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Julianne McKinney

June 23, 2011

holocaust – Investigative journalist, Greg Syzmanski: “after an extensive career in US Army Intelligence as an area intelligence officer, on return to civilian life Julianne McKinney became a member of the Association of National Security Alumni, an organization of former intelligence officers dedicated to exposing escesses by the US intelligence services. Appointed as director of the electronic surveillance project, in 1991 Julianne authored the publication “Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation”, still recognized today as one of the most authoritative documents on the subject. Within the interview, Julianne McKinney makes the frightening observation that the ultimate objective may be “to control and correograph those who are involved in these harassment operations on the dispensing end. And it would appear that those being targeted are simply objects, whom I see as ultimately being disposable. In other words, I think that once full control is established over a major percentage of the population, and enough of the pouplation is silenced and unwilling to stick their necks out, we would inevitably be heading towards a HOLOCAUST.” (Julianne McKinney on Microwave Harassment and Mind Control Experimentation — Greg Syzmanski interview).

mind-control experimentationThe August-September 1991 issue of UNCLASSIFIED reviewed Hamline University’s “Public Administration” report on the resolution of MKULTRA cases in 1988. Although the shocking details of medical ethics abuses by the U.S. and Canadian governments were amply detailed, Washington and Ottawa — citing national security and government privilege — stalled for so long that cases never came to trial. the surviving victims settled for a pittance in an out-of-court settlement. Since no individuals or agencies were held legally accountable, the door was left open for possible resumption of similar “mind-control” activities. In the context of that article, we mentioned briefly that some half-dozen people had contacted us with appeals for assistance in ending what they believe to be electronic harassment and mind-control experimentation, possibly involving the CIA. We decided to take a closer look at the situation. We are now in touch with approximately a dozen individuals throughout the United States who appear to be targets of harassment and mind-control experimentation involving directed-energy technologies. [By mid-November 1992, the number had increased to 25.] Typically, persons who complain of being “zapped by radio waves” and of “hearing voices” are stigmatized as psychotic, delusional or schizophrenic. Being mindful of this, as well as aware of the treatment accorded UFO and psychic phenomena “freaks,” we approach this subject with a high degree of caution. Based on our preliminary investigation, including interviews with the affected individuals, we conclude that the matter is serious and should be pursued further (Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation).

letter to the president – “…As to DoD’s claims regarding their lack of involvement in involuntary human experimentation, you might want to read DoD Directive 5240. l-R (“Procedures Governing the Activities of DoD Intelligence Components that Affect United States Persons”). According to this regulation, persons who qualify as “targets of surveillance” become fair game for the testing of all forms of communications and “non-communications” frequencies. Radar is identified in this regulation as a “non-communications” frequency. (Radar is also now being touted as a “non-lethal” asset.) Also according to this regulation, signals testing and experimentation in “targets of surveillance” may involve the joint participation of the Central Intelligence Agency. I am bringing this to your attention because these recurrent attempts would appear to belie the officially-benign position taken by the Department of Defense regarding involuntary human experimentation. Indeed, I am being given the distinct impression that U.S. citizens who push for investigations into these experiments face a future on a morgue slab. This is not my idea of how a democracy should operate. Perhaps I am mistaken…” (Julianne McKinney’s Letter to President Clinton and His Reply).

the current ‘Julianne McKinney’? – Anyone who observes the attitude of the ‘Julianne McKinney’ on the multistalk forum will undoubtedly see how inappropriate this person acts towards most of those who come on there claiming to be targets of gang-stalking. In considering what the real intent is of this person and this forum, it soon becomes obvious that this ‘Julianne McKinney’ is there to identify and monitor real targets of government initiated gang-stalking operations. Although a person named Julianne McKinney may have released information on mind-control and electronic harassment, that may have been part of a carefully planned, longer-term operation against the public. Or, the real Julianne McKinney may have been disposed of in the same manner as many other government whistle-blowers have been in the past, and her identity was stolen to give some other loyal NSA scumbag a seemingly credible front for identifying and monitoring people who believe they are being gang-stalked. It’s often been said by those who would know, that when you join an organization such as the NSA, you can never really leave. There is too much of a possibility of exposing secrets. The NSA has a long and growing record of permanently disposing of those who try to separate themselves from that extremely corrupt organization (Minions of the New World Order ).

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