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Putting Faces to the TI Phenomenom 2011 part one

February 22, 2011


This is an update of the blog I’ve written about the activism of several targeted individuals, I noticed an increase in volume of exposure of these crimes and at the same time an increase of “diversionary news/propaganda” by the mainstream media and the perpetrators of this crimes. The most notable diversions were the Wikileaks, BP Oil disasters, The Washington Posts revealation of the secret government counterterrorism networks/contractors and the G8/20 riots in Toronto, all divert everyone’s attention to the on-going human rights violations (organized stalking, electronic harassments using direct energy weapons) that are perpetrated to ordinary citizens. I questioned the authenticity of some of the diversion news/propaganda as organized stalking and electronic harassments became like a normal daily occurances. And that people seemed to be desensitized or doesnt care about the degree of harm that this crimes are imposing to targeted individuals. Some individuals don’t even know that they are being targeted themselves until the late stages of the targeting campaign. The targeted individuals listed below managed to discover the truth and decided to expose the crimes, some considered, the silent holocaust.

jeremystalked: Louisville targeted individual press conference 2009

SilverRedIndigo: “Never ever think this is about you specifically…its about something you represent…develop a healthy attitude and sense of humour…you really got be very very sane because the game here is a chase after your sanity…”

ongangstalking: “…I’m still here to tell you don’t let them win, I’m still here advocating to have gear, documenting…”

morrobayblue2002: “I’d like the people to know that you are not alone…”

UndueHarassment: “This has happened several times, the past two times this week…spraying some chemical on my neck. My eyes started burning, I felt like I had hay fever or something…This particular employee is harassing me with this mystery substance…”

Johnverichiped: “…the swine flue because of this program is actually made to destroy the people with implants…is genetically engineered…”

mrdrofdel: “…we’re not criminals nor fugitive from justice nor crazy…” – Randy Quaid

XQzix: “It makes me feel afraid…without people following us everywhere.” – lawrence Guzzino

SpreadtheWord08: “…they won’t take the report, I’m being harassed…”

marcasdf1234: “…they give you wild dreams…they’re racist, they can make your ears dropped, they almost make your ears popped…for some reason they want me to be isolated…”

LolaHeavey: “…we’re forced into this situations but our intention here is to try and reach out to other people in London who are being targeted for their political views…”

SpreadtheWord08: “…I had another breakdown and ended up in the hospital…once I get out of the hospital, I started hearing voices interogating me…in reality I got voice to skull, I was hearing voices in my head…”

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