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Peter Rosenholm

September 2, 2011

non-lethal weapons testing – “I was one of the particular individuals that was incapacitated on 1-1-2001. they incapacitated me all night while laughing and threatening that they were going to shot and kill me. The weapon sounded like blasting crickets or exactly like LRADS attack mode. You can’t help but try to cover your ears and your body from the attack. All the undigested food in me was gurgling through me at a rapid rate – you could hear it. I called it being radiated and althetes foot was gone for two weeks so it must have killed all the bacteria in my body. I was just shaking and pissing brown by morning and called an ambulance, it was diverted to an obscure hospital in my district. The Naval War College at the New Port Naval Base is also in my district and Patrick Kennedy is my congressmen. The hospital that I went to had me committed and they continued non-lethal weapons testing on me with these through wall microwave weapons and at least one infra-sound weapon. They tortured the shit out of me and tried to force me to commit suicide. I guess they were celebrating the billions in contracts that would be coming. One other thing is they changed the records so I have a missing day they record me being admitted a day later than I actually was at the first hospital. I now assume they checked me out before they continued torture and possibly chipped me to monitor me further down the line. My brother is a nuclear engineer and was trained by the nuclear Navy and GE to run nuclear subs and reactors. He quit after being qualified and they said they would black ball him. He went on to get a degree in industrial engineering and went into computers. Later he became a lawyer. I beginning to see a pattern where the military and law enforcement attack the people around the person they are after, pricks.” (Targeted Individual’s Comment on ce399.typepad.com (22/3/09))

seroquel and numerous other drugs – “How many of us out there survived the psychological attack and an attempt at forced suicide, only to succumb to the medicine our good doctors give us? My situation is uncommon for most people, but there is a growing number of us being drugged to death. I was attacked by my local police. Having a dislike for each other. The brother of a local cops rented the 2nd floor apartment of my home. Before long I was being surveilanced with microwave technology. The surveillance turned to taunts and attacks with this technology. after a night of attacks and then hospitalized. I was falsely diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. The same people I turned to for help, since I was pissing brown by the morning from the all night attack had me locked up, and this was where my attackers were waiting at the local mental hospital, I survived somehow. Against my demand that the diagnosis was wrong and asking not to be given drugs for that diagnosis. I was mislead while they said the medicine was for anxiety. I became nonfunctional and was dying, I couldn’t do anything for myself without extreme exhaustion. They were giving me 1200 mg of seroquel and numerous other drugs. After a panic attack the nurses at the hospital told me on the side that I was on double the dose of seroquel then the maximum dosage in their manual. The doctors said nothing. They also asked if I had gained weight. I had, they told me this medicine caused people to gain weight. When I got out I changed doctors and am almost off all medicine. I’m doing great. There was not one but two attempts on my life. The second was the medicine after a horrific attack. I would also like to mention the same cop who had falsely arrested me twice and was the same voice behind the verbal attack that night before I was hospitalized, had his name written beside mine on a chalk board at the local mental health facility in my area that contacted me after hospitalization. Police take the place of mental heal officials in towns without these facilities, it’s the law!” (Death by suroquel)

the right to speak – “…They made it harder for the public to speak this time. 300 people called in wishing to speak to the commission. This was stated by Dr Wagner the Co-chair at the beginning of public speaking. Normally only half the people speak. This means there could have been 600 people in attendance….After the 300 people had called in to Ester Yoo as requested to announce they would be coming to speak, emails were sent to those requesting to speak telling them they couldn’t. only 30 t0 45 minutes is given for public speaking…I had been denied the right to speak but had arranged to speak for Ted Gunderson. He was an FBI agent in charge of 700 men in Los Angeles when he retired. He is now a target for speaking against corruption. He had actually been involved in COINTELPRO thirty years ago but he said it paled in comparison to what we are going through. We were to fly Ted in but he opted out the day before his flight. He is 83 and has cancer. In a last minute deal he got the commission to agree to have me speak for him…So when they called, “Ted Gunderson’s”, name during the, “public comment 1/2 hour”, I was not ready to speak. When I tried to speak for myself they quickly shut me down. In the end I made a ten second statement for Ted. It didn’t help that I was unable to sleep the night before. I might have been the subway rumbling under the hotel every 24 minutes or occasionally hearing the announcements over the speakers below in the subway. New York is a very strange place. The lesson is they will try to discourage you. Don’t let them. Be prepared to speak in case they let extra people speak as they have done both times now. Remember the lessons learned that I just wrote down. Unimpeded there would have been 600 people representing the public there. Holding this in the middle of Manhattan had it’s own challenges including a $45 fee for valet parking at the hotel. This is still an opportunity for us to go on record officially and we won’t know if there are any concrete results until President Obama receives this Bioethics Commission’s report and recommendations. Be polite and dress as professionally as you can. You might also want to see this as a form of protection. By going on the official record it would look strange if a number of us were knocked off or hospitalized…” (For participants of future Bioethics Commission meetings).

Peter Rosenholm is an activist and self proclaimed targeted individual from East Providence Rhode Island, United States.


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