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the misdiagnosis of targeted individuals

May 14, 2011

Using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV, simply DSM, a person is harassed 24/7, 365 days a year with psychological warfare. The harassment target will experience symptoms similar to mental disorder as outline in DSM like paranoia, dellusions, and or schizoprenia. Most of the time, targets will be subjected to misdiagnosis by the health sectors and other people, who are conencted and cooperating with organized criminals. The normal routines are the targeted person will be intensely stalk resulting the person to normally act paranoid. Then the targets will be subjected to workplace mobbing and smear campaign resulting with decline in health and social isolation. The psychological misdiagnosis will be the outcome of all the above phases. The targets then will be subjected to electronic harassments with directed energy weapons (V2K and microwave hearing). Normally, targets will be coached to consume alcohol and illegal drugs. The results is life spiralling downhill. By this time, targets would probably lost jobs and relationships. He or she is also in danger of becoming homeless. When targets seeks medical assistance, they will be medicated with psychotronic drugs. The normal “drugging” route is, (most of the time, targets starts at a young age, a guinea pig, with ritalin as the initiating drugs) Paxil at start, if the targets survived the initial suicide, then he or she will be medicated with other drugs most probably to counter-act the side effects of the initial anti-depressant medication. The follow-up drugs are Effexor, Olanzapine, Seroquel, Wellbutrin, etc. With the decline health due to misdianogsis and intentional medication of psychotronic drugs, targets who survive the numerous bout of emotional and psychological traumas will then have the luxury of finding his or her true predicament. Those who are lucky enough to find this blog, will have the opportunity to lessen the burden and pain of becoming a target. You will find informations about “targeting” in this blog. The intense organized stalking and the harmful electronic harassments using direct energy weapons will be part of your daily existence. And as you are being institutionalized and heavily drugged, you will eventually be enlightened by a rotten system.

A targeted individual indicated that the whole harassment/targeting is a “mind game.” The perpetrators’ main goal is steal your sanity. They want you to know they are there. They want your undivided and constant attention. In short, they want you to be paranoid and delusional. You have to learn to block them from your consciousness. Do not give them gratification. It is your brain, It is your thoughts. They are going to whisper ideas, commands, visual pictures, all masquerading like your own thoughts. They will eventually informed you that it was them who put these pictures, ideas, commands, in your brain. Ignore them. Own it. Its your brain, its your thoughts. While this may take some time to practice, your “core beliefs” and personal mantras will help you figure this out. Take charge, take the credit, own it. Own the positive. Own what you think is yours. Own what will make you feel happy. Own what will benefit you. And then give away all the trash, the filth, the negative thoughts. The one that will harm you. Control your thoughts, once they starts the negativity, stop! If you find yourself starting to think fearful or have negative thoughts, fight with pleasant thoughts. Aside from being food poisoned once in awhile, “Negative Thoughts” are more poisonous. These thoughts are the perpetrators first tactics. To induced negativity in your psyche.

The attack of directed energy weapons in a form of electromagnetic radiations in different body parts, including eyes, arms, head, face, stomach, feet, legs and genetalia will have a negative effect, but you will have to learn how to combat this and be part of your normal being. It will come from everywhere and mostly will feel like a pulse vibrations. Most of the time, when there is an electrical grid, the radiations will appear. Lately, I discovered that even an unplug television can emmit radiations. If you can, get rid of your electronic appliances. If you can’t, use shielding products to minimize the harmful effects. You will also experience, ringing in your ears, tinnitus. Music will ease the pain but eventually you will get use to this. You will also noticed that sometimes you will experience a hypnotic blank stare. This is a symptom of electronic attack. With practice and recognition, you will learn to snap out of it. I normally experience this when surfing the web. This will follow by a quick pain in your chest (heart area) or pain in your forehead and then finally glassy teary-eyes. Deal with immediate pains with things you find in your household instead of prescription drugs. If your pain is intense and you don’t mind the smell, used Vicks ointment. Put it the area where it hurts. You can also use thermal carrier hot and cold bag. Put hot water in the thermal bag and wrapped it with towel and put it in the area where you feel pain. If your headache or body pain is really bad, try hot shower then take the minimum dosage of over the counter pain remedy like Advil or Tylenol. You will need to help your body to undo the damage of electromagnetic radiation with consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich with Anti-oxidants. Watch your diet. Normally, targeted individuals will have a high sugar diet. Also, exercise. Do house chores (avoid using vacuum cleaner if your voice to skull harassments are intense). Walk.

By now, you will have a clear idea that you cannot trust the medical sector particularly psychiatrists. If you have no trusted doctor and if you can avoid, do not go seek medical help. If you really have to go to a doctor or hospital and If you can, avoid any psychotropic drugs, do not take any anti-depression pills. Do not take Paxil. Get more information about your medications, if the side effects are more than the benefits you will get from the drugs it is possibly smart not to take it because once you experience those side effects your medication will be snowed ball into more drugs. Be aware of a sudden change in your mood. Emotions like sadness, shyness, anxieties are not an automatic sign of mental disorder or chronic depression. These are normal human emotions. By now, you will experience voice to skull and If this is happening to you, be very weary but recognized all the negativity. If you have a trusted confidant who believes in what you are experiencing, tell this person about your concern, particularly if the voices are coaching you to commit suicide.

If you are unfortunate enough to tell someone about the “voices” and the result is you being institutionalized, tell them that you know your rights and the concept of “informed consent.” Informed consent is your right to know all aspect of your treatments. You have the right to know your medications including the benefits and side effects and why you are getting this drugs. Be polite but contine to ask questions. You have the right to know the reason why you are there. If you can, learned to walk away. This is the most important advice that I will give you. With the combination of daily stalking, electronic harassments (radiation), voice to skull harassment, and psychotropic drugs (normally anti-depressants), there will be a big chance, you will be coach to commit suicide. No matter what you hear, particularly the unwanted voices, DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE! This is the perpetrators’ ultimate prize.

While I am still investigating about how to deal with induced dreams, you will get familiarize with the pattern. Most of the time, they will induced dreams relating to your past and will do “role-playing” acts while you are sleeping. They are reading a script patterned to the information and on-going harassment protocol they gathered. The main goal is to induced negative thoughts, the feeling of shame or guilt are the most common example. The success of induced dreams will be carry forward to the harassment protocols when the target wakes up. This protocols are mostly the negativity embedded in one’s brain or mood. Hence most of the time, targeted individuals wakes up feeling sad, tired, or fatigue. Some indicated that they felt like they had a hanged over. Other will developed cold or allergies due to the lack of “real” natural sleep or rest. Some targeted individuals deals with sleep deprivations with nutrients (eating bran oats) and meditations. All are effective way to induce sleeps naturally. Another way, are to not just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. If one is not in a vegetable state, get up and do something. Cleaning is a way of taking charge. Doing something to counteracts the thoughts of “you cannot sleep” or when the perpetrators are in a state of rambo or running “amok” as they continue to attack you with non-stop trash talk about non-sense. Once you done something, It will eventually tired you out that physically your body will shut down and hence will make you feel sleepy (Health Related).

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