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James Rink

June 27, 2011

used for training and torture – “…the Ultra MK Universal Super Soldier program is the creation of a perfect fighting machine one who acts without questioning their command, brainwashed, enhanced with drugs, metal bones, and circuitry they are the real terminator. Originally 6,000 promising individuals were chosen from project Talent to become super soldiers. They were then placed into different six groups such as alpha dealing with general programming, beta or sexual programming, gamma or conintellpro, delta which are killers, and omega and so on. Only 20 living subjects survived from original group. It was there DNA that was chosen to create future generations of super soldiers within project surrogate. Today there are currently 400 super solider operatives in existence, they are so advanced they can lift a tank using telekinesis and can go into outer space without a breathing mask on. Each super soldier operative costs $30 to $100 million each. Total recall chair is the brainwashing trip chair. Long term and short term memories are switched around so that the person will have no clue what he or she was doing. Also used for training and torture. Each trip chair costs $17 to $30 million dollars and made from gold and platinum. Milabs stands for military abductions. Military abductions are performed on gifted psychics that are targeted by Project Talent. Those conducting the Milabs are often milabed themselves and have no idea they are leading a double life…” (Ultra Mk Universal Super Soldier Program).

neurological manipulation – It is always remotely possible that the government is abducting non-abductees at random for reasons that are unknown. But, most military-style abductions victims are also victims of alien abductions. Thus, the government would have to be working with selected “true” abductees thus making it in league with the extraterrestrials. Also, if the government had its own abduction agenda complete with an enormously sophisticated program of neurological manipulation from afar, one would expect that it would be using this knowledge in a variety of military and civilian ways — convincing political opponents to do one’s bidding, forcing international antagonists to cooperate with the United Nations, and so forth. To control the mind is to control the world. (The government admitted that it experimented with the military use of remote viewing. But remote viewing is extremely primitive when compared with the aliens’ enormously advanced and sophisticated neurological abilities.) There is no evidence that the exceptionally useful neurological manipulation so common in alien abduction procedures, has ever been used by the United States in any situation for any purpose (Thinking Clearly About the Abduction Phenomenon).

mind control and abductions – There are MILAB abductees who do not experience the alien element, but claim to be under mind control conducted by secret human agencies such as the CIA, NSA and Illuminati. Some secret projects have been identified as those of the149 sub-projects under MK-Ultra. Then there are mind control “survivors” who have been grafted into some of these secret projects (i.e., Monarch, Phoenix Project) because of a high psychic ability, family history of occult involvement such as advanced level witchcraft, Satanism, or are of an “Illuminati bloodline”. As you can see, this field of mind control and abductions is complex because there are different types of abductions and victims of mind control. In Ufology, you will hear reports of positive extraterrestrial encounters, where the abduction element is absent. Some persons report benevolent ET contacts or encounters where the aliens are perceived as neutral. Such persons believe that they are not victims of abductions or mind control and consider the negative alien abduction hypothesis as offensive (Identifying Mind Control and Abductions).

– “I am a alien contactee and have had contact with the Council of Light. The council of light are a group of benevolent extraterrestrials such as greys and Pleaidians who are working to free humanity from its slavery. I would like to meet other light workers who have had contact with this council or who are interesting in bringing about the golden age of peace on this planet. I have also dealt with some of the more sinister forces within the (MIC) military industrial complex of the the United States Federal government. I have had experience with deprogramming victims of mind control, and I have had experience of being a victim of government mind control. These experiments are taking place on unwitting citizens in this nation using technology gathered from an unconstitutional joint alliance between the government and various extraterrestrial factions. The ones responsible for such actions are purely Satanic. They are in full control of the NSA, CIA, and the highest offices of this land. There goal is to create a one world government with mind controlled slaves and clones, using technology which remains classified under the guise of the National Security Act. However there is a resistance forming. There are many individuals within these intelligence agencies who seek change. Our planet is dying and we are facing a crossroads, do we seek the light of truth or seduction of duality. Because of what I know the government and the MIB have tried to intimidate me. My story details the events surrounding my ordeal….” (James Rink).


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