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McKinney Report part one

June 26, 2010

Through a mere preliminary investigative finding, only, Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation has invited criticism in two areas in recent months; viz., (1) No substantive proof has been furnished in this document which confirms that directed-energy technologies exist; and (2) The persons whose circumstances are discussed in this publication may simply be mentally unbalanced.

In December 1992, when Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation was published, the U.S. Government representatives routinely took the position that directed-energy technologies were nothing more than mere figments of physicists’ imaginations, still on the drawing boards. Shortly following publication of this report, information concerning these technologies began to appear in some noteworthy organs as, The Wall Street Journal, Defense News, Aviation Week & Space Technology, Tactical Technology, Defense Electronics and, most recently, The Washington Post.

In a flurry of activity in these past 10 months, directed-energy-based surveillance and anti-personnel systems have suddenly leaped off of physicists’ drawing boards into the world of reality, thus obviating the criticism, it would appear, that the attached publication concerns nonexistent technologies.

Indeed, directed-energy technologies appear to have evolved at such a rapid rate that they are now being promoted as the “Final Solution” to crime — preliminarily, at a classified conference sponsored by the Los Alamos National Laboratory, hosted by the John Hopkins Applied Physics, and supported by the American Defense Preparedness Association. Clearly, given this conference, data concerning the efficacy of acoustical, low-power microwave, laser, ELF/RF weapons and “psychotronic” systems is sufficient to allow for their now being promoted as tools for law enforcement. What is note worthy in this sudden flurry of activity is that no one has bothered to ask the following very basic questions: (1) Where is the test data being obtained? (2) What, so far, has prevented this government and its contractors from testing these technologies on U.S. citizens under involuntary circumstances?

Absent answers to — or government interest — these questions; and because the symptoms experienced by those now in touch with this Project parallel those reported in the media as being the effects of directed-energy targeting, we conclude that no restraints have been placed on those charged with the development and testing of directed-energy systems; and the U.S. citizens are indeed being experimented upon under involuntary circumstances. It is in this context that we note that Los Alamos strongly urges, in their brochure, that “industry” attend the aforementioned classified conference, since “(i)ndustry, particularly, will benefit from a more precise nderstanding of…operational constraints regarding [these] technologies.” Perhaps “industry,” as a minimum, will also be made to understand that a failure to comprehend that said constraints will ultimately lead to vigorous, civil rights-based prosecutions.

As to the alleged mental illness of the persons in touch with this Project, it should be noted that government-sponsored stalking and harassment, mind control experimentation and simple torture can indeed produce symptoms which might be regarded as a form of mental illness. Deliberate terrorization can take a toll. Mental illness caused by government-sponsored terrorization, however, does not invalidate that terrorization. It should be noted that The American Psychiatric Association — in its various revisions of the Diagnostic and Statistical of Mental Illness – seems to have conveniently omitted all reference to harassment, stalking, mind-control experimentation and torture as a case for mental illness. (The DSM is a psychiatric profession’s diagnostic “bible.”) The APA’s refusal to acknowledge the impact of terrorization upon the human psyche, even given the publicity stemming from the Church Committee’s findings in 1975, raises serious questions about the validity of psychiatry as a profession in this country, not to mention, the APA’s ethical intent, in the long term.

Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation, published in December 1992, furnishes an overview of complaints received from 25 individuals as of that date. During these 11 intervening months, the complaints received by this Project have more than tripled. While the majority of these “experimentees” reside in the United states, a number of virtually identical complaints have also been received from England, Canada and Australia. It would appear that these activities are also ongoing on the European Continent, and the former Soviet Union. Connections between this global pattern of activity and the objectives of the so-called New World Order remain to be determined.

All categories of types of complaints being received by this Project have also changed since publication of this report. Survivors of certain satanic cults (alleged to protect the interest of government and military “political satanists” in this country; former Vietnam-era “programmed assassins,” prison inmates, and so-called “UFO abductees” are now reporting an array of experiences (and symptoms) which are remarkable similar to those addressed in this report. Experimental drugs, induce auditory input, vicious overt harassment, attempted psychiatric discrediting (unless the experimentee dutifully claims to be a UFO abductee), and an extremely painful array of externally-induced symptoms are included in this shared panoply of experiences. The impression created by these burgeoning complaints is that mind-control experimentation in this country is being pursued in at least five specific areas.

Evidence is more recently surfacing that unwitting government employees may qualify as yet another category of experimentee –those employees, in particular, who are experiencing the effects of so-called “sick buildings.” It has been suggested that the long-term objective of all this experimentation is to develop a system by which all (surviving) citizens of this country can be monitored and tracked by a sophisticated, perhaps satellite-based cybernetics system. Certainly some of the research being dedicated to “mapping of the brain” shows this potential. We are in receipt of preliminary information which points to magnetic resonant imaging as being critical to process. Our information is that far too many physicians are urging patients to undergo unnecessary MRIs — patients whose short-lived, if painful symptoms surfaced in so-called “sick buildings.” We intend to look into this situation, of course.

The Electronic Surveillance Project is currently dedicated to helping victims of directed-energy harassment and experimentation to survive their respective ordeals until such time that Congress can be persuaded to intervene. We do believe that polite, precautionary comments concerning “a more precise understanding of…operational constraints” should be delegated to government agencies which have a primary role in development of these technologies.

Director, Electronic Surveillance Project

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