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Tracy Givens

October 4, 2011

more dangerous then a handgun – “…they have also acquired other devices that can cause damage to a person from a distance. My guess would be some form of microwave / frequency type weapon, also available on line. Now in contacting the police and the federal government it would seem that they know about the equipment but are not prepared to deal with the ever-increasing number of complaints revolving around the use of such equipment yet. Hence, an epidemic in the making. The only thing I see happing in the United States as a positive is the great state of Michigan, which has passed a law making it illegal to own or operate such equipment. Every state needs to follow there example since this equipment is more dangerous then a handgun could ever be. If I were shot with a gun I would have the proof right there in way of a bullet hole in my body, with this type of equipment; I will almost have to wait on the autopsy. A little late for myself. Now I see this as a very serious security threat to the United States. This equipment has the ability to effect a person in a most disturbing manner. What if they turned this equipment on someone in power, the President or his family members, members of congress or law enforcement, the out come could be very serious indeed. Please take this complaint serious, as this is a very serious issue we are all forced to deal with. I myself have had to deal with it for almost ten years now…” (Email to are leaders August 10, 2004)

to discredit – “The “voice to skull” continues. It has taken a change over the last few months. It for many years was designed (it would seem)to drive me crazy and to cause conflicts with either a loved one, or close friends. The reason I say this is because of the things they would transmit compared to the things they transmit today. Today it is more like they are leading me. Example of this would be to say something like “Tracy is going to contact” and cut off there in hopes I will fill in the remainder of the sentence. In doing this, it would give them an idea on how to discredit me with that person. One time they were trying to convince me that my ex wife had signed some kind of paper with the feds that claimed I had killed some people and she was willing to testify against me about the whole thing. This is a ridicules statement from them. How could anyone have knowledge of an action or event that didn’t happen. They could not. They also were transmitting how my son and his friends were planning on “jumping me” and messing me up. Another ridicules statement from them. Why? to cause conflict between myself and my ex wife and son…The reason I see for this tactic or phase of harassment is to isolate me from these people by planting the seed of deceit and trying to get it to grow. And if luck was with them, it would and I would go off on one of these people. Good try, as it has caused problems between some of us, just not in the way they had hoped…But the fact is I did sound crazy to the public at times. When they would be transmitting “V2K” and would say things like “see, he’s talking to him self” and me, being me, would reply “I’m not talking to myself you dumb ass, I’m talking to you and your dog(meaning his wife/girlfriend)”. Now if you were to hear just the last statement on the radio, what would you believe…Example of how they work; One of them will be slandering you telling a group or even just one person that “you are crazy and how they are worried you are going to hurt somebody” and too “listen for them self’s“ and maybe even pull out a transistor radio (pocket radio). Now while that is going on, the others in the group are transmitting “V2K” to you. The result is the ones they are talking to about you, can only hear your comments on the am/fm. They do not hear how they are trying to anger you or other wise harass you with the “V2K”. You seem crazy to the ones listening on the radio. Make sense…Can you imagine just how many people over the years have been hurt or killed by these people playing games like that? I myself have had to walk off from more then one person in the past to prevent such an altercation because I could not explain what was happening to me at the time or how it was happening well enough for anyone to pay attention anyway. I can’t help but feel this is a common way these people work and I feel they are responsible for many people being hurt or killed by playing this type of game. One example of this would be Danger Field, Texas. A few years ago a man walked in to a Luby’s restaurant and shot 14 people. One of the individuals harassing me, or at least seen with those harassing myself lived in Danger field, Texas around that same time. Coincidence? Maybe. But once while I was dogging my fan club they did admit to being there when it happened. You must all understand that this type of harassment will wear on a person, and not all people are strong enough mentally to see through it, or to see it for what it is. It is like “Mind Rape”. It is worse then rape could ever be sense you do not even have the chance to defend your self, they are doing this out of your reach, from a distance.” (“Mind Rape”).

access to electronic surveillance – “…These families combined run their own revenge service here in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area and have been doing so for over 40 years. Their claim is “we’ve done this to over 1000 people”. They use a wide range of electronics to try and drive their advisory insane or to the point they commit suicide or some form of violent act so they will be arrested. Their family ties with law enforcement allow them access to files and documents that should other wise be private which is then used for set ups and to avoid prosecution for the many crimes they commit while doing this. It seems they go after the smaller drug dealers in hopes of furthering their own sells, as well as those they just don’t like for whatever reason such as myself. They are also allowed access to electronic surveillance equipment, some of which produces the effect know as microwave hearing, , which simple put is the ability to put sound or voice inside their victims head with out others around them hearing it. In short, make their victim believe they are hearing voices or going insane. A victim of this might for example hear phones ringing, birds chirping when none are near, conversations that sound like they are coming from the next room when the room is empty and so on. Much of this is used to cause paranoia within their victim and conflicts with family, friends or loved ones. An example of this would be to use voice clips overheard from a friend or loved one and create a audio clip that when played back through the electronics sounds like they are directly involved. Their goal at this point is to isolate their victim from people that care about them or could help, which makes it easier for the harassment to continue and escalate. They might also make it appear that someone is in your home or out side your window when in fact there is no one there, hence causing paranoia and stress in their victim. Other times they use this for amusement by making different sounds which their victims will waste time looking for the source. Other effects of their electronics are that it basically turns their victim into a walking, talking bug allowing them to hear conversation their victim is engaged in or near enough to hear. This is very dangerous since it makes the victim look like an informant when in fact, this group are the informants and the ones giving information to law enforcement. Another effect of their electronics is being able to “see” what their victim is looking at. Now while I do not have much information presently to share about this phenomena it appears they use sound to see with and can do so in real time as they constantly make comments as to what I am looking at. An example is when using a digital camera and checking to see if I got the shot or when checking out females I have heard them comment. There are many more examples but this gives you the idea I hope…” (dangerous world of Stalking and Electronic Harassment)

Tracy Givens is an activist and targeted individual from Fort Worth, Texas. In his blog he described his life: “The things you read in my harassment logs might sound crazy and to be honest, if it was not happening to myself, I would have a hard time relating, but this is what I am being forced to deal with as a result of my divorce, and is complex to say the least…I am a victim of Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment living in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. This type of harassment is being enacted upon me as revenge due to a divorce back in 1992 and has been on going since 1993 to this point which is Oct. 2010 where it still continues…These attacks have left a radiation burn on my neck and testicles and forced me to have surgery in 2007 to repair damage to my eyes. Other possible damage from these attacks include kidney, liver, heart, bowels, nerves system. I use the word possible here as more medical evidence is needed to rule out other causes for heath issues I am experience in these areas such as hemorrhaging, rapid heart rate, sleepless-ness, problems urinating and more, which unlike the above mentioned has been documented already. They have enacted a massive character attack against me in hopes of causing some form of break down or worse, suicide…” (myspace)


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