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Financial Related

January 16, 2011

Continuation of Practical Survival Guide…

Since discovering that I am a targeted individual, I learned a lot. I am writing this blog to help out. I know there are other targeted individuals out there who are struggling. Who are probably being drugged, being institutionalized and who are homeless or at risk of becoming one. They are being harass daily 24/7 and maybe contemplating on giving-up. Please do not cave-in. This is what I learned, and hopefully will help you to keep your spirit up and to keep on fighting.

Once your perpetrator succeeded in ruining your health, the next outcome is your ability to make money. The perpetrators will corrupt you. They will encourage you to accrue debts. Manipulate you to learned vices like gambling and alcohol. They will entice you to have a luxurious lifestyles. Live a life beyond your means. These are very common, daily live occurences/events to anyone, except in targeted individuals cases, its all pre-meditated, a well planned manipulations of someone’s lives.

Debts – Do not accrue debts, if you don’t have the money to spend, don’t spend. Do not apply for credit cards. Do not apply for student loans, the most effective way is to work and save a portion of your income for this goal. Or work full-time and study part-time. Some company will pay for your tuition. Do not accrue cash advances and other high interest loans from anyone including your relatives.

Income – Do not trust anyone with easy money or easy job. No matter how convincing, do not peer pressured to do any illegal acts even as if you think it is a petty crime. This will be use for your daily harassments. When you get your paycheck, pay yourself by saving a portion of your income. Be very aware of bank fees. Some banks will never charge any fees and even pay higher interest on daily balances. If the bank fees exceeded earn interest on your monthly balances, go to other bank and shop around for a better service. Always work hard and your boss will notice.

Educate – Research workplace mobbing, harassment, discrimination and work related legislations. Always be aware of the changes in your workload and your health. An increase in workload and stress related sickness are a telltale signs of organized stalking and electronic harassments. Be aware of your work files, it will be manipulated and accessed. Save your files on external drives. If you noticed obvious changes on your work, tell it to your boss and co-worker, make sure you have concrete evidences before you do this. Tell them it might be someone is hacking the company files so that they can investigate. Do not save any personal files or information on your work computer. You will experience frequent intense headaches, this is due to electronic radiations coming from your pc, mobile phones and eventually satellite direct energy weapon.

Balance – Balance your work and personal lives and be aware of the changes in your relationships. If you noticed that one by one your friends are disappearing, this is a telltale signs that your friends are getting infiltrated and probably being brainwash. A smear campaign is probably being done. As they are being bribed one by one, they will turned against you and become perpetrators. Don’t worry about this, you will be thankful in the end, a true friend will never turn their back on you. Also, don’t live your life beyond your means and avoid vices particularly those instances brought by peer pressure.

The Hardship brought by OSEH – At a later stage, targeted individuals will experienced financial hardship due to loss of income, employment, and debts. One alternative is to apply for government assistance. Perpetrators will induced negative thoughts of targeted individuals being marginalized, be aware of this tactics. The thoughts of one being on “welfare assistance” and all that negative bullshit. They will insult you that you can’t find job, that you are worthless. They will insult you’re education, your job experiences and all that crap. Truth is, the perpetrators are the ones who needed you financially, without you, they will not get their income or the funding their organization need to sustain their expensive operation. So, although they have succeeded in ruining you financially, do not feel marginalized and get the financial assistance that is available, it’s a small change compare to the big money they are getting.

Moving – Majority of my research indicated that moving to a new place is wasteful. I am quite in limbo with this. Although DEW and the stalking will follow you anywhere, I was able to adapt to new environments several times throughout my pre-discovery years (before I discovered I am a TI). If you have source of income (job), a considerably safe place to live and you are lucky enough to have loyal friends and family, I would suggest that you remained where you are. If you still decided to move, do not moved to a new place if you don’t have enough money or a source of income. Do not moved if you feel like your safety will be compromise. It is better to remain in a place where you know your surroundings (and enemies!). In other words, don’t go to a war zone if you don’t have any amunitions or information about your enemies! Unless you are Oprah, you will need a lot of amunitions and resources to comfortably live in a new place and fight the DEW and OSEH following you. Do research of the place you are planning to move. Remember this: You will need a source of income, a reliable allies, a reliable safe place to live and a new look on life.

Lucrative – For many targeted individuals, it will be hard to accept the fact that your ability to earn income have been diminish due to the relentless harassments and health outcomes from radiations while your harasers live in a comfortable lives with steady income while their organizer counts the profits. You have to change your attitude and look at it as a motivations. It is a lucrative business. A domino effect of money making opportunities. Just look at it this way, every aspect of this operations need money. From the technician who is meneauvering the satellite DEW machines, to the daily operations at different Fusion centres, to the processing of digital interface of protocols, to the helicopter flying over your roof. They need personnels to do all these jobs. And all these workers don’t work for free. Targeted individuals should realized that without them all these people will be unemployed. So technically they all work for you. Use this fact as a motivation to change your attitude and a shield to all the harassment insults.

Next, organized stalking…

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