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as a TI, (an update)

July 19, 2010 1 comment

I wrote my first blog as a TI on June 21, 2010. This is a rewrite and an update. Life is started to be a routine again. No more sleep deprivation as I started to learn how to deal with this torture. The extreme voice to skull is also becoming weak as I adopted to totally blocked the lunatic harassments. Even the noise campaign (lawnmowing and helicopter overhead doesn’t bother me anymore!). The only thing I havent had the chance to get rid of is the induced dreams. Which is going to be quite a task since they are torturing me while sleeping. It’s like raping someone while the person is unconscious.

Its been a while since that day. When I tried to trim my hair and clumsilly managed to put a big round dent on the back hair of my head, I decided to get rid of all it and become bald! And I discovered all the red bruises on my scalp. Which was a physical evidence of the torture I have suffered from direct energy weapon. After so many years of torture, I finally realized and can prove that I am not imagining things. And everything that’s been happening to me has an explanations and I am not crazy.

Before this discovery, I have been recording the electro-magnetic radiations coming all over the house I am living. It was not my imaginations, I have the proof. Even the voice to skull voices. The research helps me to sort out things. It’s almost four months now. And I am still alive.

Since that day of discovery, and all the red bruises, some physical changes followed. I noticed all the sudden skin marks whenever I do scratch my arms and legs from the prickly itch. The sudden headache directly coming from my forehead above my left eye and sometimes between. The sudden body heats in the morning when the intense voice to skull starts and the perps are trying to wake me up or when I finished showering (even a cold shower).

The body vibrations and sudden clumsiness. The pain in my eyes and redness that follows. The little round scars on my arms and legs. All from direct energy weapons emmitting from outside of my room and wherever I go. I have recorded all the electro-magnetic radiations from my room particularly during my sleep and have some evidences of audible sounds. While asleep and being attacked, my recorded clips can show visible radiations on the walls and audible sounds. I painstakingly edited it to prove and hightlights all the electronic harassments that are happening to me. (See this diagram composite of fellow TI, Larry Whitsitt for comparison)

But as I started to adapt to each of these violations, I decided to make some changes. Be as normal as possible. I learned that as all are pretending that nothing is going on, I have to go along with it, even now, as I am writing this, the perp are dictating which is ok with me as this is still my brain and anything that comes with it with my approval is mine and anything that is evil and filth are theirs.

Since that day of discovery, I started to do more research and learned as much as I can while the perps are in the background busy attacking me with their v2k (low and audible frequencies) harassments. Harassments that I considered redundant and useless. Surprisingly, I found their harassment textbook carbon copy of what was posted via Internet. Harassments (the voice I am hearing internally and externally) are comments, conversations, threats, that are base on juvenile bullying with racial slurs, cursing, sexual innuendo/commands in the mix.

Another mind control harassments are the persistent perpetrators who are pretending to be me, who are always crying and sobbing. These are irritating at times but its becoming so ridiculous. I just ignore it and pretend its one of those bad actor in a bad Hollywood movie.

The funny thing is most of their harassments are not about me! They are attacking me with their shady pasts or they are rediculing each other! It is very funny at first but now its becoming so juvenile and redundant! An article about OSEH stated that the harassment protocols of TIs can be juvenile, moronicly repetitive and at times redundant. Its whole idea is to irritate the hell out of TI’s psyche. And so I learned.

The first month since that day, I used earplug in my left ear. With the earplug I can hear my breathing and this helps in determining if it was my own thought (who am I hearing or the perps). I learned to distiguished myself to them. Most of the voices are rude and full of negativity and thats not me. In the first place, why would I say this nasty things to other people or myself?

I slowly was able not to use the earplug anymore. As I learned a techniue of “owning my own thoughts.” Filtering out all the negativity and retaining the positivity. The thoughts that will benefit me are mine. The “good” thoughts I own. I own all of the good things. It is coming from me and no one owns it. It’s mine and mine alone.

I learned how to do filtering or “blocking.” It’s like watching and hearing, unwillingly, a bad film or bad audio podcast and filtering them, blocking the bad stuff and replacing it with an alternative pleasant thoughts or visions. Now if I can do this while I am sleeping, it will be an accomplishments!

As I continue to fight, I learned three things. First, they wanted me to look and sound like a mental case, but as I learned their motive and their harassments, It clearly becomes like it was the opposites thats been happening. The perps are become so obsessed and their harassments become so juvenile and ineffective that they becoming like the lunatic themselves!

Second, the physical evidences I have, speak for themselves I don’t have to prove anything.

Third, they forgeting that whatever they are doing, I can used it against them. And this has become part of my routine, life.

If they can input words into my brain and have a field day doing it, I can do the same and bombarded them with articles and stories about human rights violations, articles about organized stalking and electronic harassments. I can play classical music that I think they don’t like. I can play bollywood music from Itunes radio that I think they don’t like. I can tuned in to talk radio that broadcast things against their organizations. All this I can used with their device!

All this, for advocating change.

swelled feet - attacked by direct energy weapon April 2010

My harassment started in 1996 while living in Toronto. Harassments at work, noise campaign, and friends, one by one disappearing. During those years, I developed severe migraine that I thought was from too much stress at work. Little that I known about electronic harassment devices. It was a bit late when I discovered about voice to skull. During those intense attacks on me, I was sobbing relentlessly on the street and I seek the help of the police but the response was “you just lacked sleep.” I realized that they are very aware of the OSEH and can’t do much about it. Or they are part of it.

Since 1996, I been through hell and survive…I am still here and not going anywhere.

2010 is very memorable, not because of the Olympics but because of my discovery that I am a targeted individual. So many things happened and in just one day, it erases all my doubts. I become a different person. It’s like being a born again.

Things seem to be like in a movie. People are strange or acting strange. Total madness. I know this campaign is global in scope. I have been to Vancouver, Victoria, and San Francisco. And passed by many cities while traveling in a Greyhound bus. I know OSEH exists on these cities.

My research indicated that this is simulatneously happening in other cities in the world and these harassments has been broadcast globally.

So if you are out there, listening. This is total madness. We are all human being why are we acting like animals?

When I pledge my alligiance to this country, Canada, I learned that we have three branches of government, municipal, provincial, and federal. What happen to all these branches of governement, why they are not enforcing the law?

Most of the organized stalking and electronic harassments are violating legislations. The most serious crime is premidatedly-harming civilian with weapons that is supposed to be for war or terrorists.

Harming someone is a serious criminal act. All the organized stalking involves violations of legislations that involves destruction of private properties, libel and defamation, invasion of privacies, physical and mental assaults, sexual exploitation of humans (elders, adults and children), degradation of minorities and women. All of these for what? What happen to Canada?

Most of these violations are broadcasts through closed circuit TV or through satellite cameras and these broadcasts has violated me, and the perps themselves, and the people that surrounds or knows me, believe it or not!

This activities are not entertainment. The Perps are playing with human lives. This is a crime. If you are seeing the harassments on your televisions or via Internet, please think, this a crime.

Watching it and participating or watching it and not doing about it are accessory to a crime. All of these are violations of human rights and existing ciminal laws. You don’t want this happen to you or your children, do you?

For those TIs outhere, don’t lose hope, always fight for your human rights, keep positivity and the negativity out. And for those of you who are participating in this, I pray for your well being.

Lastly, for the perpetrators, may God forgive your souls.

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