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Paolo Fiora

September 18, 2011

non-consensual testing – “…I have been a political and human rights activist since my early teens. In 1988 I relocated to the United Kingdom from my native Italy, and during the 22 years I have spent in this country I have been working and paying taxes. I live in North London and for many years I have been used, like a number of other individuals, in the UK, in the US and in a number of other countries, as a guinea pig for the covert, non-consensual testing of all kind of technologies and techniques targeted at finding new ways of better controlling and manipulating people.The way the people who perpetrate this political crime manage to get almost universal cooperation with their activities, is through an ongoing campaign of character assassination, lies, misinformation, disinformation against the innocent victims, never mind the fact that most of their allegations are totally contradictory and fly in the face of even the most basic common sense, but, who’s going to take the time to question and analyze their allegation? We have been led into two totally illegal and ruinous wars, how many people bothere to question their lies? Rendition is still going on! Is anyone asking questions? To help to expose this crime should be a priority for all political and human rights activists, but unfortunately the great majority of them doesn’t really want to know what goes on and seems only too willing to believe all the lies and the misinformation, they don’t know how to deal with this relatively new and unreported political crime, MAYBE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH US, THE VICTIMS, I guess it is a little more complex that just attending a demonstration or signing a petition, they find easier to consider us, the increasing number of people who complain about the abuse and the violence we are being subjected to, describing it in ways which are always consistent and similar, they find easier to dismiss us as mentally ill, all suffering from some sort of new, still to be defined, psychiatric syndrome!…after years of having been used as a guinea pigs in experiments which became over the years increasing brutal, ruthless and horrific, a full-blown campaign of psychological terrorism is under way to “dispose” of me and drive me out of the country, showing total contempt for the fact that I left Italy 22 years ago, I have never been back since and I have nowhere else to go to in the entire world. I would like to point out that I have never committed any crime, nor hurt anyone in my entire life, I don’t have a criminal record, not in Italy, nor in this country, nor have I ever been sectioned under the Mental Health Act. But the saddest thing of all to me is that many fellow human right and political activists in my native Italy first and then in this country, when I went to them for support and help over the years, they have always, somewhat incomprehensibly, chosen to look the other way and hide and abet this crime.
We live in a global culture dominated by corruption, collusion and conniving, they got away with starting two completely illegal and ruinous wars, they got away with Rendition and with all kind of human rights abuses, they got away with passing reams and reams of fascist, illiberal legislation, and they are totally confident they can get away with using any number of innocent citizens as guinea pigs, you are the ones who can prove them wrong and help to held these fascists, masquerading as “scientists”, accountable for their crimes!…” (Facebook)

new weapon system – “Then the last element in my story is the increasing militarisation of Western society, where the Terror-Industrial Complex is constantly looking to develop new weapon system and new ways of controlling and manipulating the population. To date my entire life has been destroyed and ruined, I think fellow activists should start to question all the lies being told about myself and also start asking all the difficult and obvious questions about all the sinister technologies which are currently been deployed against me and which, in a not so distant future, could easily start to get rolled out against them too, if they are not already, in some sort of creeping, low-profile way, you may be interested to know that often it takes years for the victims to realize that they are being targeted in this fashion and by these technologies. You may also be interested to know that practically all the victims of this sophisticated campaign of harassment, complain about being targeted by a ferocious campaign of character assassination in their local community, which has the effect of turning everyone against them, often INCLUDING family and relatives, spouses, close friends, employers and colleagues at work…” (Facebook)

systematic vilification – “…I live in North London and for many years I have been the target of a series of State-sponsored activities, which include a campaign of organized vigilante harassment, threats, bullying, abuse, an organized campaign of systematic vilification and character assassination, a campaign of systematic interference, harassment and attacks with Direct Energy “non-lethal” Weapons. The aim is human experimentation, to try out constantly new and evolving techniques and technologies, to find out more about the working of the human mind with the exclusive purpose of controlling and manipulating people, communities, entire nations. With 90% of the world entire wealth owned by some 1000 families and with the US using and consuming 40% of the entire world’s resources, it is understandable how the military-industrial complex of the US and its closest allies is obsessed with developing constantly new weapon systems, new methods of psychological warfare, new ways of controlling, manipulating and spying on everything which happens on the planet!…” (Paolo Fiora).

global protest – “For all of you on the other side of the Atlantic who would like to know what happened at the Trafalgar Square protest. I received a voice mail from Winston at about 2PM London time, saying that at that point there were 5 people present at the protest, but that they were expecting a few more to attend later. I believe that besides Winston, John Allman and Amanda Palmer were there, as Winston used Amanda’s mobile to ring me and John told me of his intention to attend the night before. If people [took] any picture of the event and feel able to share them, I really look forward to seeing them. [Here’s] a short message [Winston] sent me: “There were 8 of us in the end – we handed out flyers in Trafalgar square and outside the Old Bailey. It was good to meet other T.I.s. We are going to try to set up regular meetings of T.I.s in London.” I may try to do something similar in London on the 24th at two very important events happening on the same day, the annual Anarchist Bookfair and a national Anti-War demo starting in Hyde Park, it will be actually very easy to leaflet there because there are already hundred of different people, leafleting on behalf of hundred different causes, I mean I will probably end up going there by myself, but I would certainly not mind if other London TIs were to decide to join me.” (Reports From The Front – Oct. Global Protests)

Paolo Fiora, activist, targeted individual from United Kingdom, founder of LAACE or London Alliance Against Covert Human Experimentation, a UK group of targeted individuals and its supporter. LAACE members are against the non-consensual testing of Direct Energy Weapons on totally innocent citizens and Character Assassination and Vigilante Harassment to control and isolate the victims. Fiora studied Politics and Literature at University of Genova and lives in London, United Kingdom.


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