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Satellite Spies and EMF

April 16, 2011

Source: www.surveillanceissues.com

Non-ionising electromagnetic radiation (NIEMR) is a feature of the modern world. Electricity drives modern civilisation, and an increasing amount of communication is breaking out from the wires into a supposed wireless Nirvana.

Undoubtedly, electricity, then radio communication in its broadest sense, has liberated people from hard work, the constraints of daylight, and enabled instant global as much as local communication. Electricity is the mark of the ‘instant world’, and the accelerating ‘progress’ we have come to expect. Without these developments, of course, you would not be reading this. But perhaps if we had taken a different approach, you would not need to.

Just take stock for a moment over what comprises your wireless world. Remember: if it communicates without wires, then apart from TV remote controls etc., it is probably a microwave connection. Source: Electromagnetic fields from non-ionising electromagnetic radiation: discussion

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