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Common Links on Mind Control

September 23, 2013

Common Links

  • Real observer will notice a frequent increase in subliminal messages, Low Frequency radiation and chem trails to targeted individuals/communities who are going to be experimented
  • An emergency re-enactment drill will be conducted on specific location possibly in the actual targeted location causing confusing scenarios to the actual citizens this while real events like mass shootings/demolitions are being staged
  • The Murder of a target or Mass killings are being done
  • Involved shooter is always perceived with some sort of mental disorder
  • The other most common preliminary propaganda are news coverage insinuating that the event was “terrorism”
  • The media has limited its coverage by omitting obvious conflicting facts of each cases
  • Authorities with the help of the media emphasized it’s investigation by providing information about the most vulnerable victims normally the dead children
  • At the same time, grieving families will turned into activists to advocate for the a particular social issues, example, gun control, racial profiling, discrimination, racism, homophobia, religious freedom etc.
  • The whole nation or affected communities, mourn, emphatic reaction follows/media coverage
  • Normal reaction of the affected population will be emphatic/sympathetic, morale will be low, increase in media coverage will be more noticeable
  • Media coverage features eye-witness accounts or sympathetic audience
  • Real doubters will be more confused at conflicting reports follows with conspiracy theorists using social media in highlighting these conflicting information
  • Real observer will notice an increase in subliminal message send to the affected communities, also an increase in Low Frequency radiation and chem trails being sprayed and directed to the same target population/communities
  • Real observer will notice an increase in cancer patients, suicide rates, low morale of the target population
  • Real observer will notice an increase in advertisement about depression or other diseases advising target population to “ask your doctor” to prescribe you this and that
  • authorities/politician act, passing laws that proponents requested normally after positive gallop poll
  • Overall, everyone wins…politicians will keep their job, the pharmaceutical companies will increase their profits, the military industry will keep their guns – out of reach of the ordinary citizens, and the media’s profit will also increase, all  for selling their propaganda news
  • The only two segments of the society who loses are the target population who are now more subdued, obedient and medicated
  • Real observer turned into activists are like the original targets are now also sick, this time with mysterious diseases.  Also, they are now perceived as mentally disturbed people
  • And the cycle begins again…

PICS - targeted individuals

Aaron Alexis – “…What caused Alexis to voice this complaint on August 7, 2013, 42 days prior to embarking on a shooting rampage at the Navy Yard, leaving 13 workers dead and more questions than answers? Law enforcement officials close to the investigation have reported to the press that the stock of Alexis’ shotgun had been carved with “Better off this way” and “My ELF weapon.” “ELF” may be a reference to “extremely low frequency” and is a term applied to microwave technology. Microwave mind-control technology was developed over fifty years ago during the height of the Cold War. Among the established effects of microwave weapons are sleep deprivation, a symptom that NBC News reports Alexis received treatment for. The lifestyle Alexis reportedly led displayed a number of such red flags, including reports that he played violent video games and used alcohol. Mr. Alexis was a “hardcore drinker,” he said, and was also skilled in videogames, which he would play for marathon sessions that lasted hours, Mr. Nutpisit Suthamtewakul, owner of the Happy Bowl Thai restaurant said. However neither a history of alcohol abuse or video games discount the suspect’s own documented police complaint that he was the target of electronic harassment. Alexis’s Navy rating, aviation electrician’s mate third class, focuses on non-avionics electrical systems of navy aircraft, but other enlisted sailors are trained on microwave systems for shore communications and now even counter directed energy weapons. Alexis’s reference to “microwave machines” is more than an utterance; the deceased man was familiar with microwave systems beyond the common kitchen appliance…Although mind-control technology exists, claims made by a suspect that it caused violence in any particular case can also indicate paranoid delusion. Therefore, each individual case, such as that of Aaron Alexis, deserves unbiased and non-prejudiced examination…” – Alan Jones, Washington Times, 18 September 18, 2013 (READ MORE)

James Eagan Holmes – “…Holmes enrolled in a neuroscience Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado-Denver. This May, the university listed a “James Holmes” giving a presentation on “micro DNA biomarkers” in a class, “Biological Basis of Psychiatric and Neurological Disorders.” In June, though, he voluntarily left the program. University officials said Friday that he had been in the process of completing withdrawal papers this week. But an acquaintance said Holmes didn’t seem worried on Tuesday, when the two guys had beers in a local bar. “We just talked about football,” said Jackie Mitchell, a furniture mover who lives near the suspect’s apartment. “He had a backpack and geeky classes and seemed like a real intelligent guy and I figured he was one of the college students.” Friday, though, as news spread of what’s been dubbed the Batman massacre, investigators sought a motive. Holmes had never brushed up against law enforcement in California or Colorado, save for a 2011 speeding ticket. His parents issued a statement, expressing sympathy for the victims and promising to cooperate with authorities in both states. And Robert M. Holmes Sr. was reported to have caught a flight to Denver. By then, police had already found “sophisticated” booby-traps in James Holmes’ apartment. They also found techno music playing on a continuous loop and a poster of Will Ferrell in “Anchorman,” a reminder of a day when movies and San Diego had happier connotations in one man’s life…” – Peter Rowe and John Wilkens, U T San Diego, 20 July 2012 (READ MORE)

Adam Lanza – “…In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook school massacre, it was divulged that Lanza suffered from Asperger syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder characterized by difficulties with social interaction. Although there is no cure, the symptoms of Asperger’s are commonly treated with Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), psychotropic drugs that have been linked with violent outbursts. Almost every mass shooter in recent history was taking or had just come off one form of psychotropic medication, a connection that is routinely downplayed by the establishment and the media, who in the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy instead blamed the massacre on the second amendment. Indeed, the primary media talking point to emerge out of the release of the search warrant is the fact that Lanza had a National Rifle Association membership certificate. The press has remained largely mute on any inquiry as to what medication Lanza was taking…” – Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars, 28 March 2013 (READ MORE)

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