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Deborah Dupre

September 12, 2011

martial law – “…According to Chossudovsky, the WHO level six pandemic is diverting public attention from a social crisis “largely the consequence of a deep-seated global economic depression” and ushers Martial Law into the U.S. according to Chossudovsky…The flu pandemic is used to foreclose organized resistance against the government’s economic policies in support of the financial elites. It provides both a pretext and a justification to adopt emergency procedures. Under the existing legislation in the US, Martial Law, implying the suspension of constitutional government, could be invoked in the case of “A Catastrophic Emergency” including a the H1N1 swine flu pandemic.”…Two points that independent researchers agree realted to H1N1 are: the “pandemic” will be highly profitable for corporations and the Pentagon is positioning for military control of the U.S. health system…” (Part 1 The H1N1 Swine Flu Experimental Vaccination, Martial Law and Eugenics Story).

radiation exposure – “…Radiation that will impact North Americans is a reality that has “terrified” Moret and other technicians, engineers and nuclear scientists with whom Moret is working. “The reactors in Japan have been in meltdown.” Radiation is being released into the atmosphere. “The head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has said it is so radioactive, it is a lethal dose to anyone at that plant.” “Basically all of the workers there are going to die of radiation exposure,” stated Moret. She explained that on March 18th of March, there were HAARP signatures such as tornado vortex as the radiation arrived on the West Coast of the United States that followed heavy chem-trailing along the coast. An unusual storm hit for ten minutes. The television reporters announced a tornado warning. Huge heavy torrential rains came down. Even now, California is having an inch of rain a day and more rain predicted…” (HAARP caused Japanese earthquake, nuclear bomb?)

sadistic targeting – “…Media discrediting of both the target and the targeting phenomenon plus forced hospitalizations, set-ups and framings, false imprisonments, blacklisting, and organized manipulation of personal assets to reduce the target to financial ruin are among criminal tactics experienced and cited by Targeted Individuals in online support groups and calls for advocacy help to the writer and an array of human rights organizations. U.S. counter-intelligence has a long history of using media to discredit innocent targets. In the short Good Morning America interview of Randy Quaid (below), the two words the reporter emphasized in describing the Quaids’ plight were their “erratic path.” The very short report ends with the words “mentally ill” and “drugs,” typical psychological assaults on targets. Other perpetrators blatantly call targets “mentally ill,” negative branding that targets and even victims suffering from poisoning in the Gulf experience if they explain the truth. Such repeated name-calling is designed to ultimately protect perpetrators. When government officials playing the sadistic targeting game use this tactic, it can, and too often does, land an innocent, mentally stable target with a history of integrity, into forced hospitalization. The reader might want to spot these assaults left as comments under articles about the Quaids, possibly made by paid shills complicit in the widespread targeting crime…” (Randy Quaid flooded with oppressed Targeted Individuals’ blessings)

Deborah Dupre holds American and Australian science and education graduate degrees plus thirty years human rights, environmental and peace activism; led Aboriginal Pacific Islander and Australian research; holds pivotal role in FUEL; co-founded America’s Green Team, FUEL; lectures on Ancient Wisdom, Modern Technology; and markets second-generation biofuel seeds/trees (Examiner).


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