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Putting Faces to the TI Phenomenom

June 23, 2010

I was researching “bullying” when I discovered I am a TI (targeted individual).  A targeted individual is a person being targeted with organized stalking and electronic harassments by a group of individual called “perps” (short for perpetrators) for the purpose of human experimentations. I discovered that I am not alone and this criminal operations are global in scope. I was amazed of how similar my symptoms and all the symptoms of other TIs are experiencing.  Even life  events that has happened to me in the past was quite similar.  I found courageous faces via internet. Regular folks – ex politician, mother, writer, business men with different nationalities, religion and economic background, all voicing out what they think is inhuman torture and abuses they’re being subjected into.  I realized that because I discovered what had happened to me, I was one of the lucky ones.  Some will never found out the real cause of their demise.

As people get victimized and misdiagnosed medically, the authorities and people in the government are putting a blind eye on this phenomenon.  Government officials who are preaching at the UN and other G8/G20 summit about other countries’ human rights violations and yet people are targeted by organized stalkers and electronic harassers with direct energy weaponries in their own backyard.

The targeted individuals listed below managed to discover the real cause of their downfall in terms of  career, health and personal lives and they continue their fights by publicly doing networking, giving out information and revealing how OSEH works.  For them, it is important to advocate for changes and prevent this crime to happen to others.   Targeted Individuals who put out their daily struggles publicly gives hope to others, reassuring them that “they’re not alone” and that they have to adopt some of the techniques they learned over the years.

Most of these targeted individuals find You Tube to be an effective platform.    By putting their video clips on-line, people can relate.  Some may find daily harassments seems to be a mundane, daily occurence but the frequencies and intensities of these incidences made a difference compared to those who are not targeted.   Some clips are graphic and contain violence.  Others questioned crimes that happened in the past, for example, one accused  murderer experienced similar TI symptoms prior to killing someone.   Viewers will probably raise questions and may realized  that they’re probably been a  TI themselves.

Here are the brave targeted individuals of You Tube:

TI Profiles has been deleted due to perpetrator(s) trying to file complaints and attempting to suspend this website even though this site clearly states FAIR DEALING CLAUSE has been practiced and announced and all the profiles posted here are already publicly published online and already been cited in several sites including Google search.  Due to this unfortunate event, the owner of this site would like to give a sincere apology for incomplete information and articles.  The main purpose of this site is to educate the public about the Targeted Individuals Issues and experience and not to shamed or discredit any profiles or person mention in any section of this site.


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