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Organized Stalking

January 22, 2011

Continuation of Practical Survival Guide…

Since discovering that I am a targeted individual, I learned a lot. I am writing this blog to help out. I know there are other targeted individuals out there who are struggling. Who are probably being drugged, being institutionalized and who are homeless or at risk of becoming one. They are being harass daily 24/7 and maybe contemplating on giving-up. Please do not cave-in. This is what I learned, and hopefully will help you to keep your spirit up and to keep on fighting.

Signs – Stalking is the first noticeable signs of targeting. You will notice an increase in traffic whether in pedestrians or vehicles wherever targeted individuals are located (at work or at home). You will feel like being followed and will eventually confirmed this is happening to you. You will be under suriveillance 24/7, 365 days a year. The surveillance will include noise campaigns and street theatre. Its main goal is to induced mental disorder or the perception of one. Paranoia, delusional, anxiety, fear, agitations are the common outcomes.

Mind Game – One of the targeted individual said, “this is a game of chess, a chase to one’s sanity.” So be very aware of the mind game they are playing. They want you to feel paranoid. They want you to be super sensitive, to be very observant. In other word, they want you to take notice every aspect of the harassment. So you have to learn to ignore them. To take control and not give them any attention they are desperately seeking.

Isolation VS Socialization – Noise campaign, including helicopter/aircraft and other public harassment are tactics to induced paranoia and other mental illness. Mobbing is used to invade targeted individuals’ personal space and privacy. They normally do this to induce isolation, so that you will feel uncomfortable in public place and with many people surrounds you. Counteract this by thinking this as a time for you to socialize, be friendly. Another tactic is street theatre, a loud person talking in his or her cell phone is the most common skit.

Time is Money – Do not think everyone is there to harass you. Do not give them the attention and the impression of you’re getting impatient specially if you’re in the store or public places, waiting in line. Relax and take your time, the more time you spend with them, the more money their organizer will spend (which includes the helicopter!).

Paranoia and Delusions – Targeted individuals will experienced break and entering. Normal occurrences are invaluable items will disappear and reappear. Furniture being moved. Gas stove being left turned-on. They will leave a signs that someone was inside your properties like cigarette butts in your front door. These are tactics to induced paranoia and delusions.

Reporting with Concrete Evidences – Learn to gather concrete evidence and then properly planned the reporting to the authorities, making sure not to have any chances of being label or perceived as paranoid or delusional. Which means do not tell anyone particularly the police that you are hearing voices unless you have a concrete evidences.

Learn and Adapt – As targeted individuals become super-attentive to what is going on, eventually, he or she will realized that this will probably go on for the rest of their lives. Until some major disaster or events happened, this phenomenon will probably continue. Therefore, one must learn to adapt. One must try to neutralize the harassers’ efforts. You can achieve this by educating yourself. For example, the tactic of “entrapment.” Targets who previously had debt problems will get several credit card offers via e-mail and other media. Avoid this temptations. Those who are religious will get some nasty sex-related junk e-mail. Trashed this. Or other persistent religious e-mails that ask you to forward this to ten people or so that you’ll be bless by God, this is junk mail. Those who are actively involved in politics will get unsolicited e-mail/propaganda about their political affiliations or rival organizations. Read and delete. The main purpos of all of harassments is to manipulate someone’s emotions. To provoke a reaction. Targeted individuals must learn to adapt to this regular daily occurrences. Identify, ignore or trash it.

Neutralize the Harassments – Another example of how to adapt or neutralize the harassments is, when targeted individuals decides to do activism, unsolicited news or propaganda will flow or come in via social network rigorously. All are aimed to heighten emotions. They wanted you to feel angry. They wanted you to have a strong opinion about everything. The most common is the feeling that your civil/human rights are being violated. Making targeted individuals combative and agitated. If you decide to go public, avoid to have a perception that you’re “losing it” with your public tirade and agitation.

Next, electronic harassments…

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