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John Norseen

June 9, 2012

Mapping human brain functions “…Electromagnetic pulses would trigger the release of the brain’s own neurotransmitters to fight off disease, enhance learning, or alter the mind’s visual images, creating what Norseen has dubbed “synthetic reality.” The key is finding “brain prints.” “Think of your hand touching a mirror,” explains Norseen. “It leaves a fingerprint.” BioFusion would reveal the fingerprints of the brain by using mathematical models. “Just like you can find one person in a million through fingerprints,” he says, “you can find one thought in a million.” It sounds crazy, but Uncle Sam is listening. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Army’s National Ground Intelligence Center have all awarded small basic research contracts to Norseen, who works for Lockheed Martin’s Intelligent Systems Division…By viewing a brain scan recorded by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, scientists can tell what the person was doing at the time of the recording – say, reading or writing. Emotions from love to hate can be recognized from the brain’s electrical activity. Thought police. So could the murderous thoughts of a terrorist, asserts Norseen, who wrote his thesis at the Naval War College on applying neuroscience research to antiterrorism. He has submitted a research-and-development plan to the Pentagon, at its request, to identify a terrorist’s mental profile. A miniaturized brain-mapping device inside an airport metal detector would screen passengers’ brain patterns against a dictionary of brain prints. Norseen predicts profiling by brain print will be in place by 2005. A pilot could fly a plane by merely thinking, says Norseen. Scientists have already linked mind and machine by implanting electrodes into a paralyzed man’s brain; he can control a computer’s cursor with his mind. Norseen would like to draw upon Russian brain-mimicing software and American brain-mapping breakthroughs to allow that communication to take place in a less invasive way. A modified helmet could record a pilot’s brain waves. “When you say right 090 degees,” says Norseen, the computer would see that electrical pattern in the brain and turn the plane 090 degrees. If the pilot misheard instructions to turn 090 degrees and was thinldng “080 degees,” the helmet would detect the error, then inject the right number via electromagnetic waves. “If this research pans out”, says Norseen, “you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it.” But Norseen says he is “agnostic” on the moral ramifications, that he’s not a “mad” scientist – just a dedicated one. “The ethics don’t concern me,” he says, “but they should concern someone else.” (John Norseen’s Reading your mind – and injecting smart thoughts by Douglas Pasternak)

mathematics of BioFusion “…BioFusion is the increasing complexity of one part of the brain to share, mathematically, its information with other parts of the brain in a common, emergent family of mathematical operations, to which the inverse function, the ability to recreate or trigger stored information by using the inverse mathematics is allowable. Panum’s fusion space, horopter operations, dreams, and the distinct linkage of either end of the invariant versus holistic storage continuum of object recognition in the posterior inferior temporal gyri (ITG) as opposed to the more pure prosopopoeia in the fusiform gyrus (FG) are very nice examples of BioFusion in the visual perception modality. The ability to blend vision and verbal modalities in the Temporal Cortex, TC-22 and Broadmann’s Area 44, for example are also fine indications that BioFusion is taking place in more and more complex, adaptive regions of the brain. Accordingly, the common family of interacting mathematics of BioFusion would appear to account for how the entire brain can act independently yet in concerted fashion from moment to moment for many years producing for us a relatively stable mental picture of semiotic reality and a useful, purposeful repertoire of Reflexive Control circuits, our ‘Portfolio of Life’ called the Human Condition…” (Mathematics, BioFusion and Reflexive Control for Sentient Machines)

government funding and secrecy “…In 2001, John Norseen, a Lockheed Martin neuroscientist, demonstrated promising mind control research, according to US News, which was subsequently described as promising future defense research in a 2002 major government report and after 2002 just disappeared. Norseen’s research is a rare glimpse into government neuroscience/mind control research and the process of government funding and secrecy. Research on human mind control for national security is seldom addressed by neuroscientists and unclassified scientific literature on military mind control is scarce. Most neuroscientists describe mind control as futuristic. The following articles report that Norseen’s research is funded by the Pentagon, is classified in part, has actually been demonstrated and is recommended for future research by major government defense agencies. US News & World Report January 3-10, 2000, John Norseen Reading your mind-and injecting smart thoughts, Douglas Pasternak described Norseen’s work; “The key is finding ‘brain prints’.” “Think of your hand touching a mirror,” explains Norseen. “It leaves a fingerprint.” BioFusion would reveal the fingerprints of the brain by using mathematical models. “Just like you can find one person in a million through fingerprints,” he says, “you can find one thought in a million…” (Zimmerman and Norseen)

John D. Norseen is a D.Sc. (ABD) at George Washington University, where he teaches Engineering Management graduate courses in the Research and Development and International Marketing of Advanced Information Science and Technology. John is also under contract to Lockheed Martin where, as a systems engineer, he is working on special programs concerning next generation Intelligent Systems. His experience covers over twenty years of transforming creative ideas into the team production of critical national security systems (Images of Mind: The Semiotic Alphabet
by John D. Norseen

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