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Joanna Iatridou

September 20, 2011

evaporation-dehydration injury – “…I believe from my personal experience that Lisa McPherson, the most famous dead Scientologist, had been hit with same weapons,and her weird behaviour, read the logs of her last 3 weeks alive, that she took of all her clothes and run in the street was because her skin was burning and also she had been “beamed” to throw up and wet her self.That she could not stand up nor sleep because she had been “evaporated” with the beam that causes traumatic loss of body water, that’s why she was dehydrated, because even if she drank one litre of water a day she could not rebalance the evaporation-dehydration injury, so that’s why she was in agony for many days. Also like me, her stomach had stopped working so she could not keep down any solid food. That all this agonizing 3 weeks to dying dehydrated and from embolism was because she was being hit through a wall by David Miscavige just for fun, but all civilians are ignorant how to help such a victim, so they could not assess her situation. I need to protect the survival and human rights of my ex-husband and me and make sure we do not end up disabled or dead.I also need to learn what treatment can heal me because I am still exhausted and weak one week after the attack and what else I can do.Do you think it’s fair to remain a secret that there is a well developed range of these weapons being used to kill or cripple people when solving disputes, by totalitarian wealthy guys?Please get in touch as Wishaw Hospital would like to get in touch with therapists or health hazard specialists who know more about how to handle these weapons and how to recover from such attacks…” (Help against directed energy weapons by OSA)

state of my teeth – “…Below are photos of mine that show the state of my teeth, without any cosmetic enhancement like enamel etc. The picture with the dark hair is during my time with IBM Greenock, so it is end of 1998, January 1999 latest and all my teeth are there with good enamel quality despite eating average 1-2 pounds of refined sugar all my life from the age of 8 when I had choice what to eat.In 1999 I was forty one, so I had 33 years of non-stop sugar behind me, his shows that my body had the capacity to repair the toxicity and the damage done from white sugar by at least 90%, when not attacked by DEWs. The blonde picture is summer 2002 for my passport. The two pictures are FOUR YEARS apart. The February 8th 2010 photo was taken with a webcam. All my left side teeth 5-6 of them, started breaking about 6 weeks after I had been blasted with an ADS on the 29th of January 2009 in South Lanark, at the KFB Village, the road outside my home, I was blasted from the left, the van with the ADS was on the right. 6 weeks later, my left side teeth started breaking while eating normal soft foods one by one. All of them kept breaking one after the other except one. When I checked with a dental mirror what’s so “special” about this one tooth that did not break, I found out it has a big amalgam filling in it. So the large amount of metal in it supplied conductivity to the tooth and that’s why it did not break. ADS weapons attacks break the teeth and cook the eyes, and we know that from Iraki hospital doctors and casualties, I will find a few links of videos and publish them. The reason why my left side teeth did not break all together and immediately same day is the ADS intensity attack. If the ADS blasted me hard enough to break all my left side teeth in one go I would have been dead on the tarmack instantly. The intensity meant injury to make me panic with severe chest pains, cooking skin, stinging eyes and blood pressure shooting over 200…” (Exposure to DEWs rots a target from the inside, all vital organs)

thermal injuries to the brain – “…I was blasted with a war zone ADS (Active Denial System) from a car, in Scotland. Don’t worry this will not happen to other targets as it creates forensic evidence: if the ADS is killing intensity you drop dead in the street with broken teeth. The broken teeth are evidence. If you get blasted with injury intensity, like me, all your teeth will turn brittle and break within two months only from the side you were hit: left cheek or right cheek, again, breaking 5-8 teeth within two months is evidence of ADS. After the ADS attack, I had to go to A&E, where I was sectioned as I mentioned the word DEWs attack. Out of Hospital, two doctors showed me a test to check if my brain had been maliciously injured during my time in Hospital. It was, and this is common in the UK: you can get hit for 4 seconds at the top of the head, the crown and in 4 seconds a high power microwave burns the top 1cm of your brain, the cerebral cortex. The only way to find out if this was done to you is drink 4 units of votka without taking any painkillers or sedation for 2 days before and after the drink. If you got hidden thermal injuries to the brain, the drink will flare up the burned areas within 20 minutes and the pain will get worse by the hour. You got to put icepacks on it and keep your body cool at 34 celsius max, for 5 days to start healing the burn. No painkillers or other sedation. When the burn is healing the pain goes down. After I had treated the thermal brain injury I was still getting attacked from the flats upstairs, in Edinburg. I managed to prevent blindness by emailing the Local Police that if I get any more DEWs attacks I will be blind by the morning. This cut down the attack. intensity, but did not stop it. Next thing I was bedridden with weak cardiovascular and called the local medical centre to bring me a wheelchair and a carer as I cannot stand up or use my legs at all. This stopped the attack for 48 hours and I went back to being able to stand up and walk. As soon as I could walk I left Edinburgh and a lot of “adventures” followed this is how I joined this group. The belief in fashion, across the UK is this: the perps can hit you on the head and body during sleep hours as much as they like and they believe you will not tell the Police for fear of being sectioned. My solution to that is a) off the record emails to the local police. I email them the type of the attack, locations I suspect and times OFF THE RECORD no police visits or interviews, it is up to them to stop the criminals anyway they want…” (Joan Iatridou’s Page).

Joanna Iatridou is an activist and targeted individual from London, United Kingdom. She is originally from Paisley, Scotland and mentioned on her You Tube account that she is targeted by two arrogant and aggressive Americans. She said: “I study solutions and remedies to get out of the victim situation and compile helpful playlists (videos).” On June 30, 2007, Iatridou wrote on her blog, about how she is different from other scientology critics. She became a Scientologist in 1975 and left the church in 2006. This maybe one of the reasons for her serious targeting that started in 2006. Her you tube videos showcased her struggles. One clip featured her sleeping that appeared she was having an electronic convulsions or attacks.


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