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Darrim Daoud

June 21, 2011

killed violently – Mr. Daoud’s death follows his leadership of political demonstration that I attended on 14 October (2009), and prevents his leadership of a follow-up demonstration on the same issue that is planned for 10 December, Human Rights Day. The last death threat known to us was made on 14 October, when Mr. Daoud was on the train home from the first demonstration he led, the only one he will now ever lead, as it now turns out. In the light of these facts, the decision of British Transport Police, that Mr. Daoud’s violent death, when aged only 34, is “non-suspicious,” therefore strikes the trustees of this charity as ill-informed and mistaken.

Darrim Daoud was found dead on November 15 2009. One month earlier he had emailed the other UK TIs to organize them for the 14 October London TI demonstration at Trafalgar Square. He had emailed us and above is the photo of the placard he had designed for the 14th October 2009World Day protest against DEWs. He received death threats and did not show up for the protest, and no TI made a placard eventually. Here is Darrim’s email to organize the world day protest for London, which would have been a success if Darrim had not received death threats: “You are invited to attend a protest in Trafalgar Square London from 1PM on Wednesday 14th October. Feel free to get there earlier if you wish. Attached as JPEG documents are two images stating ‘Stop Directed Energy Weapons Torture’ and ‘Stop Organised Stalking’. The attachments of the two images are in sizes A3, A2 and A1. You can use these images to make your placard (or you could design your own placard). If you use these images it is suggested that you choose a size you are comfortable with (the bigger the better) and get them printed on thick card at a print shop. You could have the two different images on seperate pieces of card to be on each side of the placard. You can nail the card to a piece of timber to make your placard. I am bringing music to play. It is suggested that you bring anything you like to draw attention to this action – be creative. I look forward to seeing you at the protest, and may justice prevail for all the victims. Best Wishes, Darrim Daoud (Beulah Baruch Ministries).

organised activist – Amanda Palmer: “I have some bad news about a UK TI. I am not sure if you remember a guy writing on the Forum called Winston Smith. Winston was actually called Darrim Daoud. John and I went to see him recently as he wanted to organise the UK Global Protest himself. What we saw was a lovely young man, who was an incredibly organised activist he had a wonderful personality, very down to earth and he did not have a paranoid or suspicious bone in his body. Darrim was in his early thirties of mixed race, English and Iranian, he was angry at being harassed but kept it in perspective, and of course asked the same questions as we do which is “why him?” so he was EH as well as organised stalked, he had what I had, no voices, and the locality of people decided to harass him as in car and property damage. All of course upsetting. This of course put him into the English psychiatric system. He tried to tell his family what was happening and of course it was all denied and that he was imagining it.

On the 14th of October we had a successful protest and he was due to join us at Speakers Corner the following Sunday on the 18th. Apparently he was threatened by his perps on his journey back home. Now they must have frightened him as he did a no show and we were concerned for him. so in between we had a few emails until we heard the following from another TI. His Facebook account started to have “obituary” comments left on it. So from the 16th of November it was clear that he had died. To confirm we rang around and eventually got his dad. He will not tell us how he died and we are waiting to hear from his friends who might tell us more. I am gutted that he is dead. John is as well. A totally honest individual, who was determined to “expose” this stuff and he had some great ideas to to do this. An activist already against the Aufghanistan and Iranian wars. So this might well have been why he was a target. Anyway cannot tell you anymore until we do have more information, but John and I might be able to see his dad to give our understanding of what his son was going through. I am dreading to hear what the perps might have done to him accounting for the reason as to why he died. When we met and emailed he seemed upbeat considering and was not at all suicidal. So what happened? Many of his facebook peers are asking the same thing. If I know any more we will let you know of course. Darrim did a really good questionaire recently which was the best one so far.” (Darrim Daoud (T.I.) Suicides and Passes Away (17 Nov 2009))

Darrim Daoud is the first well known TI, in the TI community, killed at 34, because he was a popular and attractive activist with leader qualities to organize the derelict and dispersed UK TI community.Nobody helps the UK Targeted Individuals. I questioned the UK authorities about their torture on http://www.whatdotheyknow.com , type my name in their FOI search box: Joanna Iatridou and shows 80 queries so far. I blogged about my 2010 research on TIs in http://www.howbizarre2010.blogspot.com. But now it is 2011, Darrim Daoud’s inquest is not yet publicized and the UK TIs tend to get incapacitated and “disappear” from the activism and social media scene. I would like to make this a blog with several TI writers and restart meetings with the other TIs. Unless I get vital organ failure and end up crippled like many of the “not seen lately” other UK TIs (UK Targeted Individuals Activism & Safety Watch).

Darrim Daoud: Facial burn recieved from directed energy weapons. I have also been prevented from having any sleep for 133 hours so far. (Uploaded by MrLanercost on Nov 13, 2009)

This shows the injuries sustained by a victim of directed energy weapons torture. During the night his skin was seriously burnt with these weapons. His tendons were also damaged causing his hand to be permanently disfigured as can be seen in the video. The victim is from the UK (Uploaded by MrLanercost on Oct 15, 2009).

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