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Evidences (Photos)

January 7, 2012

My head are being targeted by electromagnetic radiation and microwave pulse laser (in addition to voice to skull marathon harassment) 24/7. While at sleep, my dreams are also being manipulated with induced dreams.
Normal symptom: floating particles during the day, spiral waves that looks like a tornado during at night or when its dark, heating sensation, sudden pin pain, sudden headache.
Outcomes: dry scalp, scarring, bruises, disformation.

My eyes are also being targeted by electromagnetic radiation. I am convince that the perpetrators can see through my eyes probably from neural interface and other installed hidden physical cameras in my surroundings (pc monitors).
Normal symptom: itching inside the eyelids, sudden pin pain, involuntary teary eyes.
Outcomes: redness, scarring, the sudden appearance of skin tags in the eye lids, deteriorating vission.

My ears are also being targeted by electromagnetic radiation in addition to voice to skull marathon harassment. Major changes in my head are the bumps in both sides of my ears.
Normal Symptom: ringing in the ears (tinnitus), clear hearing even from a distance, when using ear plugs I can hear the voice to skull harassments of the Nazi pigs.
Outcomes: swelling, scarring, sudden pain, headache.

With the attacks on my head, my face are also not spared. Once they finished with attacks on my eyes, it will continue with my forehead, nose and mouth.
Normal Symptom: teeth grinding, itchiness in different parts of my face.
Outcomes: acne-like scarring, bruises, welts, dark skin discoloration, redness, sudden pain, headache.

My shoulder has been purposedly dislocated by a paramedic. When it was operated on, an improper stiching left me with a long scars. I believe that implants were implanted on my during this operations. Afterwards, my shoulder are regularly being attack by EMR.
Normal Symptom: strong itchiness, numbness, sudden pain.
Outcomes: weakness on my shoulders, pain.

Hand, Arms, Legs, feet
My arms and legs are being attacked by EMR regularly. Other parts of my body are also being attack by EMR (genital area, stomach, chest).
Normal Symptom: strong itchiness, numbness, weakness, sudden pin-frick pain, shortness of breath.
Outcomes: acne-like scarring, redness, bruises, welts, dark skin discoloration, disformation, swelling, pain, clumsiness, sudden jolts.



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