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David Lawson

July 15, 2011

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” ~ Albert Einstein

psychological warfare – Gang stalking involves the use of multiple individuals to stalk, harass and taunt a victim, as well as to vandalize personal property. This can take place for many years, particularly since law enforcement and legislation have yet to catch up with the reality of organized stalking by groups. Techniques of psychological warfare are used against the target in a methodical and well orchestrated attack that often leaves the target a victim of ridicule among his friends and family because this occurrence is so hard to believe. However, the number of targets are increasing to the point that they can network with one another and find out that the same tactics are used everywhere. These tactics are intended to weaken the target to the point of physical and psychological collapse. The reasons why a person is initially targeted can vary. Sometimes the person may be a political activist. Others may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Corporations apparently have even been known to hire these stalking groups to silence people who were once in their employ. These stalking gangs may be lied to about the target, thinking that perhaps the person is a deviant who needs to be driven out of town. The reasons are only limited to the imagination. In some cases, according to David Lawson, author of Terrorist Stalking in America, the person has done nothing wrong but is simply used as a practice target or as an example to others in the group to show what can happen to them if they anger the group in some way. This serves to keep the members of these stalking groups tied to the group through intense fear of becoming a target. It is such a terrifying prospect because the gang members are intimately aware that the lives of the targets are utterly destroyed (Gang Stalking, An Overview).

told lies – With Cointelpro what they use to do is open up investigations of activists and dissidents. Now with the corporations and private security being all in bed together, just about any of these people can open up an investigation on anyone and it does not have to take much. Just try to assert your rights a little too much. Your friends family, neighbours, community, co-workers, landlord, business associates, will all be told lies about you, they will be questioned to see what dirt they can dig up, and yes people will follow you around for months. Now back in the day it was the snitches, and paid informants. Today’s it’s more of the same, mixed in with our fellow citizens. The modern day Red Squads, and community based policing (Gang Stalking. How it’s working).

David Lawson is a Florida based Private Investigator who works cause stalking cases. He is licensed in the U.S. and Canada.

books – American private investigator David Lawson spent approximately 12 years investigating stalking groups in the United States and Canada, mainly in the 1990s. He wrote about his experiences “riding with” these networked community harassment groups in two books. The first, released in 2001, was: Terrorist Stalking in America. That book is now out of print. Lawson then produced an updated book on the same subject in March 2007: Cause Stalking. The community-based counterpart, organized stalking, is not well known to the average member of the public. This paper is to share some of David Lawson’s findings so the reader can begin to grasp what appears to be a relatively new type of crime. So new, in fact, that targets of organized stalking have great difficulty getting law enforcement officials to take it seriously. Before sharing David Lawson’s findings, it should be pointed out that Lawson’s books contain two types of information: his observations, and his conclusions. David Lawson’s observations of the activities of the community organized stalking groups are a perfect match for the types of harassment reported by organized stalking targets. However, Lawson’s conclusions as to who is mainly responsible are puzzling to targets who have read his books. David Lawson claims that foreign terrorists and “anti-government” groups are responsible for the growing organized stalking crimes. Very few targets of organized stalking see evidence that Lawson’s conclusions match the targets’ experience. Lawson may have discovered those groups operating when he rode with the harassment groups, but anyone interested in finding the backers of local harassment groups would do well to suspend judgement on Lawson’s conclusions. Right up front, targets of organized stalking report that LIES circulated about the targets are what fuel local hatred for the targets. One of the favourite lies being circulated is that the target is a child molester. This is routinely used against female targets as well as targeted men (David Lawson’s Investigation Into Organized Stalking).


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