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Rachael Orban

September 26, 2011

trust no one – “…If you survive being a target for many years you’ll be able to tell which websites are helpful which ones aren’t. There are websites with alot of info you have to sort out, and I suggest you only do so after you’ve studied gangstalking itself becuz alot of the info might not be pertinent or confuse the issue with too much detail and speculation. There are alot of websites run by people I myself have had the displeasure of discovering are unsafe people. Basically a general description of gangstalking that’s simple is best. Only the target themselves knows the details of their own situation. Trust no one completely. Question and analyze. ‘Perps’ come from every walk of life as do targets, that’s a general rule to stick to. Be very wary of anything that can be faked. How do you know I am who I say I am? You don’t. After I write this, some perp may come out on another website claiming to be me. Making video with some indication of continuum would be best. I am writing a blog becuz I can’t guarantee I’ll make it any further. I feel ill lately..something is wrong. I highly doubt if my life is going to extend much longer…” (Gangstalking=murder)

brain washing – “…If you are a smart TI you already know about other parts of gang stalking..keep this in mind as you go to different locations/buildings.This is the sort of environment where you will be treated very badly and people think they can get away with it. Document everything, point out always how the rules were not followed and how you were ‘played’ and especially any favor given to perps that are fellow homeless. You will find, believe it or not, that certain shelters actually host what seem like perp groups…don’t even try to conceive of how inhumane and sinister this is, just document it. Hostels may have even worse activities waiting for you from a perp group (this is where a shelter being accountable as a service agency has its advantages over hostels). Another reason that you are forced into homeless shelters is that these are all basically mind control environments…every shelter I have been to employs some kind of tactic according to the definition of ‘brain washing’. It’s to keep the population in line. You will have to fight the urge to give up or fall into complacency. Harassment outside of the shelter adds to trauma. In some shelters you will find relief from outside harassment for a time…”(What you should know about homelessness and shelters)

fast educating the public “…I realize now that many activists are COINTELPRO and FBI and there is evidence that COINTELPRO is back due to laws being repealed during Bush. This is why the Obama era seems even more smothering than the Bush era. And it shows that TIs are correct in sensing and experiencing what started during Bush never ended. This is why the public go along with much of this. They don’t want to know that human atrocities are being covered.up and Targets are being abused under the guise of national security…Many Targets don’t like to reference COINTELPRO because its in the past and supposedly it was stopped by new laws in place. Its as useless as referencing the holocuast, because lay people now mock our situations with ‘oh the silent holocaust’ or ‘oh yeah, the Manchurian Candidate’. Utilizing pop media or historical references to establish ourselves is suicide in a throw away culture. You need to build something concrete that will stand up to time and the public’s fickle childish tastes. And I read somewhere recently its inappropriate to use other groups hardships for your own purposes and specifically that was written by a Jew on the matter of referencing the holocaust so it works against us in many ways…The public have been so slowly dumbed down, reduced and caged, isolated and marginalized that they now see and comprehend very little that goes on beyond the parameters they are kept in. This is why the 90s had to be ended by Bush era. The internet and Gen X created an information leak within the world we live in that was fast educating the public about exactly how this world works. The powers that be were used.to living in a world where they could do as they pleased without public scrutiny. All that the Bush era did was to condition the public to no longer ask any questions about exactly what Power is up to because you’ll either be persecuted or ignored…” (COINTELPRO Is Back On The Books- TIs Arent Just Referencing The Past)

Rachael Orban is an activist and a targeted individual from Boston, Massachusetts. In her one of several You Tube videos, Rachel briefly described electronic harassment using directed energy device/weapon, and other gang-related stalking and symptoms she endured over the years since 1996. She reiterated in her blog, since 2003 the frequency of activities became 24/7 and it was only since Obama took over the white house that the harassment become less intense. She moved to different cities so many times that she became familiarize with various regional groups in the organized stalking network. Her experience made her destitute and homeless. According to her: “Like other Targets the ultimate goal of the harassment system seems suicide or institutionalization. This is very common for tbmc survivors. The cover stories to discredit are that “I am crazy or that this is all solely due to my past involvement with the criminal element.” Her You Tube clip was quite inspirational, advising those who are experiencing this situation “to keep on fighting and TI are not crazy people.” Her mother is documented radiation experimentee, MK Ultra related (Putting Faces to the TI Phenomenom)


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