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Lynne Moss-Sharman

June 11, 2011

child experiments – “We have been contacted by ex-military personnel as well, but what I am really concerned about today is the inmates and ex-inmates — primarily from the Kingston institutions — Millhaven, Collins Bay and Kingston ECB. The first male inmate in Canada — Richard Carlson who is currently in solitary in Stony Mountain Penitentiary in Winnipeg, Manitoba — is the first man to launch a lawsuit against Correctional Services Canada about having been experimented on during the period of 1968-74. He had been held on remand in the Thunder Bay District Jail for almost 2 ½ years which is really an unheard-of period of time. Remand usually means a 6-month period until sentencing takes place. What happened with Rick was turning himself in on July 04, 1997 for a warrant for a bank robbery that had been committed in 1992. He went to trial for that and he was offered a plea bargain on the last morning of the trial — they offered him five years penitentiary time for the bank robbery. He pleaded not guilty throughout the duration of the trial, and again, that afternoon, January 28, 1998 — he stood up in court again, said he was not guilty, and that he had been experimented on by the CIA in Millhaven, Collins Bay and Kingston ECB (Lynne Moss-Sharman – CHRW Radio Interview).

cult abuse – There is a certain element of intergenerational cult abuse, but the common denominator again is that usually the father was in one of the armed forces – either Canadian or American – and whether there was a predilection for pedophilia and cult involvement prior to that particular father joining the military is a question that really needs to be answered. Almost all of the survivors – certainly over 90% – describe having been either consciously or wittingly offered up to the cult abuse and then to the mind control experimentation that followed. This wasn’t a situation where children were secretly taken away from their parents during the day or on overnight visits or weekend visits elsewhere. There was conscious knowledge by either one or both parents and they were actively involved in making sure the children arrived where they were supposed to arrive. This is especially devastating. There is a really big statement that needs to be made at this point in history as well. When we think of the Third Reich and when we think of Hitler and the Nazis targeting for extermination ‘the Other’ – what happened following World War II is that the survivors who are coming forward are the generation of children who were offered up by their own families (Interview with Lynne Moss-Sharman ACHES-MC Canada Contact).

satanic terrorizing actsMost allegations of what comes to be called “ritual abuse” involve one or more of the following elements: terrorizing acts (e.g., threats to kill parents, pets, or loved ones if the abuse is disclosed); acts involving supernatural symbolism or ritual (e.g., the use of masks or robes, the use of crosses or pentagrams); acts involving real or simulated killing of animals and sometimes human infants (these acts can serve both ritual and terrorizing ends); acts involving real or simulated ingestion of urine, feces, blood, and “magic potions” which might include mind-altering substances; severe sexual abuse, often including penetration with objects. Experts have proposed that allegations often classified as “ritual abuse” might reflect three very different situations (Finkelhor & Williams, 1988): Cult-based ritual abuse. The hallmark of this type of abuse is an elaborated spiritual belief system not sanctioned by any of the major organized religions. Abuse of children is probably not the ultimate goal, but the vehicle for inducing in adults a quasi-religious state and for creating and maintaining a particular spiritual or social system. The belief system may or may not be “satanic.” (Ritual Abuse).

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