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Allen L. Barker

September 4, 2011

dissidents being tortured – “…One day Mrs. Stevenson said something and a student in the class replied, “Oh, be white, Mrs. Stevenson.” We all thought it was pretty funny. The fact that she was black was a part of the joke, or course. To her credit, she basically shrugged it off. Now I think back on that. I know quite well what we meant at the time about “be white.” The problem is that the term now strikes me with extreme irony. I wish I had a word that could capture what we meant at the time, without any racial references. But the behavior we attributed to white people turns out to be only a myth, a way that some white people would interact with other white people they perceived to be in their same social class. We were not taught in school that just a few years earlier blacks were finally granted the right to vote without interference. We heard almost nothing about the fact that Martin Luther King Jr. had been murdered. If we did, it was without the context of the basic Constitutional freedoms he was fighting for. Social class was a powerfully taboo subject, and still is. Americans pretend to be classless. We certainly did not learn in school about things like COINTELPRO. When the “good white people” were forced by court orders to integrate their schools and treat blacks as equals, they publicly spoke out and accepted their “defeat.” What really happened is that the programs of repression “went black.” That is, the programs became covert and secret. They were still publicly funded, government programs. This was the perfect solution. It would allow the spokesmen of the day, and later, to some extent, spokeswomen of the day, to stand up and piously proclaim the politically correct dogma. They could talk and yammer all they wanted, knowing that the forces of segregation had secretly merged with the forces of plausible deniability. Then we come to today. The categories of earlier times may not mean as much now. There may be some blurring along the edges. But the general patterns are the same. It never was just black and white, though that was a good divide and rule ploy that meshed well with racism and a history of black slavery. Today the economy is good (God). That excuses anything. That distracts the minds of working people as well as the wealthy. A few dissidents being tortured is just the price we must pay. [Why do I worry that the sarcasm will not register?] The fundamental difference now between us and, say, China is that we are more prosperous. At least that is what they indirectly tell us…” (Be White)

psychological warfare – “…As reported in December of 1993 by The City Sun Newspaper of Brooklyn, Brian Wronge discovered after being released from a correctional facility that he had various devices implanted in his body. These devices showed up on CT and MRI scans. Even so, he had difficulty getting a lawyer to represent him. Surgeons, citing fears of reprisal, would not remove the devices from his body. The group Physicians for Human Rights refused to assist him or help him find a surgeon. Major newspapers did not cover the story. This last fact should not be a surprise. According to the Columbia Journalism Review, the data on human radiation experiments that was reported as new in 1993 had actually been known for almost a decade. A congressional committee had issued a report detailing those abuses in 1986. The report was widely ignored and misreported. The indifference shown toward the still surviving victims of these experiments is shocking. I have personally experienced harassment and torture inflicted by people using mind control, or influencing, technology. It began when I was doing research work associated with the intelligence community. In the bizarre logic of this sort of harassment, those who claim to have experienced it firsthand are often accorded less credibility than those who have not. I do not let this stop me from trying to describe how truly horrifying it is to have your very mind repeatedly violated, inside your own home where there is no escape. Just describing the hardware capabilities does not begin to touch on the “software” techniques of psychological warfare that are applied using the technology…” (Testimony to the National Bioethics Advisory Committee – Allen L. Barker Nov. 23, 1997).

if you act like Mengele then you are a Nazi pig – “The Nazi Pig Theorem: The adjective, “Auschwitz-level,” to describe these crimes, is not hyperbole. If you do not feel like you need to vomit, you probably do not really understand the full sickness of mind control crimes. Gordon Thomas wrote in the introduction to his book Journey Into Madness: The True Story of CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse: “In working on this book I have had to come to terms with my own emotions — disbelief, bewilderment, disgust, and anger and, more than once in the early stages, a feeling that the subject was simply too evil to cope with. Nothing I had researched before could have prepared me for the dark reality of doctors who set out to deliberately destroy minds and bodies they were trained to heal.” Torturers can never blame their victims, though they invariably try. These torturers are the sorts of people who will repeatedly hit a bound and gagged victim with a stick and then try to claim the victim caused it. They’ll steal from you and then complain about the property they stole; they’ll rape you and sneer at the quality of the “sex.” This brings me to what I refer to as the Nazi Pig Theorem (NPT). Strictly speaking it is a metaphorical axiom, but it can be very useful to the torture victim. It basically asserts that if you act like Mengele then you are a Nazi pig. Then there are a few obvious conclusions that are also part of the “theorem.” Isn’t that obvious? Don’t you believe it? Then remember it and act like you know it. NPT is as sharp as a razor. The contrapositive of NPT is also useful: If they are not Nazi pigs then they are not raping your brain. So you can think anything about anyone; it’s just you and the Nazis in your mind, and their opinions do not matter at all. If you have a passing thought about someone and the Nazis try to harass you with it or make you feel guilty about it, it does not matter. The Nazi pigs’ opinions do not matter (unless they somehow help to get the pigs hanged). If you think some thought about someone who really is raping your brain, then you have some worse things to think about that Nazi piece of human garbage than what floated through your brain originally. One use of the Nazi Pig Theorem is to try to go on with ordinary life even as you are being tortured and you know the true, evil nature of the society you are living in. Spend some time each day working for justice in the physical world, and the rest of the time try to ignore the Nazi pigs and get on with your life as best as you can. My philosophy is basically to wish people well, and any differences I have had with people are all water under the bridge after not too long. But atrocities never, ever pass under the bridge. The victims never forget, and never should forget. Of course any victim is free to choose to forgive his or her torturers, but for torturers to lecture their victims about forgiveness is the “Christianity” of the oppressor. Forgiveness also does not preclude justice. The unfortunate reality is that when dealing…” (Part III Mental Firewalls).

Dr. Allen L. Barker is an American citizen, who in November 1995 experienced electronic mind control harassments. Although not confirmed, he was possibly connected professionally to the educational institution, Computer Science Department of the University of Virginia. He has written essays and articles about his experience as unconsented human subject and has given testimony to the 1997 investigation on bioethics concerning human experimentation. In his now close internet site, he reiterated that his harassement started while doing unclassified contract work for the Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate (IEWD). On February 21, 1996, after so much deliberation, Barker went to the hospital for brain scan. He had a bad experience with the health practitioners of the hospital and summed up his feeling saying: “I do not know what sort of lasting legal stigma I now have from the emergency detainment order. My rights to speech, free religious exercise, due process, fair takings, association, and freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, to name a few, have all been trampled as if they did not exist. I now wonder if they have indirectly managed to trample my second amendment rights too. I still do not know how the mind rape is being carried out. I now wish I had insisted on an ultrasound exam. CAT scans use X-rays, to which certain materials are invisible. (Assuming the scans were even closely inspected in the first place.) I think cautiously about trying to have some other procedures performed. Of course I am not even sure if implanted devices are what is being used, but the surveillance can seemingly follow me everywhere.” The same year, he reported on his site, I am finally close to finishing my PhD dissertation, in spite of the harassment.” On Nov. 8, 1996, Barker embarked on his protest and activism and went on a hunger strike. He sent letters to the media, governement officials, and human rights organizations, educating them and informing them of his struggles. On May 8, 1997, Dr Barker completed his Ph.D. in computer science. Late in the same year, Barker testified to the National Bioethics Advisory Commission’s Human Subjects Subcommittee. In his credible statement he said: “This is the mockery of justice that passes for rule-of-law in the U.S. today. It is based on black bag jobs, secret surveillance, and often based on torture and violations of citizens’ minds…” On May 3, 1999 Barker reported: “…I am raped and robbed each and every day. By any literal or legal definition I am used as a slave to be exploited for the profit and benefit of whoever has the connections or the clout to access the workings of my mind (or whatever transcripts or summaries are made available)…Whatever my torturers have taken they have still not taken my dignity — though they have tried. The efforts only point back at them, and in a larger sense at American culture and society. I hope all victims will continue to resist and will maintain their dignity in the face of hideous, vicious, and frankly childish assaults. Do not identify with any culture that would make you a slave or any religion that would sanction your torture. I urge all people to work to end these particular abuses and to foster greater respect for human rights in general…” And on his last posting on June 30, 1999: “…Many ordinary citizens simply cannot accept or deal with the fact that other people in their society are so very vicious and cruel. Some are like people dazzled by a Hitlerian big lie who desperately want to believe the victims have done something to deserve what they got. Other citizens find it expedient to pretend the death camp down the street does not exist…” On June 1, 2000 Barker encouraged his follower to check out his site on Mind Control. For the list of his posted journals click here. On June 1, 2000 Barker encouraged his follower to check out his site on Mind Control. For the list of his posted journals click here. As of 2011, there is no update or any current news about Dr. Allen Barker, his essays remained useful and credible.


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