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Remote Control Electronic Brain Punishment? by David James Fratus

December 1, 2012

David James Fratus: October 18, 1988 – I am currently involved in a crisis of a bizarre nature which I’m sure will be of utmost interest, providing you can find credence in what I relate and not summarily dismiss me as being a fantasy-stricken space case. I’m being subjected to some type of remote control electronic brain punishment, in severity nothing less than outright torture, and the technology being utilized to execute this questionable action is not only highly specialized and sophisticated, but causes me to wonder whether knowledgeable authorities are even aware that a device of this nature exists. The credentials I can offer as to the veracity of these allegations are slim and none. I’m standing in a bad light to begin with, as I am a 38 year old inmate serving a 1 to 15 year sentence for 2nd degree burglary at the Utah State Prison, and the information contained within is in regard to my substantial problems with prison officials who would gladly have it believed that my word merits no credibility whatsoever. They have, in fact, gone to extreme lengths to insure that such is the case, and you will presently understand why. I have never been afflicted with psychological disorders of any kind, and am not given to fabricating stories with which to bother busy people or cause unnecessary commotion. I’m a convicted thief, not a liar. It is a difficult story to tell–and though a bit long winded as presented, I feel it important to explain these events in their entirety so as to give the reader a proper picture. Although not well educated, I am reasonably intelligent and able to recount the sequences and details to incidents with a great deal of accuracy, and I swear to you that what is written on these pages is unembellished and 100% true. I ask you to please read and evaluate my letter and hope you will see fit to assist me with any pertinent information you might possess.

Should it prove to be that you cannot offer an explanation as to what is happening here, then I’m afraid there is much more amiss than what I had suspected and would make my position appear most precarious. Eleven months ago I unfortunately ran afoul of prison officials as a result of a minor altercation with other inmates and what was then deemed to be a poor attitude on my part. It has since been a battle of wills, and what they have done to me for my failure kow tow to them is incomprehensible. The hostilities commenced with guards being ordered to launch an intensive campaign of harassments against me. Day after day they tampered with my food, smashing and removing items from my tray, and threatened to poison me with carcinogens and diseases. My mail received similar treatment, I was constantly verbally badgered as well as physically assaulted, and was told my parents would be murdered should I fail to maintain silence. These methods were employed to provoke me into losing my temper and acting out, giving them sufficient cause to impose disciplinary measures and isolate me in the maximum security unit where I could be dealt with without their having to be concerned about witnesses. I have since discovered that these set-up tactics are standard operating procedure at this prison, and believe me, no one could undergo the systematic and intense harassment routine I was subjected to and not lose their temper. Once isolated, some extremely peculiar things began to occur. I became disoriented to the extent that my cell and surrounding area would take on a surrealistic appearance as though I were under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug, and I was plagued by severe headaches and insomnia for weeks at a time.

I had absolutely no inkling of what was happening, and after a couple months of having some fantastically cruel games played with my mind ultimately reducing me to a state of anxiety, the psychiatric squad was called in to play their roles in this colossal “set up” and I was declared to be suffering from a mental illness after undergoing a farcical and cursory interview in duration of no more than 15 minutes. Delusional persecution and paranoia was, I believe, how they so conveniently labeled me. It was obviously a deliberate and prearranged plan, and throughout these actions the staff would make malicious comments as to, “How are you enjoying your headaches?” Need some aspirin?” and “Are you sleeping well, Mr. Fratus?” The use of this fraudulent and adverse psychiatric classification was just one more nail in my coffin, and intended as a means to cast suspicion on my credibility, as well as further enable them to keep me isolated. Now that the frame-up prerequisites were satisfactorily out of the way, they were able to proceed with their campaign of mental terrorism. I began to receive, or hear, high frequency tones in my ears. Like the test pattern on a TV set. The volume or intensity of these frequencies is adjustable and some are so high and piercing that they’ve literally had me climbing the walls. When I plug my ears with cotton or fingertips, the tones are still inside and become amplified. It’s as if they had become electrified echo chambers with the sounds coming from the inside out. When I complained or acted out, I was beaten and thrown into a strip cell with no clothes, mattress, toilet paper or drinking water. Nothing–and the intensity of these frequency transmissions would be crescendoed to maddening levels. Much mental distress! This is still being done to me three shifts, 24 hours a day, and the combination of these demoralizing mental torments and sleep deprivation for weeks on end has exacted a heavy toll on me.

I began to write letters of complaint and question to various medical and legal associations after the first four months. It proved futile to complain to prison and state officials, as they are aware of, and sanctioning this treatment, and did nothing but use my complaints as a vehicle to further ridicule and aggravate me. It required upwards of 50 letters before I finally acquired information which gave me a clue as to just what kind of a predicament I was in. Most people, it seems, are understandably reluctant to offer assistance to a convicted person no matter how serious the situation, and the majority of my letters went unanswered. No telling if these letters were actually mailed, however, as prison officials are notorious for misplacing inmate mail, and these people are definitely trying to hinder my quest for information and support in this matter. I subscribe to “U.S. News and World Report” which recently printed an article concerning the workings of the human mind. I did not receive this particular issue and became suspicious after hearing guards make comments like, “I’ll be damned if I’ll give it to him,” so I had my father, who resides in New Hampshire, mail me the article which contained the names of several brain research scientists and their respective universities. The administration obviously doesn’t want me advising research people of my situation here–and so that is just what I intend to do. Getting back to the letters I had written requesting information, I was fortunate in that the folks at the “Coalition for Prisoners’ Rights Newsletter” located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, were concerned enough by word of my plight to conduct a little research which resulted in their sending me reprints of three articles dealing with: Electromagnetic, and Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation, and Radio Frequency Weapons–which were published by “U.S. News,” “The Nation” and “The Atlantic” back in March 1987.

I received this information September 22, 1988, and thanks to those kind and conscientious people, I now have some idea of how such things are being done to me, and most importantly that such technology does exist. These articles cover most of the mental and physical maladies I’ve been experiencing for the past eleven months, with one major exception, and I’ll hopefully be able to use this information to gain further insight as to what is going on, and to alleviate the hostilities being waged against me. You cannot imagine what it has been like confined to a cell 24 hours a day for almost a rear now, being brain blasted by high frequency impulses–no respite, no place to hide, and having not the lightest notion what was going on. All three of these articles, “U.S. News” in particular, describe dire consequences as a result of over exposure to various radiation and frequency hazards, and I’m now most apprehensive as to how eleven months of constant application, by whichever of these means it is being done, might be affecting my cell chemistry and vital organs. I’m sure you’ll agree that I’ve stumbled headlong into the proverbial hornets nest, but what I have told you thus far is only the lull before the storm and is quite unremarkable in comparison to what comes next. What they proceeded to do to me from approximately the fifth month on is the exception I spoke of–and is so unimaginable and seemingly preposterous that its very ludicrousness is obviously one of their primary defense assets. Even though I have been living with this incredible phenomenon for months on end and have grown somewhat accustomed to what is being done, as well as having resigned myself to the inevitability that I have no escape from this torment as long as they choose to inflict it, I still find great difficulty in believing this can be reality. Getting an outsider to accept my allegations is going to be something else altogether, and that’s just what prison officials are counting on.

For the climax in this series of weird events, I began to hear voices in my ears. Voices that change pitch and timbre in contrast from being a cartoonish high and squeaky, descending through the octaves, including everything from sinister Darth Vadorish to basically normal characteristics. The reception of these voices into my inner ears is as vivid as though I were listening to a set of stereo headphones, and they are able to mix, match, and blend them in conjunction with the frequency tones creating a raucous cacophony of audio discord that disheartens the soul. Now for the clincher. The various effects of this device have been progressively increased throughout this eleven-month onslaught, finally arriving at full potential with the end result being that I am now having my brain monitored by an omnipotent computerized mind reading or scanning machine of some sort. No hoax, no illusion to what I’m experiencing. These people have devised or acquired a specialized unit that reads absolutely everything–physical as well as mental functions, and are able to cause severe impairments and dysfunctions via this remote-control scanning device. I have no memory of having had anything of a physical nature done to me, but it has somehow been contrived to “wire” me up to where they have access to instant, and unerringly accurate comprehension of even my most fragmented and fleeting thoughts. They are attempting radical behavior modification and thought control by means of an incessant, round the clock monitoring of my brain–imposing the various punishments when my thinking or physical actions fail to conform to what they are demanding of me. Interesting concept, isn’t it? “Big Brother” and the “Thought Police” have most assuredly become reality.

This scheme of sleep deprivation, headaches, and audio torments is relentless and being used to break down my resistance and wear me to a mental frazzle, permitting no mental privacy, berating and picking my thoughts apart, and attacking my mind with an insidious tirade of sickening innuendo and threats. They are going into my subconscious, or memory bank, bringing forth unpleasant memories long ago forgotten, and I am being punished for past as well as present indiscretions. I can think of anything from the past–a friend or situation from 30 years ago for instance, and the voices will provide names and particulars. I have repeatedly tested and attempted to trick them on this. No way. They have better access to what’s in my head with this nefarious invention than I do. I can converse with my antagonists merely by thinking what I wish to say…. and I welcome you to the Twilight Zone!! How the hell is this being done?? They are using those frequency impulses to perpetrate some very vicious maltreatment on me. With the apparent ease of manipulating a keyboard, they can, with a flick of the switch, strip me of all energy and motivation to where I’m forced to lie on my bunk and stare at the wall like a-zombie. I’ve been left in this state for weeks at a time–literally chained to my bed without the actual use of physical restraints, having not the energy to walk back and forth in my cell even a few times. For almost the entire eleven months I have continuously been made to feel low down and chronically depressed. The effects of this device have been cancelled on several occasions, instantly returning me to my normal self, only to have the voices laugh and taunt, then reducing me to the former state of despondent misery and confusion after an all too brief reprieve.

The most powerful of these frequency impulses is jokingly referred to as the “Death Ray” by guards, and is so potent it causes an intense physical sensation of having an electrical, or magnetic force field combined with a vibrating tuning fork in my head. Different parts of my brain are targeted by this thing, causing a variety of mental and physical reactions. Sometimes I can feel it at the base of my brain where it joins the spinal cord, other times up in the frontal lobes, and it is in fact comparable to a lobotomy, as it causes my brain to lock up and malfunction to where I cannot concentrate or spell simple words. It actually blurs my eyesight and fouls the air I expel from my lungs, giving it a metallic sulfurish taste and odor. It’s a God-awful feeling, I can tell you. They have, at times, assailed me with this “Death Ray” in bursts ranging from seconds to minutes, causing me to psychologically bounce up and down like a human yo-yo. Lobotomies may have been outlawed in the U.S.A., but they’ve sure found the perfect replacement, and I don’t see how this treatment can possibly be construed as anything other than torture. It is inconceivable to me that the technology of this awesome device can be unique and possessed solely by the State of Utah, but I may very well be wrong. When I first entered the prison in May, 1986, one of the psychologists who conducted my initial classification interview inquired as to whether I had ever heard “voices.” That seems to be the key word around here. This question was posed almost a year before the “U.S. News” and other articles were published, which seems unlikely, as the proficiency of the apparatus I’m dealing with is sophisticated far beyond anything scientists had apparently imagined in use at that time.

I, of course, didn’t attach any significance to the question of voices back then, but remember it well, and have since heard many references made to people hearing “voices” by both inmates and staff, which would indicate that these people were in possession of, and employing this technology at least that far back. This is what prompts me to wonder how they could have had such an innovative piece of equipment in use, operating with apparent perfection of technique, without the scientific and medical community in general being aware of it. Quite a puzzle. In defense of both my sanity and the veracity of my allegations, I now relate part of a conversation I recently had with a prison paid, but supposedly independent and neutral paralegal advisor. He stated that he has received similar complaints from other inmates, but that nothing can be done for lack of evidence. He said that one inmate in particular has been placed on forced medication (Prolixin) because of his hearing “voices,” and unless I’m greatly mistaken, I believe his words carried an unofficial warning for me. At least two inmates that I know of have been badgered to the point of having attempted suicide as a result of this mental torment, and something stinks to the high heavens here! All of the staff, as well as a number of inmates, are aware of what is happening, so I can’t fathom how it can remain, or even at this time, be a kept and closed secret human nature being what it is. For the most part, I believe the other knowledgeable inmates are intimidated and cowed for fear of retaliation in the form of a mental torture routine such as I’m being subjected to should they complain. Threats of additional time being imposed by the Parole Board are also being used to coerce silence. Tough odds to buck.

Prison officials deny that they are perpetrating any such activities in response to formal inquiry but will grin and smugly indicate full awareness when no witnesses are present. “Yes, we are doing this to you, but no one will believe it, and you can do nothing to deter us.” This is the attitude they project, and they are engaging in a conspiracy of inmate experimentation and exploitation that defies description. The outside authorities who even made a pretense of investigating my allegations were told I’m a habitual trouble maker with a history of psychological problems, and that effectively frustrates my attempts to have this situation looked into right there. Who is to dispute the word of my law-abiding and honorable keepers? How to verify and impress upon investigators the honesty of my accusations? What concrete evidence do I have? Even a group of inmates alleging corresponding facts are subject to skepticism as prison officials will simply accuse them of collusion. I’m being deliberately isolated from the inmates who would collaborate my story, by the way–and legal organizations such as the A.C.L.U., due to lack of substantiated proof and the absurdity of this horror show, are hesitant to invest the time and effort necessary to determine what is actually taking place at the hands of these pious Mormon inquisitioners. I’ve seen them in action and they are possessed of exceptional finesse in their ability to conceal the true nature of matters and mislead outsiders with their upright and holier than thou pretentiousness. It has been eleven months of deception by prison officials, of nonstop elaborate harassments and vicious mind games, and I would surely like to know just what provocation I gave to warrant the infliction of such insane mistreatment. No rhyme or reason–nor justification–either legal or moral, to any of this.

They are so very smug and secure in the belief that they cannot be brought to account for these blatantly illegal acts due to their well rehearsed methods of official denial, isolation, and absence of witnesses, bogus psychiatric evaluations, and of course, the fact that this mental torment is being accomplished by a faceless machine, operated by anonymous antagonists from an unknown location and distance. I overheard one guard boast that the tactics they’ve employed have been so extensive that no one would believe me anyway. I was an Air Force brat, born in New Foundland and stubborn as a Missouri mule. I suppose I could capitulate and eventually get these people to cease and desist in this mental warfare, but I vehemently resent and object to this flagrant invasion of the sanctity of my mind and will be damned if I’ll just sit here and allow them to go unchallenged in this attempted programming and manipulation of my brain and personality as though I were an experimental laboratory animal. The judge sentenced me to serve an atonemental amount of time for my crime and said nothing of corporal punishments or mental torment and abuse when he passed judgment. It is plain enough why they went to such extremes to set me up for isolation and discredit my word. I have to shake my head in incredulous dismay when I picture the outrageousness of the circumstances I’ve been maneuvered into. I recently signed a release form and obtained, acting through the paralegal I previously mentioned, partial copies of both my administrative and medical prison files. I was denied access to all of this material and told to get a court order if I wished to see what was withheld. What I did see, however, was enough to convince me that I’m dealing with some highly unscrupulous people who will stop at nothing to protect their conspiracy.

The chronological notes contained in these files bore a contrived and twisted mass of outright lies pertaining to alleged conversations between myself and both psychological and correctional staff. This deceit was expressly woven in harmony by the various contributors to detract from my credibility and make me appear unstable. There was, in fact, mention of obtaining a court order to force treatment on me (Prolixin?), and I find it very sad, and hard to believe, that this type of atrocious inhumanity is being practiced in this country in this day and age. Equally hard to understand is the fact that the state officials I have advised of this situation, including the Governor, Attorney General, State Senate, County Attorney, and Department of Corrections Personnel, all choose to ignore and make light of these allegations, even though there is strong indication of foul play due to the numerous individual complaints made by inmates at this institution. I even went so far as to challenge Warden Gerald Cook, and Gary Deland, who is the Executive Director of the Department of Corrections, to a $1500.00 wager as to the outcome of a polygraph test between myself and prison officials to determine who is speaking the truth. They have declined my invitation, of course, and I was threatened with the possibility of disciplinary action for my proposal of illicit gambling. This is a Mormon state, and there is a deep-rooted conspiracy going on which apparently encompasses most, if not all of the governmental structure. Can nothing be done?

It may very well prove impossible to bring legal action against these people for what they’re doing to me, but I fully intend to continue my pursuit of the answers–and shall endeavor to expose this malignant corruption for what it is. I firmly believe the truth must eventually surface. Any consideration you can give this matter–either assisting me with information, suggesting responsible authorities from whom I might elicit assistance, or possibly forwarding this letter to someone who could cause investigation, and perhaps act to prevent further retaliation by these people, would be ever so greatly appreciated. This letter has been written in good faith, and I sincerely hope you will treat it as such. If nothing else, I ask that you at least accord me the courtesy of acknowledging receipt (Remote Control Electronic Brain Punishment?).

Modern Human Experimentation / Torture – I have been the unwitting subject of a painful and inhumane mind manipulation project for nearly three years now without a clue how to combat it because it is invisible and for the first year, beyond my comprehension. After applying for a security clearance for my job as a LAN administrator for a D.O.D. contractor in California (Titan Research and Technology), I was mentally invaded by unknown to me forces of this government. I have no Idea what the goal of this torture treatment is, it makes no sense at all other than to drive me crazy and lose all faith in my fellow man and our so called Democratic society. What I do know is that it has completely ruined my life, health and career which is an understatement. What I’m about to say will classify me as a schizophrenic paranoid by traditional doctors, which is a perfect cover for the party(s) responsible for my condition. I have no history of mental illness and The maddening part is that apparently only I am at the receiving end with no-one to witness it. I ask that you hear me out with an open mind and take into account my research which proves that what I am claiming has already been exposed to some extent. All of my research started in March 1994 when after a long year of torture I decided I had to search for the truth because the truth was not going to find me. Through a long list of calls I found a person (Cheryl Welsh) that was researching the same thing and sent me a large amount of information on the subject of remote mind control / manipulation technology. This documentation enlightened me and scarred the hell out of me because I was reading it and knowing absolutely the truths it revealed due to personal experience.

My real life nightmare began in mid January 1993 about 6 months after applying for a security clearance for my job at a Defense contractor in Northridge California and less than a month after a major dental procedure by a dentist referred to me by the company (Dr. Pasternak). One day in January 1993 I began hearing voices talking to me in my mind (although I was not aware where they originated from at first) and a high pitched tone in my ears like a very high frequency radio wave that pulses. I cannot remember the exact date and time because it was the most traumatic experience I’ve had in my life, and my concern was not to document times and dates at the moment. The voices were at a high enough volume to sound like it were a person in the room with me. At first I believed someone had tampered with my stereo equipment or put speakers in my walls. This was proven false when I went for a walk to escape and I continued to hear the voices. I proved this by plugging my ears, the sound comes from the center of my head. Learning this took me from fright to near psychosis because of their constant attack and my mind not accepting an unacceptable truth. I still played with the idea that the sounds were external to me because the truth was unacceptable to my belief system at the time.

What I have gone through cannot be put into words well. I feel that someone reading this could not perceive the maddening anguish of realizing with concrete evidence that his/her mind was no longer their own and subject to torment by unseen criminals at their whim with no way to protect oneself and no legal recourse against “them”. It might be easier for a religious person to handle, He could blame it on evil spirits or something and have hope that his god will save him and if it did stop, he would be no more the wiser. Being a realist to my demise I know that I am dealing with human corruption and as history shows I may have a long time until justice is served (after 50 years we are finally hearing about how our government used unwitting human guinea pigs for radiation experimentation, will I have to wait until 2043 for someone to expose remote mind (nervous system) access technology on unwilling victims?).

I have been mentally tortured for so long now that it is like life as normal (over 950 days of constant verbal and other attack). My mind had to adapt to the fact that it was no longer alone? It’s not like having company over, it’s like having a rabid dog loose and your trapped in a room with no doors, you retreat to the corner and try to block yourself from being bitten but your defenseless. You can plead for him to stop tearing you to pieces but animals don’t bargain. You can pass out but when you awake he’s there snarling at you waiting for you to wake up completely so he can continue the attack. I have been driven to the brink of suicide so many times that it is just an amusing thought now. I have cried for mercy to deaf ears so long that there isn’t a tear left in my body, just the stare of a dead spirit. I had no-one to turn to because I knew that what I would say would sound insane. My only hope was that this was some sick joke and it would end soon and someone would exp lain why they did it and how. I had no such luck and it continues to this day with varying levels of severity.

As the days/weeks/months/years went by at an accelerated rate due to the traumatic stress, I did seek an answer by getting an x-ray of my head (I suspected some kind of device had been implanted in me because I had been to a dentist for an extraction just prior to the invasion). Also the night prior I was driving back from Van Nuys (being severely tortured by the voices) when I stopped for a light, I looked at the car next to me and the man had his head tilted up and was pointing to a spot in his neck which latter turned out to be the exact location of the object, who this was I’ll never know. I got the x-ray from a general practice doctor claiming that I felt pain in my throat and wanted to see if everything was OK. The x-ray showed a small metal object below my jaw directly under where my tooth was extracted. I asked the doctor if it could have accidentally fallen there due to the procedure, he replied that it was nearly impossible because it was located below the jaw in the soft tissue of my neck and it would require drilling through the jaw bone. I then spilled the beans and told him the truth, thinking stupidly that he would understand and be on my side with the evidence we just found. I asked him to refer me to someone who could remove it and I made an appointment for an ear/nose/throat doctor (the first ear/nose/ throat I have seen), but the GP strongly suggested that I see a psychiatrist first. I assured him that I knew the correct course of action to solve my problem. I went to the ENT doctor and he gave me a bullshit examination then he asked what I wanted. I said that I wanted the metal object that showed on the x-rays removed. He said that it was like searching for a needle in a haystack and that it should not be removed. I protested and said I would sign a waver. He said that he wouldn’t do it without a clearance from a psychiatrist (obviously the two doctors had spoke).

I went to a psychiatrist and told him my situation, he responded as expected, he told me that I was suffering from a mental illness and could offer me his costly time and drugs but wouldn’t sign anything related to removal of my foreign object. I went to another ear/nose/throat doctor and got more x-rays showing the same thing, but this time I didn’t mention anything about my situation and stuck to the story about pain in my throat. He sent me to get a cat scan, I did so and his final judgment was “it would be like searching for a needle in a haystack” and didn’t want to do it. Since then I moved to Washington and changed jobs (tying to escape). I have been to two more doctors and got the same results.

The voices started mildly like they were announcing their presence (on a Friday I think). They spoke to me like they were friends but would evade all questions as to who they were and how they were doing it. This was maddening, but at the time I couldn’t imagine it lasting more than a few days as some kind of sick joke. Monday came after a weekend that could fill a book (they played up every fear I could come up with to explain their existence, like a torture chamber where your worst nightmares come true). At this time I was speaking to them verbally as I expected they were talking to me by some means (maybe having everywhere I go bugged and speakered. Which was much more acceptable to my mind than the fact that my own mind was bugged). One day a couple of weeks into my forced nightmare I decided to stay at a motel of my choice and escape them, so I thought/hoped. I drove around watching bypassers and knowing I couldn’t escape. One memorable person driving a jeep looked directly at me intensely then turned his head to the side of the road, then turned his head back at me with a weird expression like he was saying “keep fighting and we will turn our heads to your suffering”. Weren’t they already doing this? (I don’t know if these people are accomplices to the crime or dupes or ?) I ended up at my grandma’s, mom’s, uncles place and asked to stay the night. I did and somewhat explained my situation to my uncle (comfortably reading a book). He acted like “wow, that’s interesting, but I couldn’t help you” (Since then I have written off my family as dupes. It was hard to do this but it was proven to me by logic. (Many comments were made that had to have knowledge but denied it), But there is the possibility that my controllers fed thier comments that led me to issolation, But thats leading to wider conspiracy that i’m not ready to deal with, More likely they were fed lies that they gladly gobbled down.).

About this time a girl drove by and screamed something from the street (a girl in her car at the post office looked at me and put her fingers to her head then drew them away into space apparently saying “Your thoughts are being heard” no shit, why won’t you really talk to me? I tried to sleep on the floor with a cat howling below me and voices screaming from above me. Sleep obviously didn’t work so I sat by the back door and smoked. It was at this time that I discovered or they revealed that I did not have to speak to be heard by “them”. I started conversing with “them” (“What do you want”) by mental verbalization (meaning, thinking in words). This opened a bigger door to madness. I constantly thought about a way out while being ridiculed about my mental attempt. You could not imagine the frustration in your wildest nightmare. I went to work a mental mess and tried to survive the day because I still had a worthless common sense that I had to work to survive This went on day after day with non-stop attack from the chanting idiotic voices (My tax dollars at work). The most notable effect on my life was that they turned me into an alcoholic to cope with the psychological pain and to get to sleep (they did not stop when I decided I should sleep, nor did they stop while I was sleeping for that matter). They woke me up at two hour intervals making real sleep impossible. This sleep depravation left me in a zombie like state and less able to handle their audio attacks. Also I had lost all faith in people and government because of the obvious signs that my situation was known to some extent or some lie. A notable fact is that my abuse started just after Bush left office and just after the plastic man entered,

This made the whole thing that much more sickening and unbearable yet I had to, there was no escape. After a few weeks they became violent, meaning “they” didn’t pretend they were my friends and used the pitch and volume of their usually synthesized voices as a weapon. I woke up to a screeching psychopathic woman’s voice uttering high pitched nonsense. Background noise severely worsens the effects of their electronic/verbal attack, for instance being near machinery that whines or hums makes their voices unbearable. On the other hand being in complete silence is just as bad because the voices have a sickening electronic sound that you are completely aware is coming from between your ears. Basically every waking moment is a painful thing that is to be coped with in one way or another, it is an amazing thing what the human mind can deal with without collapsing (completely). During the most violent period the voices were synthesized to sound like “monsters” low and ultra high pitched that made my ear drums pulse. What they said was either painful nonsense (repetition of words or sentences (“I’m in your mind, I’m in your mind, I’m in your mind, A synthesized male voice that went in circles like a tape in an endless loop). The goal seemed to be to weaken me mentally, which worked but also drove me into furious rage with no one to confront. Can you imagine how maddening it is to be mentally tortured with no way to fight back? Its like being on a chain, inches out of reach of your tormentor that is whipping you and laughing about it with sickening confidence that he won’t be caught.

During this period (about April 1993) my brother came to visit from Nebraska. He stayed at my house the first week and I took that week off from work. I had a gravely mistaken hope that my tormentors might give me a break during his visit (they give me just enough mercy to keep me alive). We planned to go for a long drive to Santa Cruz, Ca and stay a couple of nights. The night before we left I had it in with my head people. I demanded them to stop in the name of whatever I could think of. Of course they said “Fuck you,” live with it (by not stopping their painful jabber). I was so frustrated I tried to crush my ear drums to stop them, it hurt but they didn’t stop. One memorable female voice (not synthesized) said “I not going to let you ruin this”, sounding like I was the one being unreasonable? This continued most of the night and I didn’t get much sleep. They got me back though. It’s fitting that they can inflict vengeance on me for not gladly accepting my new found fame as a mental tormentee, while I the abused get laughed at for every attempt I make to expose them. After about 2 hours of sleep I got woken up by the day shift lady (a screaming bitch). She gave me a wakeup call that I think I’ll remember several lives from now. It was a screeching high pitched synthesized female demon’s voice coming from above me in a tone that descended like falling into a bottomless pit. The devil would have been proud of her if one existed, sorry folks, we’ve just got people to deal with, GOD save us…

I got up and drove into Pasadena to find a map (what I really had in mind was to drive into a wall at 90 MPH. I drove fast but couldn’t turn the wheel into a wall). I found a map, plotted our drive and woke up my brother to go. I had a hopeful thought that maybe I could drive out of range of my tormentors radio broadcast (not thinking about satellites at this time). I asked him to drive and we left. What followed was the worst 2 days of my entire three years as Mr. Bill (you know, the clay guy on Saturday night live that got squashed, decapitated, etc. And you all laughed). During the entire drive I was severely tormented with high volume voices spouting nonsense and playing with my fears. At this point I was tiered of fighting (no sleep and hope for a vacation) I just laid back in my seat and dealt with it. After awhile we were at a place that my brother wanted to stop at to take pictures. There was a old church in town that we went into, I sat down and prayed for someone to ake the assholes leave my mind. Of course it did not work, in fact they said “we thought you’d try that”. We continued to Santa Cruz and my head got more swollen with abuse. We arrived at about 7:00pm and looked for a motel. As we arrived the voices said something like “you have to have a good time tonight” like they were commanding me to do so after 24 hours of sheer terror. I wanted to but didn’t see it as possible with people in my head so to speak. After renting a room we went into town (a college town) stopped at a couple of pub’s and went back to the motel. I didn’t get much sleep due to the voices and woke up a mess (48 hours with about 4 hours sleep). I woke up or was woke up first again and went out driving (maybe find someone to help me, ha). At a 7-11 I flirted with the girl working there (I felt a woman would help my situation somehow). As I walked to my car I noticed a guy sitting in his car in a daze. I had a feeling I should talk to him like he was another victim, but I didn’t.

I went back to the motel and woke up my brother and asked if he wanted to go for breakfast. We went and I forced down some food. As we left I walked out first, there was a lady with a superior smirk on her face standing there. She said “had enough yet” without greeting me. So I have proof that not only am I being tormented to the brink of suicide but average dipshits on the street are aware of it to some extent and think it’s amusing to harass me with their comments. We drove around town and I was a complete basket case. We drove by the beach and a girl standing on the sidewalk yelled at us “hey, those people are real you know”. At this point I had enough and went back to the room. I told my brother I wasn’t well and to go see the sights. He did and got my brains blown out by the voices. At this time there were many different voices and most of them synthesized to sound un-natural. 3 or 4 were their best attempt at monsters. One in particular, a low grumbling synthetic voice was very disturbing, and they knew it and used it often. Then there was the screaming she-bitch from hell, a ultra high pitched woman’s voice that snapped out commands with authority (as described 48 hours ago). There was no trying to ignore them as I try to do now (12/95). These voices were physically painful to the ears/head. About two hours into this I retreated to the restroom to try and find a razor to end it. I didn’t find one. My Brother came back and I told him what was going on. He sounded sympathetic but with no knowledge to offer. I suffered all night and finally drove to the store late to get out of there for a minute. A car with kids in it was parked there, one of them said “he’s going to get it tonight”. I did, I laid in bed all night while they gave me what they called the monster review. Sounds real stupid but it was horrible and painful. I was/am a man fighting for his own mind and being tortured relentlessly.

At this point I was in such a state of sleeplessness, frustration and torment that I considered myself dead already. They lead an allnight routine between my ears with Ms. High pitch as narrator. She wailed out that it was over now but I had to get the review treatment. This consisted of hearing all the most horrible voices they had used on me and after each one the she-devil would claim that that voice would be gone as long as I didn’t think about it (remember it). If I did it would return. In the morning I woke up my brother and told him we should leave and he should drive, please. We left and I laid in my seat with my eyes closed hearing them chant something over and over and over. As time went by it seemed to get lesser and lesser in volume leading me to believe it really was over. We stopped at a denny’s near the end of the trip and I saw an older man sitting in his car and looking at me. I walked over to him and said “What’s going on”. He said “Well its kind of like having a bees hive in your ear and it will last for a long time.” I didn’t know what to say so I went back to my brother and forced down some more food. Of course it didn’t end and was back up to full severity the next day.

This “treatment” continued through Jan, FEB, March and April of 1993 which flew by but seems like an eternity like a never ending nightmare,. One of the memorable things “they” chanted at this time was the names of my girl friends over and over like I was supposed to be with one of them (at least this was what I deducted in my tortured mind). I invited one over and she spent the night. They laid off me that night and I got a real nights sleep. So like a tortured animal I deducted that being with her is what they wanted. My reasoning didn’t go very far at that time, there was either severe pain or little pain, little pain was the right road instinctively. I was/am in a cage without bars being played with and tormented and my only real thought left was how to get out. I asked her to move in not revealing the selfish reason I had. She said she wanted to get married and I was in no position to object. We did and of course they didn’t leave me alone, but at least I had a caring person to talk to. Soon after, their attack was up to the level when I was alone, which drove me into rage that I often took out on her verbally (never physically because that is not possible for me) which ruined our marriage that should have never been by 12/93.

Voices are not the extent of my torture, In the second year of my electronic harassment I have been electrically shocked, had involuntary limb movement (the mussels in my left arm convulse), and very painful pressure in my head, not like a headache but a feeling like your head is about to explode. As well as a tickling sensation in my ears, usually while trying to fall asleep or at key moments. Their techniques and timing are not known to me, the pressure in my head was almost always while driving (seeming to be at key moments) and the shocks were usually while trying to relax or sleep or while thinking about their presence, they like me to ignore them and punish me when I don’t. A normal day for me consists of waking up to their presence (not giving me more than a second before they remind me I’m mentally fucked). This starts with slow chanting of bullshit with no meaning. By the time I get in the shower (a dreaded place because the sound of the water amplifies their voices in a sickening way) my mind still half asleep sometimes mimics them causing me to mumble what they are saying. Now it is less severe in the morning, unlike the morning terror they put me through the first year, making me think some kind of restraints have been put on them, or maybe they just don’t want me to die of a heart attack just yet (last time tested 160 over 120). I drive to work and they torment my mind more and more as the day progresses. When I am alone I am more susceptible to mumbling their bullshit uncontrollably, sometimes heard by others which probably makes them think I’m nuts. It gets worse after work when I try to relax they speak more rapidly sometimes driving me into a frenzy.

Often while diverting my attention watching TV or something I will say a complete or partial sentence that obviously didn’t originate from me telling me that they can manipulate the speech related part of my brain (I say something that is another person talking to me, using my mouth, you couldn’t comprehend this (yes I’m crazy, that’s easier to believe)). I lay in bed for an hour or two or three depending on the severity, fall asleep (which is the hardest task of the day, you have to somehow forget that your mind has been invaded, ignore the rambling voices and relax enough to fall asleep), have several nightmares, wake up and do it again. What kind of sick twisted fucks would even think it would be amusing to do this to someone and who would follow them? Let alone the suffering I have gone through with the above conditions, I am “Paranoid” about the possibilities of permanent damage that has been done to my brain and body by concentrated electromagnetic waves (or ?) on my person. I worry that my unknown amount of years in direct exposure to these frequencies may have caused physical as well as mental damage.

My motive in writing this is to hopefully expose my tormentors and gain my freedom which I was supposedly born with. I wish to live the rest of my life in freedom of mind which the lack of is probably beyond “your” comprehension. Also I want to end “their rein” by whatever means necessary to prevent others from a fate worse than death! I know allot of the above sounds completely paranoid (you would have to be there). In fact this is the barest glimpse into my life for the last two and a half years. Some things I felt would not be at all believable so I left them out. I swear to whatever god you believe in that I am telling the truth here. I don’t believe in a god. I believe in common sense (you would have to be there). This is a plea for help from a tortured man. If anyone can help me find the answer to my suffering by information on those responsible or any means to evade their attack (everything I have tried has failed), I don’t know very much about electronics or radio waves but I know that this can be blocked and someone knows how to do it. Also I need to find A way to prove my claim, meaning I need to record their voice assault. I feel a pulsing in my ears when they speak. I need to find a way to record this. Please contact me. I need a doctor not afraid to remove the object in my neck, Can send copies of x-rays.

Memorable statements by “them”
“Find some help for your mind…While we fuck it up.”
“There’s a wire in your retina”
“The truth is unbelievable, I’m a stooge myself.”
“Do your homework”
“It’s not what you think David”
“Your a bastard”
“Be a man”
“Fuck you David”
“The government lied David”
“Your mind is mine David”
“I maimed you David”

Definitions: “Them” – Something that I learned early in life to mean “Blaming an unknown it, in ignorance of facts”. But now I find “them” to be fitting in my situation.
dupe (d¡p, dy¡p) – noun (1) An easily deceived person. (2) A person who functions as the tool of another person or power.
Lieing sack of shit – self explanitory


    Such Things Are Known by Dorthy Burdick Copyright 1982 – Excerpts: Page 106. “In a footnote I first read of a machine that could read minds from a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves; that actually was going on at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, funded by the Advanced Research Project Agency of the Defense Department in the spring of 1973.” Page 140: “Attempts have been made to present human experiments in a favorable light.” Page 134: “Since 1973, the Advanced Research Project Agency of the Defense Department has utilized the combined efforts of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, New York University, the University of California at Los Angeles and the National Aeronautics and Space Administrations’ Ames Research Center at Moffett Field in California to read minds from a distance by deciphering the brain’s magnetic waves. The Pentagon denied the project was secret although a reporter was ousted from a meeting on the subject by someone identified as a member of the CIA”
    Mind Control and Mental Telepathy by Patrick A. Warden 1993 – Excerpt: “The human mind emits electromagnetic waves, known to biofeedback researchers as alpha, beta and delta waves. These fall into the frequency range of from about 10 to 15 Hz.”
    Prevailing Winds Research by Martin Cannon – Excerpts: “Substantial evidence exists linking members of this country’s intelligence community (including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence) with the esoteric technology of MIND CONTROL. For decades, “spy-chiatrists” working behind the scenes on college campuses, in CIA-sponsored institutes, and (most heinously) in prisons have experimented with the erasure of memory, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post hypnotic suggestion, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-ionizing radiation, microwave induction of intracerebral “voices”, and a host of even more disturbing technologies. Some of the projects exploring these areas were ARTICHOKE, BLUEBIRD, PANDORA, MKSEARCH and the infamous MKULTRA….As CIA veteran Miles Copeland once admitted to a reporter, “The congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing got only the barest glimpse.”
    U.S., Russia Hope To Safeguard Mind-Control Techniques, Defense News January 11-17, 1993 P 29 – Excerpt: “The Russian authors note that “World opinion is not ready for dealing appropriately with the problems coming from the possibility of direct access to the human mind.” Therefore, the Russian authors have proposed a bilateral Center for Psycho-technologies where U.S. and Russian authorities could monitor and restrict the emerging capabilities.”


EYE Fall 1993 – Excerpts: Dr. Carl Sanders is especially concerned about the Big Brother implications of the microchip. Sanders is an electronics engineer, inventor, author and consultant to various government organizations, as well as IBM, General Electronic, Honeywell and Teledyne. He also has extensive background in designing surveillance equipment for the CIA, FBI and the customs Department in Atlanta, Ga. Although he worked on designing the microchip years ago, he is now concerned that it will be misused. On a tape he produced to explain his views on the microchip, Sanders says: “Thirty-two years of my life was spent in design engineering with a Ph.D. in engineering, and electronic-designing microchips in the Bio-Med field. Working on the microchip, we had no idea about it ever being an identification chip. We looked at it as being a very humanitarian thing to do.” The chip Sanders worked on was only used in medical applications at first. Sanders explains that as the chip began to evolve, there came a time in the project when the team of people out of Motorola, General Electric, and the Boston Medical Center said that the financial return on by-passing severed spines was not extremely lucrative. “We noticed that the frequency of the chip had a great effect upon behavior modification.. the project almost turned into electronic acupuncture because what they ended up with was embedding a microchip to put out a signal which affected certain areas. They were able to determine that you could cause a behavioral change.” He says that microchips can be used for migraine headaches, behavior modification, uppers or downers, and sexual stimulants or depressants.

Sanders feels that this chip may eventually be used for life-long identification, possibly against people’s will. This could be done through the “Immigration Control Act of 1986.” Section 100 gives President Clinton the authority to implant whatever type of identification is necessary to control the population. Sanders fears that a SmartCard, invisible tattoo, or electronic microchip under the skin may be used to enforce immigration laws. Currently there are several measures pending before Congress calling for a social security card for immigrant identification with a photo, fingerprint digitization, or bar code. When viewing microchip technology as a whole, it is interesting to note the profluence of acronyms and shortened phrases associated with it — such as AVID and KIDSCAN. It is reminiscent of what George Orwell, in his book 1984, referred to as “Newspeak” — modified terms concealing their true meaning. The name KIDSCAN seems especially misleading since it psychologically conjures up the positive idea of “kids can” while fogging the realistic image of a toddler being injected with a foreign implant. The New World Order and the implantable microchip. It may be many years before the public is faced with undergoing a microchip injection, but if they are the chip will likely be publicized with a list of miracles attached to it. Whatever the microchip may be capable of doing, there are several factors to keep in mind: a microchip can link a person to a computer where personal data can be revealed; a microchip implantation is usually completely irreversible; and it is possible for an individual’s location to be known continually if a microchip is tracked with the satellite system.

Spy Government by Omar V. Garrison, New York 1967 – Excerpts: In the totally controlled society of George Orwell’s nightmarish novel ‘1984’ the individual had one retreat that Big Brother could not penetrate: “Nothing was your own except a few cubic centimeters inside your skull.” But in America today, even those “few centimeters” of cranial refuge are under siege. With the support and participation of the federal and state governments, a multitude of subliminal snoopers calling themselves behavioral scientists are assaulting the national psyche. Their instruments include: Brain manipulation procedures that seek to control human behavior by such means as drugs, chemicals and tiny electrodes implanted in the brain *(and teeth). Some of these secret research projects are being carried out by the U.S. military services. The over-all program, still in its infancy, is already so widespread and so alarming in its possibilities that it has inspired growing public debate, and has touched off a full-scale investigation by Congress. The legion of psycho-spies who are prying into people’s minds now holds dominant positions in schools, hospitals, armed services, police courts, the U.S. Civil Service Commission, the Peace Corps, U.S. Office of Education, about one-half of the nation’s major corporations and a constellation of federal agencies, most of which have nothing to do with security. The American people have never been consulted about the claims of the behavior pundits that they are entitled to subject everyone to a mental third degree in the name of science. Yet the lives of many citizens in this country-job, schooling, marriage, reputation are already being charted by their secret reports. Thousands of unwary school children have been subjected to the same unsettling intrusion into their emotional lives, under research projects financed by the U.S. Office of Education and, although the massive testing program was paid for with tax money, parental consent was neither sought nor given. (* “and teeth” are the editor’s emphasis).

Victims of Electronic Assault Working to Ban Sound Wave Technology
PO BOX 67174, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44222 Spring 1991

The enclosed information relates to ongoing behavioral research. It is conducted without the knowledge or consent of the targeted individual. Various governments around the world today are engaged in the manipulation and control of electromagnetic fields emanating from living beings. This is accomplished via a long-distance radar type transmission. Concerning human beings, a brain-jar technique is employed to engage the frequency following response of brain wave patterns. A constant barrage of sounds and time-reversed waves are then linked into the biomagnetic aspects of the targeted individual. This tactic forces the nucleus to give up information as to its contents. It forces an individual to give up the contents of their actions: their thoughts. The focus of our group is to gain the release of all citizens being victimized by the U.S. electromagnetic arsenal. The weaponry used is classified. The affects of the weaponry are classified. The action is camouflaged by the Pentagon’s duplicity of national security. The technology is undetectable. This is possible through advances in physics: virtual state technology. Simply put, the transmission occurs in hyper space, a mode unassescible to common science or medicine.

Four years ago I was informed by three different sources, two doctors and a party loosely associated with an international human rights organization, that the device is used for torture. It drives people crazy and it elicits forced confessions. Among a long list of other things, I was also told nobody wants to talk about it, and that the medical community would be the last to cooperate in an investigation. I have found these, and other statements, to be true. The victims are forced to function under extreme neurological stress, most of them not even aware that their own brain has been cut by the government’s sound wave weapons. The doctors responsible are paid well and undoubtedly promised a secure and private future by men such as George bush. As a society, we need open information on this technology. We need to hear voices that stand out from the cumulative corruption that is inherent in this crime.

ENCLOSURES: History – behavioral research has been of utmost interest to the U.S. Intelligence since the 1940’s. The focus gradually shifted from biological experimentation to radio and microwaves. Program Names – various programs have surfaced concerning control of the individual via radio waves. It is possible for a targeted individual to register SOUNDS, THOUGHTS, and WORDS via focused radio/microwaves. Chapters not included: The Brain – control of the limbic system and endocrine systems; Entrainment – cueing the brains rhythms; Mind – Wire System – symptoms of the attack; Injection of Human Beings – large scale entrainment; Solutions – assescible laws and the politics of science.

Cellular Disruptions – EMF’s (Electromagnetic Fields) cause the following interrelated cellular changes and disruptions: (1) The ability to take in, use and release vital minerals (ex:sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and nickel); (2) RNA production increases – sometimes by a factor of 10 or more. Cell growth and function become confused and disorganized; (3) Mutations and cancers; (4) carbohydrates-energy and nucleic acid metabolism particularly in the nerve, heart and skeletal muscle tissue; (5) Interactions with transient free radicals; (6) Diffusion across cell membranes; (7) Vital bond angles affecting fits between enzymes and substrates; (8) Rotational polarization of molecules with specific reactive sites; (9) Rate of quantum proton tunneling in DNA, affecting genetic code; (10) Segration of paramagnetic and diamagnetic substances in gradient magnetic fields; (11) Induced electrical inter – and intra- cellular currents.

We are victims of government sanctioned experimental neuroscience. Included because many of the below techniques have been used on me. Showing the corrupt roots of this technology.

CIA Memorandum For The Honorable J. Edgar Hoover, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation Subject: Brainwashing, 25 April 1956 – The attached study on brainwashing was prepared by my staff in response to the increasing acute interest in the subject throughout the intelligence and security components of the Government. I feel you will find it well worth your personal attention. It represents the thinking of leading psy-chologists, psychiatrists and intelligence specialists, based in turn on interviews with many individuals who have had personal experience with Communist brainwashing, and on extensive research and testing. While individuals specialists hold divergent views on various aspects of this most complex subject, I believe the study reflects a synthesis of majority expert opinion. I will, of course, appreciate any comments on it that you or your staff may have. (signed) Allen W. Dulles, Director. Enclosure – (OA 53-37) The report that follows is a condensation of a study by training experts of the important classified and unclassified information available on this subject.

Background: Brainwashing, as a technique, has been used for centuries and is no mystery to psychologists. In this sense, brainwashing means involuntary re-education of basic beliefs and values. All people are being re-educated continually. New information changes one’s beliefs. Everyone has experienced to some degree the conflict that ensues when new information is not consistent with prior belief. The experience of the brainwashed individual differs in that the inconsistent information is forced upon the individual under controlled conditions after the possibility of critical judgment has been removed by a variety of methods. There is no question that an individual can be broken psychologically by captors with knowledge and willingness to persist in techniques aimed at deliberately destroying the integration of a personality. Although it is probable that everyone reduced to such a confused, disoriented state will respond to the introduction of new beliefs, this cannot be stated dogmatically.

Principles of Human Control and Reaction to Control – There are progressive steps in exercising control over an individual and changing his behavior and personality integration. The following five steps are typical of behavior changes in any controlled individual: (1). Making the individual aware of control is the first stage in changing his behavior. A small child is made aware of the physical and psychological control of his parents and quickly recognizes that an overwhelming force must be reckoned with. So, a controlled adult comes to recognize the overwhelming powers of the state and the impersonal, “incarcerative” machinery in which he is enmeshed. The individual recognizes that definite limits have been put upon the ways he can respond (Approved for Release – 62-80750-2712X, Date: 8 FEB 1984, OA 53-37). (2). Realization of his complete dependence upon the controlling system is a major factor in the controlling of his behavior.The controlled adult is forced to accept the fact that food, tobacco, praise, and the only social contact that he will get come from the very interrogator who exercises control over him. (3). The awareness of control and recognition of dependence result in causing internal conflict and breakdown of previous patterns of behavior. Although this transition can be relatively mild in the case of a child, it is almost invariably severe for the adult undergoing brainwashing. Only an individual who holds his values lightly can change them easily. Since the brainwasher-interrogators aim to have the individuals undergo profound emotional change, they force their victims to seek out painfully what is desired by the controlling individual. During this period the victim is likely to have a mental breakdown characterized by delusions and hallucinations.

(4). Discovery that there is an acceptable solution to his problem is the first stage of reducing the individual’s conflict. It is characteristically reported by victims of brainwashing that this discovery led to an overwhelming feeling of relief that the horror of internal conflict would cease and that perhaps they would not, after all, be driven insane. It is at this point that they are prepared to make major changes in their value-system. This is an automatic rather than voluntary choice. They have lost their ability to be critical. (5). Reintegration of values and identification with the controlling system is the final stage in changing the behavior of the controlled individual. A child who has learned a new, socially desirable behavior demonstrates its importance by attempting to adapt the new behavior to a variety of other situations. Similar states in the brainwashed adult are (SECTION DELETED BY CIA, 2 – OA 53-37).

Remote Mind Control Technology by Anna Keeler – Excerpts: Scientist Allen Frey of Randomline Inc. Was always more interested in low intensity microwave hazards: thermal effects were known. During Project Pandora, the Navy funded such projects of his, as how to use low average power intensities, to: induce heart seizures; create leaks in the blood brain barrier, which would allow neurotoxins in the blood to cross and cause neurological damage or behavioral disorders; and how to produce auditory hallucinations or microwave hearing, during which the person can hear tones that seem to be coming from within the head or directly behind it. Dr. R.O. Becker, twice nominated for the Nobel prize for his health work in bio-electromagnetism, was more explicit in his concern over illicit government activity. He wrote of “obvious applications in covert operations designed to drive a target crazy with “voices.” What is frightening is that words, transmitted via low density microwaves or radio frequencies, or by other covert methods, might be used to create influence.

My Conclusions: – I have no idea as to the extent of the knowledge and or acceptance of the extremes of my situation, It makes me sick to think about it. Regardless of me personally, I ask you to consider the information presented here. Maybe I am one of the few that knows it is absolute fact from personal experience, but I also know how hard it is to convince an unknowing person of an unbelievable fact. Especially when faced with misinformation. This technology is real, and we have allot to worry about and allot to do to correct it. With this technology it is possible for unknowing citizens to be subjected to laboratory rat like experimentation, as in my case. But more importantly it can be used to ultimately control civilization, by mental eavesdropping or manipulation for political, business, or other reasons. What it boils down to is the complete loss of human rights and privacy. George Orwell had a pretty good vision of the future in “1984”. He was lacking in the technology, but right on about Big Brother. If a small voice speaks out about corruption it is stamped out or made a fool of. Even more horrifying than telescreens, is direct access to the human mind by a race of people that are still producing nuclear weapons and lying about crimes a half century old. Please don’t let it continue! (Dave Bader)

Black Sabbath – Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

You see right through their dirty lies
You know you have to learn, the execution of your mind, you really have to turn
The race is run, The book is read, The end begins to show
The truth is out, The lies are old, But you don’t want to know

Nobody will ever let you know, When you ask the reasons why
They just tell you that your on your own, Fill your head all full of lies

The people that have crippled you, You want to see them burn
The gates of life have closed on you, And there’s just no return
They take your mind away, And you don’t care if you don’t see
Again the light of day

Where did you run to, What more can you do
No more tomorrow, Life is killing you
Dreams turn to nightmares, Heaven turns to hell
Burnt out confusion, Nothing more to tell

Everything around you, What’s it coming to
Good knows as your god knows, God blast all of you
Living just for dying, Dying just for you

You Bastards!

Source: Modern Human Experimentation / Torture

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