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Randy Quaid

December 28, 2011

a spectacle as bizarre as the movie “…For the most part, the crowd greeted the series of bemusing imagery with derisive laughter. But this good spirit disappeared during a scene of breathtaking tedium where, in an unending close-up, Quaid delivered the entire ‘To be not to be’ soliloquy two and a half times. By the time the Randy character greeted his inevitable star whacking with Hamlet’s “I am dead”, his words were met with cheers. The assault on the eyes over, Randy swaggered on stage after the film’s completion to assault our ears with his band, The Fugitives. They performed three songs, including the autobiographical ‘Mr DA Man’ and ‘Star Whackers’. There was a look of confusion on Quaid’s face when the cries for encore rang out after the latter. The solution? Play it again; this time with a bunch of burlesque dancers joining him and the band (who all happen to be lawyers by day) in a spectacle as bizarre as the movie that preceded it. By the time Randy and Evi Quaid sat down for the long-awaited Q&A session, Friday was turning into Saturday. Fans and conspiracy theorists lauded the couple, while awkward questions were deflected by The Rio Theatre’s MCs and the Quaid’s drummer/lawyer. When one filmgoer, Natalie Von Rotsburg, pointed out that an alleged documentary was nothing of the sort, Evi barked that she should get her money back. Is Star Whackers the worst film ever? Probably not. It is, as Evi insisted on telling us, a work in progress. And although it is undeniably an irredeemable work of self-delusion, paranoia and pretension, there’s enough unintentional comedy and genitalia to make up for the many moments of mind-melting tedium…” (Randy Quaid bares all in Vancouver)

star whackers – “…Vancouver Sun film critic Peter Bernie on Saturday declared Star Whackers, and Randy Quaid’s star turn in the indie pic, were “drugged-out dreck.” “Spouting Shakespeare as he stands in a full-length fur coat with penis hanging out, Quaid must compete with a howling wind. Falstaff he ain’t, especially when the coat comes off and we’re left to watch naked nuttiness signifying nothing,” Birnie wrote. The press materials accompanying the Star Whackers bow portray a film about Randy Quaid being hounded by assassins looking to murder celebrities and who “plot his demise and hunt him so to appropriate for themselves his value as a movie star.” Turns out the Quaids are not alone among celebrities targeted by Hollywood hitmen and prosecutors. “There is a plague upon the Hollywood star system since 1995: movie stars are worth more dead than alive due to lucrative ad revenue on the internet,” the film’s media materials explain. The Quaids’ movie, inspired by how they evaded apparent Hollywood assassins to get to Canada, screened as part of a double-bill at the Rio Theatre alongside another Randy Quaid movie, Real Time. The Quaids arrived in Vancouver last October, and were arrested on outstanding warrants for misdemeanours in California…” (Critic Calls Randy Quaid’s Star Whackers Film ‘Drugged-Out Dreck’)

striking similarities “…Quaid says he discovered evidence of the alleged fraud this June. He claims he went to City National Bank in Beverly Hills to request information about two mystery loans that were made in his name, but says bank staff refused to give him any information. He says they instead called the police when he demanded to see the loan statements. Quaid says he discovered that the paperwork for a $1 million life insurance policy was missing from his City National safe deposit box. Quaid claims someone used it, along with his forged signature, to secure more loans in his name. Quaid says Gavin Perdue, former head of City National Bank’s Roxbury branch entertainment division, had “full knowledge” of the theft of his life insurance policy. The 220-page lawsuit, which mixes attachments with notes scrawled over the pages in black marker alternating with the pages of the lawsuit, also suggests that someone had a plot to kill Quaid and his wife. After City National Bank’s estate planner allegedly told Evi Quaid that the bank preferred to manage the assets of “dead actors,” she heard a man’s voice on her cell phone in Texas saying, “‘If you kill her, there’s a lot of money in it for you.'” “Evi wasn’t sure if this was an actual threat on her life or meant to intimidate her as a witness, but this together with the stolen life insurance policy and the estate planner’s insensitive remark, and now Alan Watenmaker, the estate planner acting very evasive when we request trust ID numbers and the fact that Watenmaker’s firm did Michael Jackson’s will and life insurance policy trust, has us very suspicious of their motives,” the lawsuit states. Quaid says his case has a few “striking similarities” to the situation Michael Jackson was in before his death…” (Randy Quaid Accuses Advisers of 22-Year Plot to Steal Assets)

to discredit innocent targets – “…Media discrediting of both the target and the targeting phenomenon plus forced hospitalizations, set-ups and framings, false imprisonments, blacklisting, and organized manipulation of personal assets to reduce the target to financial ruin are among criminal tactics experienced and cited by Targeted Individuals in online support groups and calls for advocacy help to the writer and an array of human rights organizations. U.S. counter-intelligence has a long history of using media to discredit innocent targets. In the short Good Morning America interview of Randy Quaid (below), the two words the reporter emphasized in describing the Quaids’ plight were their “erratic path.” The very short report ends with the words “mentally ill” and “drugs,” typical psychological assaults on targets. Other perpetrators blatantly call targets “mentally ill,” negative branding that targets and even victims suffering from poisoning in the Gulf experience if they explain the truth. Such repeated name-calling is designed to ultimately protect perpetrators. When government officials playing the sadistic targeting game use this tactic, it can, and too often does, land an innocent, mentally stable target with a history of integrity, into forced hospitalization. The reader might want to spot these assaults left as comments under articles about the Quaids, possibly made by paid shills complicit in the widespread targeting crime…” (Randy Quaid flooded with oppressed Targeted Individuals’ blessings)

Randall Rudy “Randy” Quaid (born October 1, 1950) is an American actor perhaps best known for his role as Cousin Eddie in the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, as well as his numerous supporting roles in films such as The Last Detail, Independence Day, Kingpin and Brokeback Mountain. He has won a Golden Globe Award, and has been nominated for an Academy Award, an Emmy Award and a BAFTA Award. On October 22, 2010, Randy and Evi Quaid sought protection under the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, after being arrested at the US-Canadian border in Vancouver B.C. They have since applied for refugee status on the grounds that they fear for their lives in the United States as numerous actors have died under mysterious circumstances committed by the “Hollywood star whackers”. They were granted bail on the condition of $10,000 bond pending further Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada hearings. However, due to their inability to deposit the required bond with the court for several days, they remained in custody of the Canada Border Services Agency. They were released on October 27 after the discovery that Evi Quaid is a “prima facie Canadian citizen” (Wikepedia).


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