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A Practical Survival Guide To OSEH

January 1, 2011

It’s been a year of struggles since I discovered that I am a targeted individual. I am still here. I learned a lot. Although my goal of getting a job and being independent again has become a distant goal, I have no regrets. I am writing this blog to help out. I know there are other targeted individuals out there who are struggling. Who are probably being drugged. Being institutionalized. Who are homeless or at risk of becoming one. Who are being harassed. And maybe contemplating on giving-up. Please do not cave-in. This is what I learned, and hopefully will help you to keep your spirit up and to keep on fighting.

Personal Mantras: Since most of the harassments are mind games, you have to develop or maintained your core beliefs. This is probably the first thing that targeted individuals lose. You will be robbed of your identity. The perpetrators’ main goal is to take full control of your being. They will erase what is good about you. If you are emphatic, compassionate and spiritual being. They will slowly change you. They will destroy your religion, desensitize you with violence and make you a heartless cold person. Making sure your “core beliefs” are intact is the first step in regaining control.

“Your Brain, your thoughts” – no matter what they do, always keep this mantra. Keep it in your head and heart. You will be bombarded with unwanted voices that may sounds like your own. No matter what you hear, it is still your brain, your thoughts, own it, take charge.

“Evil will never wins! Ever!” – this mantra will make your life easier. You’re the one who is being harassed. You are the good person. You are not the one doing evil crime. Make sure you always think this mantra when the harassment are getting out of control.

“I am the boss here, I am in control” – take charge. This mantra will help you sort out what you will allow them to do. Some harassments are unavoidable. For example, one has to take a shower or pee. Voices coming out of running water are sometimes unavoidable. Or the daily on-going noise campaign, you cannot control them, to stop them, what you can do is to stop the noise campaign get into you.

Health Related: Targeted individuals will experience a decline in health during the harassments. My research indicated that there are three stages of harassments. The first is the preliminary surveillance followed by intense organized stalking/mind game and then the harmful electronic harassments using direct energy weapons. Although the second one normally will result in targeted individuals’ being institutionalized and heavily drugged, the last stage was the most harmful.

“A game of chess, a chase of sanity” – one targeted individual indicated that the whole harassment/targeting is a “mind game.” The perpetrators main goal is steal your sanity. They want you to know they are there. They want your undivided and constant attention. In short, they want you to be paranoid and delusional. You have to learn to block them from your consciousness. Do not give them gratification.

Take Charge of your Thoughts – It is your brain, It is your thoughts. They are going to whisper ideas, commands, visual pictures, all masquerading like your own thoughts. They will eventually informed you that it was them who put these pictures, ideas, commands, in your brain. Ignore them. Own it. Its your brain, its your thoughts. While this may take some time to practice, your “core beliefs” and mantras (see the list above) will help you figure this out. Take charge, take the credit, own it. Own the positive. Own what you think is yours. Own what will make you feel happy. Own what will benefit you. And then give away all the trash, the filth, the negative thoughts. The one that will harm you.

Control your thoughts, once they starts the negativity, stop! If you find yourself starting to think fearful or have negative thoughts, fight with pleasant thoughts.

Targeted individuals will be attack with direct energy weapons. The most common is the radiation coming from everywhere. Most of the time, when there is an electrical grid. When it comes to this, use shielding products to minimize the harmful effects.

You need to help your body to undo the damage of electromagnetic radiation with consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich with Anti-oxidants.

Exercise. Do house chores (avoid using vacuum cleaner if your voice to skull harassments are intense). Walk.

If you can avoid, do not go to psychiatrist. If you can avoid, do not take anti-depression pills. Do not take Paxil. Be aware of a sudden change in your mood. Emotions like sadness, shyness, anxieties are not an automatic sign of mental disorder or chronic depression. These are normal human emotions.

Learned about “informed consent.” If you are forced to be institutionalized, your have the right to know all aspect of your treatments. You have the right to know your medications. You have the right to know the reason why you are there. If you can, learned to walk away.

Do not commit suicide, this is the perpetrators’ ultimate prize.

Negative thoughts are poison and these are the perpetrators first tactics. To induced negativity in your psyche.

While I am still investigating about how to deal with induced dreams, you will get familiarize with the pattern. Most of the time, they will induced dreams relating to your past and will do “role-playing” acts while you are sleeping. They are reading a script patterned to the information and on-going harassment protocol they gathered. The main goal is to induced negative thoughts, the feeling of shame or guilt are the most common example. The success of induced dreams will be carry forward to targeted individual’s harassment particularly once he or she woke up. These are mostly the negativity embedded in one’s brain or mood. Hence most of the time, targeted individuals wakes up feeling sad, tired, or fatigue. Some indicated that they felt like they had a hanged over. Other will developed cold or allergies due to the lack of “real” natural sleep or rest.

Some targeted individuals deals with sleep deprivations with nutrients (eating bran oats) and meditations. All are effective way to induce sleeps naturally. Another way, are to not just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. If one is not in a vegetable state, get up and do something. Cleaning is a way of taking charge. Doing something to counteracts the thoughts of “you cannot sleep” or when the perpetrators are in a state of rambo or running “amok” as they continue to attack you with non-stop trash talk about non-sense. Once you done something, It will eventually tired you out that physically your body will shut down and hence will make you feel sleepy.

Financial Related: Once your perpetrator succeeded in ruining your health, the next outcome is your ability to make money. The perpetrators will corrupt you. They will encourage you to accrue debts. They will entice you to have a luxurious lifestyles. Manipulate you to learned vices like gambling and alcoholism. They will encourage you to live a life beyond your means. These are very common to anyone, except, targeted individuals are pre-meditated, a well planned manipulations of someone’s lives.

Do not accrue debts, if you don’t have the money to spend, don’t spend.

Do not apply for credit cards.

Do not apply for student loans, the most effective way is to work and save a portion of your income for this goal. Or work full-time and study part-time. Some company will pay for your tuition.

Do not trust anyone with easy money or easy job.

Do not accrue cash advances and other high interest loans from anyone including your relatives.

Pay yourself. Save a portion of your income. Be very aware of bank fees. If the fees exceeded earn interest on your monthly balances, go to other bank and shop around for a better service.

The perps will corrupt you to do petty crime be very aware.

Always work hard and your boss will notice.

Educate your self with workplace mobbing, harassment, discrimination and work related legislation.

Always be aware of the changes in your workload and your health. An increase in workload and stress related sickness are a telltale signs of OSEH. Be aware of frequent intense headache, a sign of electronic harassments (DEW).

Balance your work and personal lives and be aware of the changes in your relationship. If you noticed that one by one your friends are disappearing, this is a telltale signs that your friends are getting infiltrated and probably being brainwash. A smear campaign is probably being done. As they are being bribed one by one, they will turned against you and become perpetrators. Don’t worry about this, you will be thankful in the end, a true friend will not turn their back on you.

At a later stage, targeted individuals will experienced financial hardship due to loss of income, employment, and debts. One alternative is to apply for government assistance. Perpetrators will induced negative thoughts of targeted individuals being marginalized, be aware of this tactics.

The thoughts of on “welfare” and all that negative bullshit. They will insult you that you can’t find job, that you are worthless. They will insult you’re education, your job experience and all that crap. Truth is, the perpetrators are the ones who needed you financially, without you, they will not get their income or the funding their organization need to sustain their expensive operation.

So, although they have succeeded in ruining you financially, do not feel marginalized and get the financial assistance that is available, it’s a small change compare to the big money they are getting.

Organized Stalking: Stalking is the first noticeable signs of targeting. Its main goal is to induced mental disorder or the perception of one. Paranoia, delusional, anxiety, fear, agitations are the common outcomes.

One of the targeted individual said, “this is a game of chess, a chase to one’s sanity.” So be very aware of the mind game they are playing. They want you to feel paranoid. They want you to be super sensitive, to be very observant. In other word, they want you to take notice every aspect of the harassment. So you have to learn to ignore them. To take control and not give them any attention they are desperately seeking.

Noise campaign, including helicopter/aircraft and other public harassment are tactics to induced paranoia and other mental illness. Mobbing is used to invade targeted individuals’ personal space and privacy. They normally do this to induce isolation, so that you will feel uncomfortable in public place and with many people surrounds you. Counteract this by thinking this as a time for you to socialize, be friendly.

Do not think everyone is there to harass you. Do not give them the attention and the impression of you’re getting impatient specially if you’re in the store or public places, waiting in line. Relax and take your time, the more time you spend with them, the more money their organizer will spend (which includes the helicopter!).

Targeted individuals will experienced break and entering. Normal occurrences are invaluable items will disappear and reappear. Furniture being moved. Gas stove being left turned-on. They will leave a signs that someone was inside your properties like cigarette butts in your front door. These are tactics to induced paranoia and delusions.

One have to learn to gather evidence and then properly planned the reporting to the authorities, making sure not to have any chance of being label or perceived as paranoid or delusional.

As targeted individuals become super-attentive to what is going on, eventually, he or she will realized that this will probably go on for the rest of their lives. Until some major disaster or events happened, this phenomenon will probably continue. Therefore, one must learn to adapt. One must try to neutralize the harassers’ efforts. You can achieve this by educating yourself. For example, the tactic of “entrapment.” Targets who previously had debt problems will get several credit card offers via e-mail and other media. Avoid this temptations. Those who are religious will get some nasty sex-related junk e-mail. Trashed this. Those who are actively involved in politics will get unsolicited e-mail/propaganda about their political affiliations or rival organizations. Read and delete. All of this, are there to manipulate someone’s emotions. To provoke a reaction. Targeted individuals must learn to adapt to this regular daily occurrences and identify, ignore or trash it.

Another example of how to adapt or neutralize the harassments is, when targeted individuals decides to do activism, unsolicited news or propaganda will flow or come in via social network rigorously. All are aimed to heighten emotions. They wanted you to feel angry. They wanted you to have a strong opinion about everything. The most common is the feeling that your civil/human rights are being violated. Making targeted individuals combative and agitated. If you decide to go public, avoid to have a perception that you’re “losing it” with your public tirade and agitation.

You have to learn to filter out what is a diversion news/propaganda and which are authentic information and adopt this to your own needs or situations. Be very aware of the perps posing as targeted individuals.

Electronic Harassment: The third stage of targeting is the electronic harassments. This involve direct energy weapons (electromagnetic radiation), microwave hearing, voice to skull, computer hacking, and other harassments that involves electronics. The perpetrators can access the house alarm, air condition, heater, fridge, television show, alarm clock, cell phones, landlines, computer. They can change the display dates and clocks on your electronic appliances. They can reprogrammed your television or computer. They can emit radiation on your television or computer.

I come to believe that targeted individuals’ harassment is broadcast globally. The perps will do their very best to make you think that this is a violation of your human rights which is by the way, is true. All to make you feel angry and frustrated. Counteract this, by using the broadcasting as a platform for your activism. Always think that people are not stupid, that there are still many decent and sane people out there and people who knows what is right and wrong and people who still believe in human rights, freedom and decency. Although other “countermeasure sounds” like white noise, colorbars and six radio tracks do works, targeted individuals can also play mp3 tracks about OSEH while the harassments are being broadcast globally.

Targeted individuals will experienced physical threats verbally and through induced sounds. In my case, the induced sounds normally happened to me during the early hours of the morning, normally to wake me up. It also insinuate some sort of punishments imitating spanking or a blow in the head. At first I was bothered by this physical assault but I learned to bypass/ignore this.

Hearing versus Listening – Hearing is simply the act of perceiving sound by the ear. If you are not hearing-impaired, hearing simply happens. Listening, however, is something you consciously choose to do. Listening requires concentration so that your brain processes meaning from words and sentences. Listening leads to learning (d.umn.edu). In this description, treat voice to skull as hearing, it’s an unavoidable sound that simply happens. The sounds of an old door opening, the sound of the tree branches on a windy day, the sounds of creaky floors while walking. Voice to skull doesn’t need your concentration, your attention, it doesn’t need your brain to process it, its nothing, and it’s meaningless. When it’s meaningless, you don’t have to listen to it.

The perpetrators will harassed you by impersonating your own voice while reading. My elementary teacher thought me to “read with your eyes and not with your lips,” this tip are very true with targeted individuals. It will take sometime for someone to learn how to read with your eyes as we are trained to read with our mouth and the harassers’ technology relies on the sounds that’s coming from your mouth while reading. There are techniques that can distinguish your own voice to the perps.’

Learn to “slow-read,” ‘rewind or fast forward,” all while reading. You will see that they will loss their rhythm. Also, when you realize the perpetrators are reading way ahead of you, stop and let them read by themselves. When watching a movie and reading the end credits, stare at the screen, like looking at a blank screen and avoiding reading any letters or words. Let them read by themselves and you will see that they are useless without your vision or cooperation. Without you they can’t read! So take charge and take full control. Since sometimes you can’t stop them to read while your doing the same, take charge. Ignore them. You are the one who will decide what to read, how to read it (whether backward, forward, slow, or fast!), when to read it and where to read it! It’s your brain, own it!

When targeted individuals are being harassed using voice to skull or microwave hearing, the harassers used tailored harassment protocols. Use the “hearing vs listening” technique and take control of the protocols. Once you start hearing negativity, counteracts this with “Stop” button technique. Only positive thoughts will pass the door for processing. You only allow those thoughts that you wanted. Take full control what you wanted to think. You’re brain, you’re the boss. Without you they’re nothing. Without you they will not get their funding/income. So take charge.

Voice to skull or microwave hearing – Do not participate! Whatever accusations, cursing, filthiness, nastiness the perps says, do not engage with then with any arguments! Do not give them any attention. Remember they are already getting paid and you’re not getting anything back except the physical and psychological harm. Since they are forcing themselves into you, do not give them anything more but stare and silence which is more than enough.

As they will play with your emotions, they will use all possible tricks imaginable. They are mostly a bunch of bad actors! They will act and impersonate you. They will beg for your pity using dialogue familiar to you. If targeted individuals likes movies, they will use movie lines taken from targeted individuals favorite movies. They will cry, impersonating you, like you’re asking you for mercy or they will shout like asking you to fight back. Sometimes they will use other voices, the most common, a child or a group of children crying, laughing, or shouting. These are all to get your attention and get you involve with their role-playing or scripts. Do not participate.

With all the time and effort the perpetrators spends on you, do not think that they’re not getting anything back. They will create a perception that this is for “national security,” for “counter-terrorism,” of for ‘behavioral modifications.” All lies! Unfortunately, the primary motive for this operations is money! Contracts being developed and paid. Companies and organizers profiting. Technician getting a decent income and other benefits. It’s all about making money nothing else. All other are just a bonus. A few laughs there, a few entertainment here, but as the hype of having this technologies and the novelties attached to this died down, its all boils down to – everyone are getting something back, and that is money!

Microwave hearing – Targeted individuals will hear voices in running water in the faucet/shower, counteract this by not turning the faucet in full maximum capacity, reducing the sounds into minimum. This technique will reduce the soundwave coming from the running water and will also reduce the intensity of harassments (voices).

One will also have to learn not to flush the toilet while still inside the room, do this before exiting so that you will avoid hearing the sounds of refilling the water tank. While taking shower, again, do not turn the shower in maximum level, minimize the running water into minimum, if you notice that the harassment (voices) are getting too intense even with the minimum level, wet your body so you can lather with soap then turn the water on, only when its time for you to rinse.

While you can minimize the sound coming from running water, I am still investigating how to prevent or minimize the harassment coming from air vents, microwave and fridge. You can turn this off as usual or put some insulation so that it will be reduce the noise while its running.

Do not use the black cassette tape ribbons as a shield pasted in your hats. This does not work. The tape ribbons are magnetic and will attract radiation. Your head will be cook.

Unless your Oprah, and I assume you are not and you cannot afford to buy the expensive anti-electromagnetic fabrics, use this techniques. Wear several underwear for protection to radiation attacks in your genitals. Wear thick sweater and hood to cover your head and chest area. When sleeping, use several blanket and pillows to minimize the sting of pulse radiation attacks.

Take note of the symptoms of the electromagnetic radiation so that you can lessen the pains. There are regular attack hours and there are some intervals of rest. The whole sequence is to make it sure no one will notice or no one will question the torture. The most common outcomes of the torture are cancer and heart attacks. Daily symptoms are: racing or irregular heart beat, hard/heavy pumping of heart, fatigue/exhaustion, dizziness, loss of balance, intense headaches, skin dryness, intense body itchiness followed by scarring.

Unless you have no way of other means of communication, do not use cell or mobile phones. These devices can use to zap you or attack you with radiation. Cell phone can also use for harassment and tracking devices. Be very aware of the mobile companies who are also used to make sure that targeted individuals accumulate bills/debts. It is also used for unsolicited telemarketing calls.

When it comes to hacking, targeted individuals will experience several computer crashes even with anti-virus software stored or used. The perpetrators will have access to your computer at home and at work. They will have access to your personal files. They will used and manipulate your files so that you will feel violated and induced the feeling of you have something to hide.

If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about but just in case they got crazy, protect yourself by saving your personal files using external devices like USB and discs. Avoid visiting sex related internet sites as they can use this to harass you even if you think that there is nothing wrong with this as you are an adult. Keep your personal documents out of your hard drives and have a paper copies.

Do not get mad if you cannot download your files faster or if you loss connections while downloading your files to you tube and other social network. These are part of the harassments. You will received friend requests from people you don’t know and other comments, that seeks your attentions or opinions on facebook. If you decided to use social media as your platform, be ready with all this harassments. Sometimes it will test your patience. And again, do not assume everyone is there to harass you. Despite all the manipulations of your internet use, treat all the social network, other internet sites and uses as a platform for your activism, as a networking tool to reach out and to meet new friends.

If you are maintaining a blog, expect typos and errors. Sometimes your mind can’t keep up with the harassments and you will type several spelling or grammatical errors. Do not loss your cool. Nobody is perfect. Sometimes you will have your web-site being manipulated. Even times and dates on your PC and web-sites you regularly visits changed. All to make you feel confused. Make sure to have a paper calendar and other reliable source of info.

If you are looking for a job, you’ll notice visible job ads both online and newspaper that matches or appeared to be tailored made to your credentials, you’ll apply for it and will received automatic replies saying, the person you contacted is on maternity leave or not available and the e-mail will give another contact person. This is another example of cyber harassment. You can check this by trying to use the same e-mail in a few days and weeks and you will get the same results. I found this accidentally when I try invite all my contacts using LinkedIn and facebook and received the same automatic replies from the organizations or person I e-mailed for job ads.   It is unusual for all these people to be pregnant or on leave at the same time!   Make a list of all the companies/person and avoid them.   You don’t want to be associated or work for organizations or companies who participate in crimes.

Dis-infomations: Filtering – Learn how to filter, not only the unwanted voices or the daily noise campaign but also the daily propaganda in the media. Most of targeted individuals will noticed that even in the mainstream newspaper, articles related to his or her situations are manifested with innuendo in several articles and seeking his or her attention. For example, if a targeted individual felt like shopping for something, a sale ad will be visible.  If he or she is looking for a job, an ad will appear in the newspaper or job web-sites tailored made to his or her credentials. In addition to this, there will be diversion news that might interest him or her and will play an important role in diverting his or her attention to do the more important chores of the day. Be aware of this tactics. Take charge. Allow only the ones who serves you. Meaning if you like the diversion, go ahead and enjoy it but make sure you know your priorities.

Another disinformation are those activities perpetrated by phony or fake targeted individuals visible in social networks. They are there to make sure the public get the impressions that most targeted individuals are mental case, mostly delusional and or paranoid. They are there to make sure that the public will have the impressions that most targeted individuals are terrorists, perverts, antichrist, anarchist, anti-governments, anti-this and that. Their basic functions are to misinformed the public, plant seed of doubts to targeted individuals themselves and their groups. These fake-targeted individuals are provocateurs who will initiate fight between targeted individuals so that any events or activism fails or become disorganized. They are also there to instigate hatred to different communities, plant rumor and misinformed the public about issues affecting targeted individuals. Real targeted individuals will eventually developed a techniques on how to identify these kind harassers.

Knowledge is bliss! They know their actions are crime that’s why they are hiding in with their high-tech gadgets! Here are the facts: this operation violates human rights, constitutional rights and civil rights that highly industrialized and developed countries adopted. In addition to most common countries’ criminal legislation, these perpetrators are essentially terrorists! Their tactics are designed to be nearly impossible to prove, aimed to make targeted individuals look and sounds crazy, so don’t fall to their trap.

Unfortunately, several sector of the society participate in this crime. No clear motive for the reason why this crime is being perpetrated except for money. As everyone profits, the health care industry, the military, the governments, financial institutions and private households. Mainstream media will induced conspiracy theories like UFOs, NWO, globalization, and all that crap!  All of these are diversions to the actual motive of these operations.  It all boils down to money, nothing more nothing less.

The most visible targeted individual perhaps is the revelations of one Hollywood actor who publicly admitted being harassed this year. This celebrity mentioned several actors who are being targeted and in fact some died recently. I noticed that most of these death has some sort of mental disorder that can be attributed to substance abuse or has the signs of misdiagnosis of drug overdose. These deaths are also very sudden. I can only imagine that publicized reasons for their deaths are false and all diversionary tactics to mask the truth. Who knows. No one know if these dead celebrities are actually targeted individuals.

As the symptoms of OSEH are like daily normal occurrences, it is very hard to detect who is being targeted and who are not. It’s hard to get a factual statistic of the number of targeted individuals globally. One thing is for sure, it is happening around the world. As I experienced being attacked in the air (while traveling inside a plane from Ontario to Vancouver, BC), on water (while traveling inside a inter-island transboat from Vancouver to Victoria, BC), on land (while traveling by bus from BC to San Francisco, CA USA) I realized that all these attacks are done via satellite.

Another fact: the harassments are broadcast via satellite and can be hear in all major cities, atleast to the cities I have been. Unless deaf, targeted individuals will hear the broadcast harassments anywhere. Another fact: I noticed an increased in recruitment of young perpetrators. I wonder what brainwashing method they have done. They are being desensitize with the violence and hatred. They are normally seen as street or field agents with their ipod in their ears and cell phone in their hands.

I also noticed an increase infiltration of the religious sector. It is ironic that religious sector and not for profit organizations participate in this ungodly operations. The same organizations that are supposed to be the guardians of the oppressed and the ones who I expected to have a high regard for social justice, equality and human rights.

On a lighter note, I noticed that those who participate in this campaign seem at lost or who are acting insane. I went to a job interview in Vancouver one time and while I was waiting for the person who supposed to be interviewing me, there was this woman running back and forth in front of me, acting like a chicken with no head or direction and with her high heels making noise to the whole hall way. The receptionist acted like as if nothing noticeable was going on. Another example was a perpetrator appeared while I was walking, heading to the bus stop, he was driving this heavy concrete track. After idling for a few minutes, he drove around the blocks, only to re-appear to the same spot where I seen him first. He seem lost. He has done the assignment don’t know what to do next. I can only assumed that the perpetrators has lost the capacity to think for themselves as they are waiting for their controllers command. Crazy acts like these seems to confirm how insane this whole organization are. My perpetrator kept on saying: “Imagine, a world full of perpetrators, harassing each other!” and then someone will shout, “money, money, money!” This one I passed. They are still figuring this out.

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