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Putting Faces to the TI Phenomenom 2011 part two

February 24, 2011


This an update of the blog I written about the activism of several targeted individuals, I noticed an increase in volume of exposure of these crimes and at the same time the increase of “diversion news/propaganda” by the mainstream media and the perpetrators of this crimes. The most notable diversions were the Wikileaks, BP Oil disasters, The Washington Posts revealation of the secret government counterterrorism networks/contractors and the G8/20 riots in Toronto, all divert everyone’s attention to the on-going human rights violations (organized stalking, electronic harassments using direct energy weapons) that are perpetrated to ordinary citizens. I questioned the authenticity of some of the diversion news/propaganda as organized stalking and electronic harassments became like a normal daily occurances. And that people seemed to be desensitized or doesnt care about the degree of harm that this crimes are imposing to targeted individuals. Some individuals don’t even know that they are being targeted themselves until the late stages of the targeting campaign. The targeted individuals listed below managed to discover the truth and decided to expose the crimes, some considered, the silent holocaust.

leopoldoridruejo: “Anorexia…nothing to do with mental illness, eating disorders or psychiatric problems…the same origin as gang stalking mind control games. This mind control is NOT man-made, it has a non-human origin”

mochavb: “…its called remote neuro-monitoring…wherever I go, I have this I’ guess its called broadcast signal…its has capability of reading someone’s thoughts…any electronic device…the harassment its a little much…I’m veteran american…I’m not a felon…”

victimofrothschild: “…abusers doesnt want to allow information to get out…speaking out against this abuse…”

sexinthecityLV: “…this is done so covertly…it is real…this is my reality and its happening to a lot of people…and its happening to me…”

fourthestatepubllc: “…they pretended that this is not happening to me…it is not acceptable.”

Ladychaos232: “…my gang stalking and harassment has slowed down tremedously now because they know that I definitely I figure them out…I’m reaching out to other targeted individuals like myself…”

TheFreeCitizens: “…don’t live in fear…”

alberniscorrupt: “…we were part of science subject…because we have abilites and the rest of you don’t…”

angleORevil: “…everytime I sleep and in deep sleep…I hear a loud voice…in order to wake me up…”

ChinyereDOTcom: “…you start becoming aware of what it is you are thinking and doing and you avoid things that would have a negative impact on your being…”

Isaiah4ty: “…I was pick randomly, I was misunderstood, I was used as scapegoat…”

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