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Ted Gunderson

August 26, 2011

Echelon, Carnivore, Tempest – “…I have read the complaint in the current action of Mr. Keith Labella against F.B.I. and D.O. J.. It is my propessional opinion, based on information, knowledge and belief that the information sought by Mr. Labella in this F.O.I.A. suit regarding “gang stalking,” “gang stalking group” and “gang stalking methods” reasonably describes an ongoing, active, covert nationwide program that is in effect today, and, based on my investigations and experience, has been operational since at least the early 1980’s. Since the 1980’s gang stalking has increased in scope, intensity and sophistication by adapting to new communications and surveillance technology. These programs are using the codenames Echelon Program, Carnivore System, and Tempest Systems. The Echelon Program is administered by the N.S.A. out of Fort Meade, Maryland, and monitors all e-mails and phone calls in the world. Carnivore Systems is administered by the N.S.A. out of Fort Meade, Maryland, and can download nay computer system without being traced or otherwise known to the owner. Tempest System decipher what is on any computer screen up to a quarter of a mile away. These programs are negatively impacting thousands of Americans and severely abusing their civil rights on a daily basis. Based on my investigative work, which includes intelligence from sources such as active and former members of the Intelligence Services (including the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the N.S.A. and Military Intelligence), information from informats active in criminal enterprise, and, victim testimonies, I have come to the conclusion that thousand of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the U.S. This conspiracy is far too active to be controlled or operated by private enterprise whose goals are achieving financial gain. These operations require extensive financing with no return on the investment. This program’s operations are finance by illegal black operations, i.e. narcotics, prostitution, child kidnapping (children sell at covert auction for up to $50,000 per child), human trafficking, gambling, and other rackets. I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24 hours-a-day and 7 days-a-week, there is a Central Command, located within the U.S., with multiple satellite offices, whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and harassment against any individual in the country. They have the technology, financing and manpower to dispense illegal surveillance and harassment against anyone at any time, day or night. I have files on numerous cases of active programmatic, illegal government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of Americans, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison. I firmly believe that most individuals working in the F.B.I., other intelligence agencies, and the governement overall are honest, law-abiding public servants. However, a sophisticated network of rogue opetatives has secretly infiltrated the F.B.I., other intelligence agencies including the C.I.A. and other key governament positions. This rogue element seeks personal power and wealth and considers themselves above the law and the Constitution. They are carrying out the aforementioned surveillance and harassment activities in conjunction with organized crime, the cult movement in America including Satanic cults, other commercial and political interests, and even misguided civic organizations and neighborhood groups. This illegal surveillance and harassment program is being called gang stalking and organized stalking by the victims targeted by it…” – (Ted Gunderson).

The real Ted Gunderson? – Someone has been impersonating an FBI Agent named Ted Gunderson, since late 1978 – early 1979. The first picture on this page, below, is of the real FBI Agent – the real Ted Gunderson. The real Ted Gunderson was paid $500,000 to retire from the FBI, assume a false identity, “start a new life” with no traceable connections to the life he had led before, and keep his mouth shut. This enabled an imposter to assume the identity of “FBI Agent Ted Gunderson, retired”. The switch of identities was a huge success, right up to the point where the real Ted Gunderson – apparently suffering from rectal cancer – committed suicide in 2002. Even then, the false identity Gunderson had assumed probably would have gone undetected forever if not for the persistence of the man who ended up being named Executor of the false identity’s estate: http://www.freetimes.com/stories/15/47/who-was-joe-chandler Officially, the deceased former Ted Gunderson remains a “John Doe” and always will. The agencies responsible for the plot to create a fake “Ted Gunderson” and their New World Order masters will never allow proof of “Joe Chandler”/John Doe’s true identity to surface. The real truth of the switched identities and the fake “Ted Gunderson” still walking around today was inadvertently revealed to our source by a Monarch whose personality possessing the knowledge was accidently triggered during a surgical operation. The Monarch in question had a benign tumor removed in that surgery and was otherwise perfectly healthy, but shortly after revealing the truth about Gunderson she supposedly developed life-threatening complications and died within a week (Who Is Impersonating Ted Gunderson?).

Bono – “…Ted Gunderson, now a private investigator, has told the US Globe tabloid that Bono, who served as mayor of Palm Springs for four years, did not die after hitting a tree on a Nevada ski slope in January 1998 as everyone believed. “It’s nonsense for anyone to now try to suggest that Bono died after crashing into a tree. There’s zero evidence in this autopsy report… to show such an accident happened. Instead, there’s powerful proof he was assassinated. “This was an evil plot that was carried out to almost perfection by ruthless assassins,” Mr Gunderson told the paper. The former agent, who has been researching Bono’s accident for the past decade, said top officials linked to an international drug and weapons ring feared the singer-turned-politician was about to expose their crimes – so they had him killed on the slopes. Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar. End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. Bono, an experienced skiier, was ambushed on the slopes by hired hitmen, who beat him to death and then staged a tree collision, Mr Gunderson said…” (Hitmen ‘clubbed’ Sonny Bono to death, FBI claims).

Theodore L. Gunderson (born 7 November 1928) is a retired United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent In Charge. Since his retirement, Gunderson has publicly claimed that several high profile deaths or crimes have been committed by prolific satanic cults, also often claiming involvement by high level government officials. Cases where he has made such claims include the death of Sonny Bono, the Oklahoma City bombing, the MacDonald case, and the Franklin child-prostitution ring allegations. He recently provided an affidavit about Gang Stalking regarding Freedom of Information Request No. 10-00169. He is a member of the Constitution Party (Wikepedia).


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