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Martti Koski’s Story

November 13, 2012

An Attempt To Speak Out To Save Myself Before It’s Too Late For Me and For all of Us

Winnipeg, 1952 – Agencies of the Canadian government co- operate with the United States Air Force in “experiments” of biological warfare involving the aerial spraying of contaminants over the entire city of Winnipeg.

Montreal, 1958 – Doctors at McGill University use their patients as unknowing “human guinea pigs” in CIA-funded experiments with LSD. Toronto, 1979 The RCMP admit to deliberately falsifying the medical records of political activist Ross Dowson. The police distribute false reports of Dowson’s mental instability to discredit him with his followers.

Today Martti Koski , a Finnish immigrant in Canada believes he has been targeted by the RCMP as the latest “guinea pig” in bizarre experiments in mind control and “telepathic terrorism” using microwaves. These few examples represent just a tiny portion of the whole range of “dirty tricks” by authorities that have come to light in recent years. But, even a complete list of what we know would be limited because it would only be a list of what we know. What we don’t know must be the real concern. And as Martti Koski’s story reveals, what we don’t know is probably hurting us.

Five Canadians Suing CIA over Experiments in 1950s (The Leader-Post Regina, Saskatchewan Saturday, Dec. 13, 1980) – Vancouver (CP) – Robert Logie says he was a guinea pig for the United States Central Intelligence Agency, and constantly relives a nightmare of hospital brainwashing sessions that included hallucinogenic injections and massive electric shocks. He and four other Canadians launched a $5 million suit this week in Washington against the U.S. government. They are claiming $1 million each in damages from what they say was a CIA- funded multi-million-dollar research experiment into the behavior of drug-induced patients.  Logie, a 42-year-old reclusive bachelor, said in an interview his troubles are connected to Montreal hospital LSD experiments he was subjected to in the late 50s.

Logie says he was a “human guinea pig” for a CIA drug experiment program called MKULTRA Sub Project 68, one of a series of CIA-sponsored schemes to test interrogation, behavior control and brainwashing. He said the CIA paid Cameron at least $60,000 to conduct the mind-control experiments and an additional $35,000 went to McGill in the form of grants to the psychiatry department. Logie said a U.S. agency called the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology was a front organization for the CIA program. Logie said he arrived here in 1968 with no knowledge of who he was or where he was. He said he slept under a bridge for five nights before going to the police. A Vancouver relative identified him after a newspaper printed his photograph.  “I don’t know if my amnesia is related to the LSD experiments,” he said. “All I know is that the nightmare never stops.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Martti Koski: I know what I am about to tell you will sound bizarre, almost beyond belie-RCMP surreptitious testing of a telepathic amplifier that works with microwaves to control people’s minds and bodies, voices in the air, spy schools, interrogation, toxic gas–I know how crazy it all sounds. I know your first reaction will likely be to dismiss me as some kind of a “kook” who has sadly lost touch with reality. I know if I hadn’t been victimized by this “experimentation” I would probably react the same way. But I am asking you not to. I am asking you to take a few minutes to read through this pamphlet, to think about other things we all know have happened that tested our belief and trust in those in charge of our society, to reflect on the story I have to tell and finally, to give me the benefit of your doubt. For, if there is, in your mind, the slightest chance what I have to tell holds some truth, doesn’t it demand and deserve your further concern? I know my story sounds like the plot from some low budget science fiction spy thriller that could never happen in real life. The problem is it did happen in my life. And it could happen in yours if you don’t join me in my battle today to expose and resist this attack on human dignity. I may have been one of the first victims of this sinister program; but, without your help, you can be sure I will not be the last victim (January 1981, Ottawa)

My Story – In the beginning I simply thought I was slowly going mad. I knew it wasn’t normal to hear “voices” and mine were with me for two to three hours every day. I felt they came at me through the ceiling from the suite above me. But, I wasn’t really worried. I had resigned myself to the thought I was suffering from some sort of neurotic disorder–impossible to get rid of, but harmless enough. Then, in the late summer of 1979, after four years of this “talk”, things suddenly got a lot worse. I seemed to lose control of most of my normal body functions and emotions. It was as if someone or something could control my sleep, my sense of smell and taste. Food was, by turns, made to taste very salty or acidic. Sexual functions, urination, bowel movements and basic metabolism–all were affected. Finally, I couldn’t even work. I’m a welder and I came to be unable to breathe in any air contaminated with carbon dioxide. It made me salivate excessively and foam at the mouth. By now “the voices” were with me 24 hours a day. I was being talked to every waking hour. I was allowed minimal sleep–about an hour a day. If I left my apartment I immediately became very drowsy, yet indoors I could not sleep. My heartbeat became erratic and finally uncontrollable. In December, 1979, I was admitted to the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton, the victim of a “heart attack”. It was in the hospital I first suspected I was the victim of something more sinister than my body’s own normal reaction to physical or emotional illness.

For the first time the “voice” identified itself. It told me it was a spokesman for the RCMP and that I had been selected for “training” as a spy. The first phase of my training would be to learn how to survive in a Russian insane asylum. The hospital would serve as my training ground. I remained in the hospital for three days, the subject of many bizarre and strange encounters and experiments. In one instance, I was given medication but simultaneously warned by “the voice” not to take it as it was poisoned. When I did take it, I suffered heart palpitations. I was warned not to go into a certain room. But I was later lured into it by a “doctor” and then subjected to interrogation and a battery of “tests” related to sexual functions and organs. The interrogation began with an electric shock being applied to my penis. Then the telepathic talk of the voice encouraged me to masturbate to avoid becoming impotent. But, I was unable to achieve ejaculation. The “voice” warned me if I failed to ejaculate I would suffer extreme consequences; my scrotum would become elongated and I would have to be operated on. When I left this interrogation room and went back to my hospital room, the old man sharing it with me exposed himself to me, revealing a scrotum about 15 centimeters long.

These kind of sexual and genital “experiments” carried on throughout my whole time in the hospital. During my time in the hospital I was also unable to sleep due to severe headaches that seemed to be induced each time I attempted to sleep. When I left the hospital I returned to my apartment. But, I soon again experienced problems with my breathing and extreme headaches. I decided to flee my home to seek release from the problems that were hounding me. I stayed away from my apartment for 10 days, living in cheap hotels–but I was not left alone. My sleep continued to be disrupted; my bladder ruptured twice because I had somehow lost the ability to sense the need to urinate. I decided to look for help again at the hospital. But it was the same as the first time–it was still a “spy school” where I was “in training”. This time the “training” involved stealing shirts and engaging in a kind of black market where cigarettes were used to “buy” services from other patients (inmates). As in my first experience, some of the doctors and some patients participated in the play-acting to create the impression of a Russian insane asylum. One doctor I remember by name was Dr. Peter Hayes. I returned to may apartment. But was, one morning soon after, awakened by a phone call from someone who hung up as soon as I answered. Immediately gas poured into my room for about 15 seconds causing my mouth to fill with blood. Then “the voice” told me this was my last warning.

Afraid for both my sanity and my life I decided to return to my native Finland, a decision that was to convince me, more than ever, of the RCMP intrusion into and takeover of my life. In order to leave Canada I would need my passport; but, when I went to look for it, I couldn’t find it. I had apparently misplaced it. I decided to leave Canada from Toronto where I could also apply for a new passport. I traveled to Toronto by Greyhound bus pursued all the while by “the voices”. On this trip I noticed a marked RCMP car seemed to be following the bus for several hours. And several times the bus was met by RCMP cars and people who I took to work for the RCMP left the car to ride on the bus and vice versa. It was also on this bus trip that I got the first hint of the kind of experimentation I was being subjected to: the voices began to call me the “Microwave Man”, and all the while the “spy training” exercises continued. Among other things: *I was told what food to eat and what food was dangerous. If I ate forbidden food I suffered severe heartburn and feverishness; *the voices told me I needn’t worry about my credit card spending as my line of credit had been extended to unlimited. *I was given my first “assignment” (to find out the population of Toronto and then how many men and how many women); *my voices became Finnish-speaking, female voices. Things in Finland were no better than they had been in Canada. The “voices” clung to me. The one change was they now identified themselves as being from the star Sirius. The experiments and voices carried on for the whole two and one half months I stayed in Finland.

I believe my mother was at last somehow convinced to aid the authorities. She confessed to me, just before my departure, she had placed prescription drugs I had no need of in my luggage. Part of a plan to induce another “heart attack”? My return journey to Canada by ship, train and plane took over five days and nights, during which time I was not allowed to sleep at all. Back home in Edmonton the strange occurrences piled them- selves one on another. First, I found my wayward passport on my kitchen table. Next I was subjected to several toxic gas experiments. It seemed to me now other tenants in the building were either agents of the RCMP or co-operating with the police force in their experiments. In an elaborate and excruciating experiment that involved hypnosis and supporting special effects employing fire trucks circling around me I was presented with a program of indoctrination to convince me criticism of the American society was a “cancer” and a threat to us all. I was told I was “unclean” and “contaminated” with this “cancer”. The fire trucks were to be used in a massive cleansing or washing away of the contagion. My ability to withstand this heavy physical and psychological bombardment was at its breaking point–and then I chanced on a way to begin to resist. By now it was early April. The days were warming up. I discovered the power of the microwaves were lessened in the open air. I was even able to sleep out on the grass in the sunshine. This sleep–the first rue sleep I had in months– was enough for me to begin to rebuild my will to resist the forces at work against me. As soon as I began to resist–with measures described in the following–the experimentation began to ease off. I still hear the Finnish “voices”, but the “talk” is less intensive. They call this stage “custody”. But my fear for my health and life continues. (At one point the “voices” told me my ultimate fate will be to suffer a “natural death” in five years.) And, my worries about what is in store for the entire Canadian society continues.

Why Me? – Why was I chosen as a test subject? Is there something special about me that singles me out for this kind of attack, or is it simply that “they” are out to get me? The answer is: “Yes and no.” …I am single. I live alone. My only relative in Canada lives thousands of miles from me. I do not belong to any frater- nal groups, organizations or political parties. I have difficulty communicating with other Canadians because of my poor spoken English. In short, an ideal target: I don’t have a large circle of acquaintances and my ability to reach out and make new contact is limited.  Moreover, I believe the preparation time–in my case four years–is designed to reinforce this isolation, to promote “strange” behavior and to discourage, even further, friendships or contacts.

Fighting Back – I began my struggle to expose what was happening to me by posting handbills on telephone poles and the boarding around construction sites throughout Edmonton. The posters accused the RCMP of making me a victim of experiments with “a kind of tele- pathic amplifier that works with microwaves”. I asked others who feared they too might have been caught in such “experiments” to contact me..several did..I was not alone. Half of the people who contacted me said they had been subjected to this experimentation when in prison. In an effort to place my predicament before more people I wrote letters to the daily newspapers. None was ever printed. (The Edmonton Sun did however, later carry a “news” item casually dismissing and denigrating my accusations and efforts to defend myself.) In May, 1980 I wrote a four page letter to the Finnish ambassador outlying my whole ordeal. I have never even received an acknowledgment that my letter was received.  I laid my concerns before the city police and government agencies such as the Alberta Human Rights Commission and the Alberta Law Enforcement Board. None investigated the matter. The Alberta Human Rights Commission informed me the matter was beyond their responsibilities as there was no racial discrimination involved. The Alberta Law Enforcement Commission at first “lost” my letter of complaint. After several visits over a period of two months Mr. R. Smith, a commission employee, promised: “I’ll see what I can do.” The next day I got a visit from RCMP Corporal G. A. Forbes.

Forbes began his “investigation” by asking my permission to request m;y medical records–records I was never allowed to see myself. I gave permission and I assume Forbes saw my records. At any rate, he contacted me again and said he intended to investigate further. I never heard from him again. By July and August of 1980 I was more determined than ever to put my revelations before the public. I composed a five page leaflet setting out everything that is included here and distributed 16,000 of them throughout Edmonton. Again I got several responses from people who claimed to have been victimized as I was and am. But there was no reaction from the news media or any official body.  And, of course, I wrote my MP. Again, no response. I came to Ottawa, the nation’s capital, the place where “the buck stops”, in early December of 1980 resolved to spend the little money I have saved in one final attempt to get people to pay attention to this problem. The pamphlet you are reading now will be the last thing I can do. I have kept back only enough money to return to Finland.

Why Does Nobody Speak Out? Why doesn’t anyone listen to, or grow concerned enough over these charges to investigate further? – A large part of the answer lies with how dependent we are on the major news media to shape our view of reality: if we see it on TV, hear it on the radio or read it in the newspaper it happened–if we don’t, it didn’t. Blacking out stories like mine–censoring them in fact–is the first line of defense the authorities take in defending or hiding their unethical and illegal activities. One recent example of how such censorship works comes immediately to mind. On December 30 one Ottawa AM radio station carried news of a program in the U.S. that had carried out the unauthorized sterilization of 70,000 people. The news report went on to say 7,000 of these people lived in the State of Virginia and they had launched a law suit against the government over the matter. One source quoted in the story was the Virginia Civil Rights Association. Although I heard the item in three newscasts that day on that same station, I monitored other Ottawa radio and television stations and the item was never reported. What is more, the daily newspaper in Ottawa did not carry anything about the story. Freedom of the press means the freedom not to print the news the powers don’t want to be printed. This blackout technique has a double effect: first, it allows the authorities to keep victims like myself isolated, out of contact with others who may have experienced the same things; second, if information does become public, like my using the posters and now this pamphlet for example, the person behind the publication is considered to be some kind of singular “kook” or “crazy”, somebody beyond the fringe of “normal” society. A second element playing a large part in cutting off investigation into claims like mine is the deliberately bizarre and frightening nature of it all. Telepathic terrorism with microwaves–none of us wants to believe it can happen.

When some people reacted to my posters and leaflets and called the RCMP to protest, the first tactic the police used was to sympathetically explain I was mentally ill. They advised the callers to just tear up my leaflet and forget about it. (The logical thing for people to then have asked of course, would have been: Why the RCMP didn’t arrange, since they knew of my supposed mental illness, my commitment to a mental hospital? If my story was false, why didn’t the force launch a libel suit against me? Why, instead, did they allow me to remain free and to distribute my information that could do nothing to help their already tarnished image?) Adding to the bizarre and unsettling nature of the whole matter is the fact victims of such experiments don’t usually understand what really happened to them. Often there is memory loss or the shock of such experiences is so severe any intelligent and logical recounting of what has gone on is next to impossible. Again, it becomes far easier to believe the victim is suffering from such an unusual kind of mental disorder, than the effects of surreptitious police activity. All things considered, is it so surprising no one seems to listen or be concerned about these charges? It’s Not As If It Hasn’t Happened Before- Mind control with microwaves administered by the RCMP; devices capable of long distance mood, sleep and heartbeat control; victims that are left paralyzed or mentally dead; voices from outer space or from God–it all sounds so weird, so beyond belief. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. But it’s not as if things like this–like making ordinary, unsuspecting people into unknowing and involuntary “guinea pigs”–it’s not as if it hasn’t happened before.

Early Experiments After World War II – It is now known that Japanese used US soldiers as guinea pigs in bacteriological experiments. After the war US army didn’t sue these Japanese scientists that have experimented with US P.O.W.’s (prisoners of war), because Japan shared with USA all the information they got in these brutal human experiments. So US army sold the rights of their death soldiers for gain their killers got in human experiments that usually put an end to unlucky US soldiers lives. (1) Many of the same Japanese scientists that killed US P.O.W.’s in the time of the second world war worked for US sponsored experiments in early fifties. The victims of this time were Japanese children, prisoners and the mentally sick. Experiments were different bacteriological and frost bite experiments mostly, for example in some experiments victims were forced to tip their limbs into cold water and stay there until their limbs were frozen solid. (2) The US had also bacteriological experiments of their own. The bacteria that could be deadly were sprayed in the subway system of New York and in air of six other towns. The accurate amount of people that died in these experiments is not known. (3) These few examples of US army’s illegal experiments that leaked out likely represent a tiny portion of mountains of experiments that are still secret. Even these experiments leaked out are not usually stated in the textbook of the history of medical ethics so it is not exaggerated to say that the science of medical ethics reveals only a tip of the iceberg of illegal human experimentation.

The CIA and Mind Control Experiments – The CIA started it’s research to control people’s minds in 1949 after the end of the second world war. The early research consisted in the search for the truth-serum and use of hypnosis. Victims of these experiments were often suspected spies or double-agents. One of the chemicals that was seen as a potential truth serum was LSD. After some curious scientists had taken small amounts of LSD themselves they started tests with voluntary prisoners. Prisoners, who volunteered in these experiments were mostly heroin addicts and the pay they got from volunteering was usually some amounts of heroin or other drugs they desired. Besides in prisons, experiments started with voluntary college and university students, mental patients and just ordinary American citizens who were picked up by CIA paid hookers and in special rooms that were equipped by two way mirrors and other bugging devices to monitor how LSD disrupts the behavior of unaware subjects. Often the CIA unwittingly dosed people with LSD and then let the local doctor certify the apparent “insanity” of these people. The LSD prophet Timothy Leary got his first knowledge of LSD by volunteering for CIA’s mind control experiments. John Marks explains in his book “The CIA and Mind Con- trol” how LSD and poisoned mushrooms found their way by CIA’s mind control experiments into the hands of voluntary students and the American counterculture. The files of crimes that were connected to CIA’s mind control projects were nearly all destroyed in 1972 after the Watergate scandal by a decision of two CIA officials, Richard Helms and Sid Gottlieb. The most unaware victims that were poisoned by LSD or other drugs haven’t gotten any compensation for damages. Also the CIA paid criminals who committed the poisonings and other crimes are still free and American police forces are not willing to find them.

Telemetric Brain Manipulation – (4) In 1962 the people at the U.S.-Moscow Embassy found a new kind of microwave transmission. The Soviets were using multiple frequencies and widely fluctuating microwave beams with highly irregular patterns which did not appear to be applicable to the intelligence gathering. The microwave beams being directed at the Embassy were referred to as the Moscow Signal. In the autumn of 1965 the Institute for Defense Analyses convened a special task force to solve the problem. They duplicated some of the Soviet experiments showing that microwaves affected the central nervous system of the test animals. In addition the Advanced Research Projects Agency – a highly secret organization within the Department of Defense – set up a special laboratory where over a number of years experiments were conducted in which Rhesus monkeys were irradiated with microwaves at power densities and frequencies similar to those of the Moscow Signal. The results still remain secret. Similar studies which have been after that have clearly shown that microwaves can exert a profound effect upon the central nervous system and on the behavior of Rhesus monkeys and other primates. (5) Easier than to manipulate people with microwave radiation was to apply electric current directly into specific parts of the human brain. In the sixties scientists were able to control mood, behavior, sleep and many other functions of animals and humans using radio controlled telemetric devices that administered controlled amounts of electric current into specific parts of the brain. Dr. Lawrence Pinneo with his collaborators at the Stanford Research Institute were able to even evoke smooth controlled movements in monkeys by using computer made brain stimulation programs.

The program was written by analyzing natural movements of the monkey. (6) A kind of breakthrough in the area of telemetric brain stimulation was Dr. Jose Delgando’s “Stimoceivers” – small miniature transmitter-receivers that are activated by radio. It has no batteries and can be implanted underneath the skin for a lifetime so that the brain can be stimulated and recorded indefinitely. (7) The modern technology would miniaturize the “Stimoceiver” into one-tenth of the original inch wide device. More powerful devices are made by using rechargeable batteries that are charged by microwaves. Just recently Hitachi Ltd. revealed a new rechargeable battery that is no more thick than half of a human hair. It is very difficult to say how small are the smallest batteries made for secret military and intelligence bugging devices. (8) In 1975 a primitive mind reading machine was tested at the Stanford Research Institute. The machine was a computer which recognizes a limited amount of words by monitoring a person’s silent thoughts. This technique relies upon the discovery that brain wave tracings (EEG) show distinctive patterns that correlate with individual words – whether the words are spoken aloud or merely subvocalized (thought of). (9) On June 22, 1976 the National Enquirer had a story about the Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). “Since 1973 The Advanced Research Projects Agency had been sponsoring a program to develop a machine that could read minds from a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves. A scientist involved in the program had declared that the ultimate goal of his work was to exercise control over the brain.” (10) There were some alarming interests of DARPAs research that the US army tried to ease.

The following passage is from a letter written November 19, 1976 by Robert L. Gilliat, Assistant General Councel for Manpower, Health and Public Affairs for the Department of Defence: “As indicated in my letter of November 12 information which I have received from the Advanced Research Projects Agency is to the effect that the so-called “brain wave” machine which was the subject of the National Enquirer article . . . is not capable of reading brain waves of anyone else than a willing participant in the laboratory efforts to develop that particular device. It’s technical limitations I am told, do not permit any long range use. I have no reason to doubt that information”. (11) Robert L. Gilliant didn’t know anything about Dr. Delgados’ “Stimoceiver” or other similar equipment which make possible long range recording and manipulation of brain electrical activity. Also he didn’t realize that no one can stop his brain activity or brainwave patterns when he is no more a “willing participant.” Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) has not ended the brain research. According to Dr. Craig Fields it is supported on five-years research program to analyze human brainwave patterns in real time. DARPA is involved in efforts to develop a fifth- generation supercomputer. (12) IN the seventies published information in the area of telemetric brain research started to become scare. Dr. Jose Delgado and other scientists who did non-secret brain research started to have difficulties in getting their work funded. The pretext reason was ethical considerations for this type of research. However, in the view of the history of human experimentation in the USA the reason looks odd. More obvious is that US military and intelligence agencies were taking over the research and used their muscle to end all non-secret research.

The same time as the funds ended reports in scientific publications covering telemetric brain research ended. There were seldom reports even covering the telemetric research of animal brains. (13) Transferring the funds from non-secret research into secret had many benefits: A. The potential enemy (USSR) didn’t get any valuable information. B. There were no delays of research because of legal and ethical research standards. As we know in history US army and CIA have been able and are still able to carry out many kinds of illegal and brutal medical experiments even if there are loss of lives. C. Because of secrecy of the research there is no public concern. People don’t worry about things they don’t know. This makes the government able to secretly harness the dark side of this technology to control “troublemakers” like fringe political leaders, objectionable union officials, etc. I believe, that whatever form of electromagnetic manipula- tion is used to control my behavior it could be found out and proved by thorough laboratory research. For me, research is too costly and difficult. For example, a good sweep-receiver costs around 50,000 FMK and it doesn’t reveal Dr. Delgado’s “Stimoceiver” type or other sophisticated bugs. I have gone – with all my evidences – to Finnish Police authorities and asked for sufficient investigation to find out if there are any marks, devices or other proofs of electromagnetic manipulation of my brain. Despite the evidences I had I was unable to get proper investigation from Finnish Police authorities. More obvious reason than simple stupidity is that Finnish authorities as authorities in many other countries, appreciate more good relations with another country than constitutional rights, health or even life of one Finnish citizen. If police don’t investigate crimes of foreign intelligence services they won’t find them. So nothing would cool warm relations between Finland and another country.

Another way police would use this kind of cases is secret investigation in which the victim of the crime don’t get any information. This makes possible all kinds of dark deals between departments of foreign affairs. I have found another person who – besides being a victim of mind-manipulation experiments – has also written a book of her experiences a a human guinea pig. The person is Dorothy Burdick and her book has the name “Such Things Are Known” (1982 Vantage Press, Inc. 516 West 34th St., New Yoirk, NY 100012, USA). Dorothy Burdick’s experiences are very similar to mine and she has also done some research to fin out who manipulates her brain and how the manipulation is done. The fact that two people with no knowledge of each other have exposed in the form of book and pamphlet what happens to them means that there are a group of hundreds or maybe thousands of similar victims of this new manipulation technique. These people do not know each other. They don’t know who is torturing and manipulating them. Usually these people don’t get any help from police other government authorities or any organizations. They are used a experimental animals tortured, manipulated, wounded and possibly killed. (14) Some organizations are fighting against using animals in medical experiments but no organization is fighting against practice of military and intelligence agencies to use innocent non-voluntary civilian as test animals in dangerous and sometimes deadly experiments. It looks rather that all the institutions of society are turned to passively supporting this kind of despotism.

Canadian Government’s Hard of Hearing Technique – I have sent over 40 thousand of these pamphlets to Canada. Most of them I have sent to prominent Canadians, all members of Supreme Court, etc. Also I have sent this pamphlet twice to all members of the Canadain Parliament. One of the members, M. P. Bill Domm has two times asked the head of RCMP, Solicitor General Robert Kaplan to answer accusations I have made. Solicitor General promised to answer, but has eventually delayed answering the matter now over three years. At the same time torture and brain-manipulation of victims has been continuing. This type of delays and silencing one is seldom seen in democratic countries with working parlimentarianism. People responsible for Canadian law-enforcement and Pierre Trudeaus cabinet above them are playing a kind of Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t know and don’t believe game. Adolf Hitler and more recent- ly Argentina’s military junta used similar “hard of hearing” technique to hide their brutalities. My experiences show that there is a microwave manipulation network around the globe. Obviously these installments are made to monitor and manipulate political leaders and other important person, wherever they are. We live in the year 1984 and “Big Brother” is everywhere.

What Has Happened? – In 30, January 1981 M. P. Bill Domm sent a letter to solicitor General Robert Kaplan and asked him to comment upon accusations I had made. In a letter Solicitor General Kaplan promised to find out as well as offer his comments upon my booklet. Apparently Robert Kaplan found out my accusations were true and correct because in spite of his promise he never replied. If the country had a real, working parliamentary system Robert Kaplan would have been forced to make an honest investigation. Canadian parliament did not work this way. It remained silent and asked no uncomfortable questions. At the same time as Canadian parliament is exercising “right to maintain silence” innocent people have been used for human experiments, tortured and probably killed. Behavior like this of the Canadian parliament shows that Canadian democracy exist only on paper. Behind the leading parties’ ideological smokescreen is a set of crude Nazi practices. Leaders of the Canadian parliament are silently backing brutal human experiments, very similar to those done by the Nazis, the only difference being the use of immigrants instead of Jews. My possibilities to get justice from the Canadian legal system are about as great as for a Jew trying to get justice from the Nazi Third Reich courts after SS forces had beaten him and burned his house.

How To Help – If the leaders of Canadian parliament had NOT known the crimes I have explained in my booklet they would have arranged an investigation that had covered also RCMP’s and army’s secret files and saved the reputation of Canadian legal standard. The members of the cabinet try to avoid a whole case. They use police and army authorities as disposable workgloves for their criminal activities. Similarly as Josef Stalin, Richard Nixon and lately Ronald Reagan, they are ready to explain for public that they had been totally unaware of crimes that high police or army officers had organized. If you want to help me, please write to any member of the Canadian Parliament or the Canadian Prime Minister (address: House of Commons, Ottawa). Ask them to use their powers to restore justice for country, and arrange a public investigation for my case. That investigation should cover also army and police secret files. If you get any answer I should be very happy to know what their response is. You Help Me Also If You: A. Distribute this information. Give this pamphlet to someone else after you have read it. Better still, copy it as many times as you can and pass out those copies. Unlike most publications this one may be reproduced, stored or transmitted free so that more people will read this and more people can become aware and act. B. Investigate my charges. Perhaps you have contacts that can uncover more details of those things that have happened when police force had closed their eyes. It was a couple of investigating journalists who arranged me a contact to Robert Naeslud, victim of Swedish brain research who got a listening device removed from his brain by surgery. Unfortunately no large newspaper printed their story. Unlike is told, the free press, democratic society’s “watchdog”, barks only when the owner of the dog asks it to bark. I would be glad of any contact with anyone who has fears they have been similarly victimized or who is just concerned others may have been (My Life Depends On You!).


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    14. The rough estimation of the amount of victims can be made by multiplying the amount of expressions of victims (in this case the book and pamphlet) with approximate probability, that random person in this situation makes this kind of expression. Example: One person of hundred mind control victims is able and willing to write of his experiences and get it published. One of this kind of book is published. Estimate of victims is one hundred. Besides books above, I’d like to mention Alan V. Shellin & Edward M. Option, Jr. “The Mind Manipulators” (London, Paddington Press, 1978).
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