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Personal Mantras

January 10, 2011

A Practical Survival Guide to Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassments

Since discovering that I am a targeted individual, I learned a lot. I am writing this blog to help out. I know there are other targeted individuals out there who are struggling. Who are probably being drugged, being institutionalized and who are homeless or at risk of becoming one. They are being harass daily 24/7 and maybe contemplating on giving-up. Please do not cave-in. This is what I learned, and hopefully will help you to keep your spirit up and to keep on fighting.

Since most of the harassments are mind games, you have to develop or maintained your core beliefs. This is probably the first thing that targeted individuals lose. You will be robbed of your identity. The perpetrators’ main goal is to take full control of your being. They will erase what is good about you. If you are emphatic, compassionate and spiritual being. They will slowly change you. They will destroy your religion, desensitize you with violence and make you a heartless cold person. Making sure your “core beliefs” are intact is the first step in regaining control.

“Not Your Fault” – Always keep this mantra in your mind. All the downfall, hardships and well-orchestrated campaigns are premeditated crimes. This whole campaign against you are crimes, inhuman and not your own fault. It is a lucrative business and a human experimentations by an unknown organizations.

No WHYs – Another personal belief that you always have to remember is stop questioning yourself. Stop asking questions with “why.” Why this is happening to me, why this is going on, why this people are doing this to me. Unless your Oprah Wimprey, you can’t match the technology that they currently in possession, so stop punishing yourself with so many bullshit about this questions. It will just eat your energy and make you sound and look like you’re losing control. Instead let them deal with this questiion themselves. Let them analyze this by themselves and let them be the miserable one. Its their crimes let them carry the guilt themselves.

“Your Brain, your thoughts” – no matter what they do, always keep this mantra. Keep it in your head and heart. You will be bombarded with unwanted voices that may sounds like your own. No matter what you hear, it is still your brain, your thoughts, own it, take charge.

“Evil will never wins! Ever!” – this mantra will make your life easier. You’re the one who is being harassed. You are the good person. You are not the one doing evil crime. Make sure you always think this mantra when the harassment are getting out of control.

“I am the boss here, I am in control” – take charge. This mantra will help you sort out what you will allow them to do. Some harassments are unavoidable. For example, one has to take a shower or pee. Voices coming out of running water are sometimes unavoidable. Or the daily on-going noise campaign, you cannot control them, to stop them, what you can do is to stop the noise campaign get into you.

Basic Spirituality – Maintain a basic knowledge of spirituality. Basic spirituality is self responsibility (karma) and the attainment of self-actualization (being compassionate, while also accepting others without judgement, expectations, blame or attempting control). You’re perpetrators will blame everyone. Do not participate with them.

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