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Martin Bott

October 2, 2011

cold war censorship – “…At the end of 2007 it turned out that the officials of the agency preceding the GESTAPO blocked all enemy radio programs when we moved to our current residence in Straubenhardt in 1989. This concerns particularly the French programs in Alsace and the programm of the AFN ( American Forces Network ) in Germany. Even in the Rhine valley in Ettlingen and Karlsruhe and on top of the mountains along the valley, which are less than 15 kilometres away from the french border it was not possible for me to receive any french program during these 18 years. During this time I had been driving 8 different cars with 8 different radios plus occasionally some other cars like rented vans for removals and the like. Almost all of these radios had the old mechanical dial system with dial cord and variable condenser. Some French programs are available now but AFN still is being blocked for me. The BND obviously jammed the corresponding frequencies with noise similar to the white noise received if there is no station on the dial. Standing on the mountains along the Rhine valley I should be able to receive at last the 4 AFN stations in Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Stuttgart which are in line of sight. There are even many clues that the whole FM band may have been jammed and then filled with selected programs only. One clue is that there had never been interference between stations. And there was almost never a weak and noisy signal which changed due to the terrain while driving. Actually this jamming did not work consistently. In a couple of places I sometimes had received French stations and AFN during these 18 years. Despite these places being quite unsuitable to receive either French programs or AFN due to the terrain. But as well unsuitable for the jamming equipment making it possible for these enemy stations to get through. Related to this jamming seems to be the fact that the antennas of our cars constantly had been broken off during the last years. Remarkably only the upper half so we did not replace them during lo ng periods of time. If a jamming signal is introduced into the antenna using transmitters with directional antennas or preferably laser techniques producing suitable beats, the antenna emits a part of the interfering signal, making it possible to measure this signal at some distance. This signal may even jam radios in adjacent cars. If the antenna is shortened by breaking it off, the amount of energy being re-emitted is reduced.

As we still lived in North Rhine-Westfalia I almost only listened to BFBS, the program of the English army. Obviously some German stations are being blocked as well, which of course is not so conspicuous as blocking all foreign language stations. One station that had certainly been blocked is Radio Energy. When I stayed in Berlin during the second half of 2006 I often parked near some embassies in the city center. There I listened to the programme of Radio Energy. I was astonished when I heard persons from Pforzheim calling this station on the phone. Because I had never received this station being in Pforzheim during the preceding 15 years. Not even during the several hundred times I drove there to show the measurement of the illegal radar surveillance. Short wave transmissions are being jammed as well. The following recording had been made in summer of 2007 in Straubenhardt. As during the cold war censorship is still openly carried out…” (Torture, Brainwashing and Murder in Germany)

electromagnetic field – “…According to the techniques published, one would expect a high resolution laser beam being split into two. One of these laser beams would run through a pockels cell where a synthesizer generated microwave signal would be added. This microwave signal would be asymmetric. Additionally it would be a spread spectrum signal, meaning that its frequency would change very fast over several Ghz. The interaction of these two laser beams produces beats in the microwave range. As a result we have a high resolution and highly directional beam of an asymmetric electromagnetic field in the microwave range which then produces a low frequency current which can imitate the natural currents of the nerves. The target area is then scanned with this high resolution beam. Such beats in the microwave range penetrate an obstacle just like any radio frequency signal of the same frequency. With this technique it is quite difficult to directly measure the beam due to the spread spectrum signal. Even with the proper measuring equipment it should be possible to shoot right around the sensors due to the very high resolution achievable with a laser. Other possibilities are jamming the sensors or using additional laser radiation which causes destructive interference of the electromagnetic waves within the sensor, nulling the effect of the laser signal on this sensor. Promising could be direct measurement of the currents on the surface, or better by electrodes within the body and comparing them with the natural body currents. Another possibility could be to use additional radiation of one or several suitable wavelengths which then interact with the radiation of the laser weapon to produce either beats or harmonics in a spectrum visible to the eye or cameras.

A little bit of smoke would then reveal the path and origin of such a radiation used as weapon. The generation of beats or harmonics can be used in shielding techniques as well. If additional radiation of a suitable wave length is overlaying or heterodyning the relatively low frequency beats of a laser weapon, harmonics can be generated in a frequency range which can not penetrate a certain barrier. An electromagnetic field causes atoms and molecules to move in time with the field. If the frequency of the electromagnetic field is low this movement of the atoms is slow as well, consuming relatively little of the energy being transmitted by the electromagnetic field. This allows microwave signals as well as electromagnetic beats in the microwave range to penetrate walls. If high frequency, for example infrared radiation, is overlaying the low frequency microwave signal, this heterodyning causes harmonics in the infrared region. These high frequency electromagnetic harmonics, like infrared radiation, are moving the atoms and molecules in time with their high frequency. These fast movements of atoms and molecules enforced by the harmonics or electromagnetic radiation are consuming the energy very fast, resulting in the radiation being shielded by converting it into heat. (Torture, Brainwashing and Murder in Germany)

political secret service – “…The German Bundesnachrichtendienst ( BND ) is a direct successor of GESTAPO and SS. From the very beginning in 1946, then termed Organisation Gehlen, the BND operated according to the same principles. These principles are published with regard to the GESTAPO. The GESTAPO ( Geheime Staatspolizei, Secret State Police ) being the political secret service of the third Reich persecuted all political activities regarded as illegal by the state. Additionally the GESTAPO fought preventively against real or alleged dissidents of the third Reich. The GESTAPO operated within the Reich and the occupied territories without being submitted to law and justice and without being effectively controlled in any way by a superior organization of the state. The GESTAPO used “preventive arrest” ( Schutzhaft ) in prisons and concentration camps, torture termed “severe interrogation” ( Verschärfte Vernehmung ), of course without seeking any information and execution termed “special treatment” ( Sonderbehandlung ). The GESTAPO was charged with the guarding of foreign workers and prisoners of war. The GESTAPO operated forced labour camps for reeducation and took part in the deportation and assassination of the Jews and Gipsies. The notorious Einsatzgruppen had been organized by the GESTAPO and killed approximately 2 000 000 persons in eastern Europe on the spot, without referring them to concentration camps. The GESTAPO, today renamed BND, after only one year of pause continued their violent suppression of any opposition in 1946. Today the BND operates according to the same principles, not being submitted to law and justice or being controlled in another suitable way. This must not be forgotten while reading this text and watching the films documenting torture, brainwashing and steering by the BND. During the 5 years our web page was operated we also made public its existence through a large number of publications in the world wide web as well as by being personally present in public where we often showed the measurement of radar pulses as is documented on numerous photographs…” (Torture, Brainwashing and Murder in Germany)



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