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Eleanor White

September 16, 2011

“I NEVER have claimed to anyone, the show hosts included, that I am an “expert” in mind control. I am far from that, and most of what I know comes from other people who have helped me.”

persistent tactics – “…In the spring of 2000, the sabotage level at my employer had reached the point where I was forced to resign, three years from qualifying for retirement. The sabotage level had become so severe that almost every machine I would repair, upgrade, or in some cases just install would be found inoperable the next morning. In some of these cases, the equipment was destroyed, and in other cases, sabotage was found and fixed. Programs I would write would malfunction either the next day, or sometimes the programs would refuse to work in spite of having other well qualified programmers check for errors and finding none. Clearly the operating system had been modified to recognize programs written by me and cause them to malfunction or refuse to run at all. In spite of clear cut evidence, the managers above me refused to even discuss the obvious sabotage. I had no choice but to resign because I was no longer contributing useful work in return for my salary. I found a couple of technical openings in my city of Hamilton, Ontario, and in those cases, the person hiring was very interested in my skill set and experience. However, inevitably, when I would check back a few days later, all of a sudden there was no opening. One of the more persistent tactics used by organized stalkers is to spread lies about the target. My impression was that the stalkers had ensured I would not be able to find another technical job. Needing to support myself, I took a job as a part-time security guard. I would have been glad to work full time as a guard but full time openings went to guards with seniority. So this was fine, a chance to learn how to live on very little. One thing the part time schedule did was give me lots of time off. At that time, I was living next to a huge, beautifully landscaped park, about a quarter mile wide and a half mile long. Many beautiful mature trees of many different species. Naturally, I took the opportunity to spend time there. While doing that I fell in love. With the approximately 200 squirrels who called this beautiful park home. I spent many hours hanging out with them, tossing them treats, and learning about their lifestyle. This continued for eight years, three working as a part time guard, and five fully retired. The first year was an animal lover’s dream. These little folks were already partly tame, generations of them having been accustomed to human company. There were several other people who liked to hang out with the squirrels as well. I just couldn’t get enough of the company of the squirrels. This turned to Hell in the second year. Organized stalking perpetrators carefully observe what the target enjoys, and will do all they can short of being highly visible, to destroy whatever that activity is. In this case, and this did NOT happen in the first year, almost every time I would sit down to enjoy the company of one of the squirrel colonies, someone would come along and do something to break it up…” (Organized Stalking Story Suggesting City Government Complicity)

e-weapons – “…Today’s e-weapon guinea pigs are fundamentally different from the old-style institutional and child-abused MKULTRA victims in that the torturers NEVER need to come face to face with their victims. Tracking and telemetry have reached science fiction levels of efficiency, and I can tell you from 7 years’ personal experience, those guys in adjacent apartments to mine can tell you the diameter of each nostril, even when I am sleeping in a sheet metal steel cocoon which even when the side door is open nearly blocks all AM and FM radio signals. So today’s e-weapons victims zap and torture you thru the walls and floors, with silent weapons which can cause enough pain to force suicide and still leave not a single physical trace. The weapons don’t even budge my very ferrous sheet steel cocoon, even while the spooks move objects (conductive and non-conductive) within the enclosure…” (Current Mind Control In America: What We Think Is Going On)

noises and slammed doors – “In 1980, I was living and working in Toronto, Ontario Canada, in my late 30s. I was contentedly single, and thought I had no enemies,” said Miss White. Or so she thought, unaware that she was targeted and stalked. “Things started to just go wrong. My clothing seams started to give out very quickly, sometimes on nearly new items, and I tend to have less clothes but purchase high quality items for durability. Pockets in winter coats. Crotches and armpits. Often the crotches would develop a pattern of many small holes that looked like someone had been pushing a pencil through the cloth. Each time I picked up the clothing, the holes would get larger then merge into two large holes either side of the crotch center or seam. I wrote it off as ‘poor quality goods these days.'” She then began to encounter men unknown to her who glared at her with hostile intentions, and unfriendly neighbors who played extremely loud radio noises, and slammed their doors. “Oh well, must have a screw loose,” Eleanor said to herself. Unknown men buzzed her apartment for long periods of time, and very loud, but Eleanor refused to allow them into her apartment. These incidents kept on for two years until a recession hit in her town in 1982. To keep herself distracted from this weird situation, Eleanor took a fifteen month government-sponsored training program for computer programming and related skills. Needless to say, these incidents even followed her there. Whenever she would use a computer lab, her computer never seemed to work properly, while her 30 fellow classmates didn’t have the same problem. Some of the computers were tied to a mainframe. At the end of each programming session, they all needed to print their work on a network printer to take home for “desk checking.” Unlike her classmates, Eleanor’s print jobs kept getting moved to the rear of the printing queue, meaning she had to wait from a half to a full hour longer than her classmates to leave. It was crystal clear to Eleanor White that someone was hacking into her print jobs. From 1980 and even after the year 2003 when she retired from her job as an engineer, the “organized stalkers” refused to show her any mercy, and continued. In 1996, Eleanor came in contact with other victims of “electronic harassment” and “organized stalking.” Such covert operations and tactics are strikingly similar to the ones performed by secret law enforcement operations, primarily ones directed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I) and its infamous counterintelligence program, COINTELPRO, which was highly known for its harassments, illegal operations, and terroristic tactics against many civil rights activists, particularly the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in the 1960s. Eleanor White further defines “organized stalking” as “surveillance and harassment of a designated target by stalkers who are members of groups, which are networked throughout the industrialized nations of the world…” (Electronic Harassment)

Eleanor White, 66 (now probably in her 70s) year old, an activist and retired engineer. She been targeted since 1980 by electronically assisted citizen gang stalkers. She has been working to expose and stop these crimes since 1996 through activism. Eleanor was born in the United States, served in the U.S. military forces and now lives in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Eleanor has also been a ham radio operator since age 12, now holding call letters VE3LKE (Multistalkervictims).


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