überwachung und Kontrolle durch Mikrowellen First blog post: April 08, 2004: Schriftwechsel mit der Kriminologischen Zentralstelle Wiesbaden – “This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without mediation through classical sensory modalities by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. The historical emergence of such possibilities, which have ranged from gunpowder to atomic fission, have resulted in major changes in the social evolution that occurred inordinately quickly after the implementation. Reduction of the risk of the inappropriate application of these technologies requires the continued and open discussion of their realistic feasibility and implications within the scientific and public domain.”

Olive Farmer All over the world there are people like us. Our numbers grow each day. We are about to change the world for the better. Spread the word, the rebirth of humanity is approaching. Join in, it’s nice! First Blog: May 23, 2009: Getting away from prison England “As I guess most readers will know, buying a property in Crete is a journey rather than a transaction. We’ve been farming the groves since January this year, but for various reasons only got the paperwork finally right last week! Over the coming issues I’ll be sharing with you some of the joys of Olive farming, just in case any of you are mad enough to follow suit, and some of the joys of Greek bureaucracy , in case you didn’t know. We are farming biologically, and will share what little learning we have with Crete Courier readers.”

On_Gangstalking   NOT A JOURNAL. Educational blog written by a target of organized stalking. Contains info Targets can use.  First blog post: November 12, 2007: Gangstalking=murder – “There has been way too much outright abuse and cruelty to make my situation normal. That’s the deciding factor for me..if I was just crazy then why have people had to be so cruel? The cover story is great but ultimately it had to be created. These were not natural events. Also, dont feel bad for me. I have lived longer than was planned and unlike most targets I know exactly what the truth is. If I die soon I die free…Can YOU say the same?”

Organized Stalking blog site of TI-rbw is 53 year old male PhD in Cell Biology BS in Psychology BS in Biochemistry First Blog: February 25, 2010: Organized Stalking Journal “If this isn’t simply a coincidence, then it implies that either the conversation I had with my housing host was subject to eavesdropping or she conveyed the contents of the conversation, but either way the information was used to facilitate what seems to be “Gaslighting” activities. It also has crossed my mind that by preparing my tax returns online using my laptop in the privacy of my bedroom allowed ‘them’ to make the connection between the size of my refund and the possible future purchase of a car battery”

ORGANIZED STALKING AGAINST ME  by East Indians in Vancouver, WA/Portland or Metro Area. Learn about the American Government’s national security agencies covert war against innocent American citizens through organized stalking/electronic harassment all under the cover story of the “war on terror.” First blog post: January 11, 2010: Purpose of my Blog – “I created this blog to raise awareness about a serious crime called organized group stalking that is being perpetrated mostly if not all of it by the U.S. Government and is taking place all over the country. There are different types of groups involved with organized stalkings for various reasons but in my case it was a revenge type group stalking by East Indians from India.”

Organized Stalking / Cyber Stalking   And please note, that these stories are simply “highlights” a lot more happened and the only break from the day to day malicious persecution was during the MacDonald Commission Public Inquiry into RCMP Wrongdoings which investigated Red Squad activities in Canada. And even during this period there was some interference. There have been short periodic breaks since but I think those are simply periods where Cyril has had to reorganize things. Much of what he does depends on him having his government, police, corporate, organizational and other paid Skanks in the right positions.  First blog post: January 14, 2010: Organized Stalking / Cyber Stalking  – “And when I find his other victims … hopefully alive … he’s going to have a lot of trouble just brushing all of this off and dismissing it as the act of a paranoid loon on the Internet. Actually given the fact that I found an early victim already accomplishes that but the more evidence to support my claims the better, given that they are, admittedly, on the extraordinary side. Such claims usually are when one is dealing with Sociopaths like Cyril of the sub-type Malignant Narcissistic Psychopaths.”

Prayer Warriors Needed! This is a blog where Prayer Warriors are needed to help take this land back from demonic forces! My main web site is: endorganizedcrimeuniverse.com First Blog: August 20, 2010: Prayer Warriors are needed “Did you realize the fact that people who pray every day can live longer? Research has found that those who pray daily have lower stress and they are happy almost all the time. It is simply because these people feel a sense of belonging. It is said that praying enables you to communicate with God. By communicating with God, you can ask for guidance. Having a sense of belonging will make you mentally healthy because you know that you are not alone and God is with you.”

Secrecy News Secrecy News from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy. Secrecy News, a publication of the Federation of American Scientists, reports on new developments in government secrecy and provides public access to documentary resources on secrecy, intelligence and national security policy. It is written by Steven Aftergood. First Blog: January 20th, 2006: Justice Dept Issues White Paper on NSA Surveillance ““The President — in light of the broad authority to use military force in response to the attacks of September 11th and to prevent further catastrophic attack expressly conferred on the President by the Constitution and confirmed and supplemented by Congress in the AUMF [authorization for use of military force] — has legal authority to authorize the NSA to conduct the signals intelligence activities he has described. Those activities are authorized by the Constitution and by statute, and they violate neither FISA nor the Fourth Amendment,” the document concludes.”

Suburban Spies A series of short stories giving true accounts of 5 years of covert targetting5 years of covert targetting of the author Publisher`s page. First blog post: January 15, 2007: SUBURBAN SPIES by Anthony Brina (& co-author) – “Suburban Spies has been written as a series of short stories, each of them true accounts spanning a total of 5 years. Anthony Brina is one of few controversial targets who are subjected to methods far beyond common gangstalking. The mystery remains as to why Anthony Brina is a person of interest to a great many people at the highest levels of our societies.”

Talking Brains News and views on the neural organization of language moderated by Greg Hickok and David Poeppel First blog post: May 16, 2007: The Cortical Organization of Speech Processing – “Our new article, “The Cortical Organization of Speech Processing” has recently been published in Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 8, 393-402 (May 2007). Although it is an extension of the model we proposed in our 2000 TICS and 2004 Cognition papers, there are several new features in the current proposal. One is the claim that within the ventral stream there are parallel routes from acoustic input to lexical access. Another is that within the dorsal stream, there are also parallel circuits, one supporting auditory-motor integration at the phoneme level, and another supporting auditory-motor integration at the level of sequences of phonemes or syllables. We also suggest that the dorsal auditory-motor integration system may be fundamentally organized around the vocal tract effector system, rather than the auditory-system per se. More on these recent claims in future posts. Let us know what you think of the new paper!”

TI World A journal of a “targeted individual” (TI); a person subjected to organized harassment and possible mind-control activity in the form of gangstalking, directed plasma beams, masers and other unconventional energies. My family, who have become evasive and unobjective, do not wish to explain why I am the centerpiece of a substantial nonconsensual human experimentation activity operation in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. First blog post: April 18, 2006: Getting Started – “This takes place in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada though the initial assault began in Seattle WA USA where I was working at the time. And I would dearly like to hear from anyone in this city as to what is going on, because I must be the only one who doesn’t. Some 200 to 1500 vehicles will mob me on my outings, and there will be at least ten extra “customers” (read gangstalkers) coursing about me in any shopping location. Again, the colors of the gangstalkers clothes seems to be vital, and they will be coordinated to introduce blacks, whites and greys at first, then move onto dark greens, blues and reds, especially dark reds.”

UK Targeted Individuals Activism & Safety Watch Tadeusz Szocik is the most “famous” TI in the UK. He was branded paranoid, although I had seen a TI being attacked with audio harassment already in Greece back in 1984. Darrim Daoud is the first well known TI, in the TI community, killed at 34, because he was a popular and attractive activist with leader qualities to organize the derelict and dispersed UK TI community. Nobody helps the UK Targeted Individuals. I questioned the UK authorities about their torture on www.whatdotheyknow.com, type my name in their FOI search box: Joanna Iatridou and shows 80 queries so far. I blogged about my 2010 research on TIs in www.howbizarre2010.blogspot.com. But now it is 2011, Darrim Daoud’s inquest is not yet publicized and the UK TIs tend to get incapacitated and “disappear” from the activism and social media scene. I would like to make this a blog with several TI writers and restart meetings with the other TIs. Unless I get vital organ failure and end up crippled like many of the “not seen lately” other UK TIs. First Blog: January 26, 2011: All information I got about dead TI Darrim Daoud “Darrim Daoud was found dead on November 15 2009. One month earlier he had emailed the other UK TIs to organize them for the 14 October London TI demonstration at Trafalgar Square. He had emailed us and above is the photo of the placard he had designed for the 14th October 2009World Day protest against DEWs. He received death threats and did not show up for the protest, and no TI made a placard eventually. Here is Darrim’s email to organize the world day protest for London,which would have been a success if Darrim had not received death threats.”

Vancouver island, BC organized stalking Organized (gang) stalking is a hate crime. Victims seldom understand why they are harassed, for they generally are good, responsible people. First Blog: July 20, 2009: finding justice “Organized stalking began for me in early 1998 in Nanaimo, BC Canada. Despite witnesses, attacked witnesses, evidence of personal harm, property damage, threats, beaten pets and livestock, stalking, and 24/7 terrorism, the RCMP refused to step in. I want to know why. Continually labelled by my assaigned officer as delusional it was almost impossible to receive assistance…If you are a target, contact me even if its just for emotional support. You are not alone in battling this.”

Very Dumb Government Their actions speak for themselves. They are what they do. This is a commentary on religious and political issues. This blog is hosted by Walter Allen Thompson, the author of The Grace of Repentance: Keeping God’s Commandments. First Blog: February 18, 2010: How Did We Become Such Idiots? “Compare the words of Clement to the idiocy of evil men. What is our problem? Again, it rests on man’s desire to usurp the authority of God and to establish a “new world order” of idiocy and utter nonsense. God did not create evil; man does that for himself. We all must place ourselves under the authority of God and live in harmony and peace under His natural order. To do anything else is idiotic.”

Victims of Organized Crime in Central Texas   And ANYONE ELSE who’s ever participated in anything whatsoever to do with organized/gang stalking (for example, the man with the backpack who was standing just around the corner reporting to the above woman that I was coming) should also read this post and make certain that they fully understand it. Trying to claim you participated because someone else told you to isn’t going to work. Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for your actions, not someone else, the town where you live, your employer/s, etc.! Finally, I sincerely hope readers of the article linked above will pay particular attention to the discussion in it about eligibility for the death penalty (Claiming you didn’t read it or didn’t know is no legal excuse).  First blog post: June 18, 2009: Introduction – “I’m a resident of Central Texas and a victim on an ongoing basis of the organized criminal activity that’s rampant here. I’m starting this blog in an attempt to shed light on some places that are very dark indeed so they can be publicly exposed and dealt with properly. I hope this will be a forum where victims (and there are many!) can share their stories, hold people accountable, and find the outside help and support they so desperately need. As I’ve been telling my children for years, the truth keeps on reinforcing itself, whereas lies unravel each other–it’s really miraculous the way this works!”

The Wit of the Staircase From the French phrase ‘eprit d’escalier,’ literally, it means ‘the wit of the staircase’, and usually refers to the perfect witty response you think up after the conversation or argument is ended. “Esprit d’ecalier,” she replied. “Esprit d’escalier. The anwer you cannot make, the pattern you cannot complete till afterwards it suddenly comes to you when it is too late.” First blog post: July 23, 2005:Night Falls Fast: Ten Books by Authors Who Offed Themselves – “1. A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole 2. Lord of the Barnyard, by Tristan Egolf 3. In Watermelon Sugar, by Richard Brautigan 4. The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway 5. Being There, by Jerzy Kosinski 6. The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea, by Yukio Mishima 7. To The Lighthouse, by Virginia Woolf 8. Transformations, by Anne Sexton 9. The Rum Diary, by Hunter S. Thompson 10. The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath Yukio Mishima pictured above.”

Workplace Issues While the average 21st Century citizen prefers not to think about this crime syndrome, stalking groups have been using “civilian psychological warfare” on their targets now for at least two decades. First blog post: Jun 15, 2010: Organized Stalking / Community Based Harassment – “Look up organized stalking on the Internet, read what is available, and above all else, talk it up. The day organized stalking becomes a household word is the day that this crime will be properly attended to by justice systems.”

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