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Allen L. Barker’s Testimony to the NBAC Human Subjects Subcommittee, Nov. 23, 1997

July 26, 2012

I am here to talk about electromagnetic antipersonnel weapons and mind control technology. While there are still denials that such weapons exist, anyone remotely familiar with the technology and its history could only conclude that the United States has such devices. Dr. Robert Becker wrote in his 1985 book The Body Electric that we would have to be very naive to assume the United States has no electromagnetic arsenal.

Microwave beams can be modulated with voice signals such that when the beam is directed toward a subject’s head he “hears” the voice. This has been reported in the open scientific literature since at least 1975. There are U.S. patents for devices with microphones which will project a speaker’s voice into a subject’s head. In addition to voice projection, microwaves can impair performance, affect heart rhythms, and cause brain damage due to heating effects.

This is just the hardware. How this technology is used can be likened to the software. For example, when combined with familiar surveillance devices such as miniature pinhole cameras, microwave weapons and other so-called nonlethal weapons can be used to aversively condition and train people inside their own homes. They may not even be aware this is going on. Because the effects of these weapons mimic the symptoms of some mental illnesses — and can cause brain damage in addition to the traumatic stress of torture — the victims typically have nowhere to turn. They may be further abused by the mental health system.

The CIA admitted in Appendix E of the Interim Report of the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments that it investigated the use and effect of microwaves on humans. It determined that this research was outside the purview of the Radiation Committee. I hope it will fall within the purview of this committee.

Beyond microwave technology I want to talk about implanted devices. Though their existence is often denied, implanted devices, even brain implants, have been around for years. There are U.S. patents for implantable tracking devices that allow people to be tracked from cellular phone towers. Implanted listening devices and even EEG analysis devices are well within the capability of black budget projects.

As reported in December of 1993 by The City Sun Newspaper of Brooklyn, Brian Wronge discovered after being released from a correctional facility that he had various devices implanted in his body. These devices showed up on CT and MRI scans. Even so, he had difficulty getting a lawyer to represent him. Surgeons, citing fears of reprisal, would not remove the devices from his body. The group Physicians for Human Rights refused to assist him or help him find a surgeon. Major newspapers did not cover the story.

This last fact should not be a surprise. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, the data on human radiation experiments that was reported as new in 1993 had actually been known for almost a decade. A congressional committee had issued a report detailing those abuses in 1986. The report was widely ignored and misreported. The indifference shown toward the still surviving victims of these experiments is shocking.

I have personally experienced harassment and torture inflicted by people using mind control, or influencing, technology. It began when I was doing research work associated with the intelligence community. In the bizarre logic of this sort of harassment, those who claim to have experienced it firsthand are often accorded less credibility than those who have not. I do not let this stop me from trying to describe how truly horrifying it is to have your very mind repeatedly violated, inside your own home where there is no escape. Just describing the hardware capabilities does not begin to touch on the “software” techniques of psychological warfare that are applied using the technology.

I hope this committee can begin to address some of these human rights abuses. But people who could commit such crimes will think nothing of lying or worse to cover up their involvement. What would be worse than involuntary human experiments like these would be if the techniques become standard practice: to be applied regularly and in secret.

Source: Allen L. Barker’s Testimony to the NBAC Human Subjects Subcommittee, Nov. 23, 1997

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