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Kathleen Sullivan

July 9, 2011

higher power – “…If you are a survivor of trauma or abuse or both, please don’t ever give up. Even if you have to experience occasional soul-droughts, please keep trying to connect with others. My experience has been that if I don’t give up, eventually I do find people who do care and can help me to know and love myself more, and to connect with and enjoy the healthier and safer parts of the world around me. Sometimes I have to humble down a little, admit to myself and my higher power that I’m terrified, and then risk trusting – just a tiny bit – that not everyone in the world is out to hurt me. Even though some people do choose to do evil things, I’m discovering that most people choose to do what is right and good. That gives me a lot of hope for our world…” (Healing Journey: Kathleen Sullivan)

experiments on children – “…Perhaps the most common reason is that at least some of the perpetrators were unconsciously reenacting abuse that they had endured in their own childhoods. An abused child usually has no power. That child may decide, either consciously or unconsciously, that some day when he/she is big enough, he/she will be the one in charge. It’s easy for such a person to take the next step as he or she becomes larger, and pour out his/her childhood rage on the next generation of vulnerable children. Some of the adults who were involved in the experiments, and who did not seem upset by what was done to us, may not have been victimized as children. Instead, they may have stayed in a scientific, cerebral mode. Some seemed so “into” logic and abstract thought that they may not have been capable of empathizing with other humans. My father was an electrical, chemical and mechanical engineer. I noticed that he, and some of his fellow engineers that he worked with at Western Electric, seemed to have that same emotional disconnection. In an odd way, I consider myself fortunate that I was repeatedly exposed, as a child, to researchers who were absolutely brilliant. Although I suffered from their inability to recognize, and feel, the effects of what they did to me, their genius and creativity powerfully challenged my mind and helped it develop much more than it otherwise may have. This continues to be to my benefit, although I also choose to work hard on developing empathy towards others…” (Interview with Kathleen Sullivan (Part One))

disinfo– “…Some of the common signs I’ve found in materials written by disinfo agents are…By feeding other bits and pieces of false information to the protégé survivors, they use the survivors to promote even more disinformation. Hearing such disinfo from both the agents and their protégés causes us to be more likely to believe that the disinfo must therefore be legitimate. My biggest concern about this, is that the protégés are not only adding an undeserved sheen of credibility to the disinfo agents and their lies, but the protégés are also being used to influence the public to believe that ALL mind-control survivors must believe the same lies. Beyond that, any individual who is educated or smart enough to recognize the disinfo as such, may therefore not trust information provided by those of us who are presenting legitimate information…” (Interview with Kathleen Sullivan – Author Of The Book: Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control).

Kathleen Sullivan lives near Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, Bill. She is the founder and president of a grassroots advocacy organization, North American Freedom Foundation, a Positive Activism, Remembrance and Commemoration for Survivors of Ritual Abuse and Mind Control. For more information. A master gardener and rock collector, Kathleen enjoys “playing in the dirt.” She’s currently helping to develop PARC-VRAMC’s Chattanooga Living Memorial Garden. A Social Work student at the University of Tennessee, she is also the author of MK, a novel about mind control that is scheduled for publication in 2004. You can visit her personal (Book Review: Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control).


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