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Monika Stoces

October 8, 2011

modern syndroms – “…Aside of that i am doing research on a new kind of “weirdness syndrom” on the rise …..Scary and fascinating, a paradigm shift , a Black Swan or call it Wild Card …but a huge surprise in any case. The challenge is to put the entire picture together, its all in the PATTERNS. More on this in my (ongoing) research on modern syndroms, and my guess that “the singularity is present, a true story of the past…” (I wanted to learn something i really did not know at all)

how it works – “…Before we try to understand what is in fact happening to us (as targetted individiuals) we need to know more about what understanding and knowledge really is and how it works. In philosophy this discipline is called “epistemology” and is a very fundamental one researching the basic principles of knowledge. Science and its methods have used these principles in any kind of scientific discipline and therefore science was so successful in understanding the world, discovering physics, understanding biology and developing advanced technology. So if we want to be successful in understanding what is going on, those principles also can be for us very useful. This may seem difficult but explained brief and clear its easy to understand and makes thinking about anything much easier. The general principles and stages of evolution of knowledge are pretty similar for one individual, a team of scientists, or the evolution of knowledge for the entire humanity. This is why they apply to all knowledge in general. Understanding a situation is nothing but trying to connect facts a way we get a picture that makes sense. We can compare this with a detective who investigates a murder and tries to find out who did it by putting all information he has together, eliminate suspects and reason about all different possible answers until he finds the best one, or the right one…” (Stages in getting knowlegde and answers to unanswered questions are the same stages of the evolution of science)

weapons of behaviour control – “…Slowly Targets finding each other, realising their number is growing fast each year, and trying to coordinate the different private efforts of the most motivated victims, who realize the scale and importance of those human rights violations going on. Many individuals confronted with this abuse don’t expose themselves for some private reason of all kind, others keep in touch with each other for support and networking all over the world, cooperating for one and the same purpose to all…exposing this non-consensual testing in order to stop the secret abuse of average citizens as subjects of all this…The effects of those weapons vary from very subtle over extremely strong to lethal, not limited by any state borders, being extreme dangerous weapons of behaviour control “tested” over a longer period monitoring reactions while influencing emotions and behaviour in order to prevent or slow down at least, efficient exposure. The targets are from different countries depending on different judicial systems, having different backgrounds, personal situations and having different ways to approach the situation, speaking different languages, All this makes organizing in order to expose the problem, very hard without any official support or investigation of the problem as a whole. The duration of this abuse over years, and many of its effects and the trauma it usually causes is perceived by most individuals as mental and Physical “torture” and a huge violation of their individual human rights. Targeted Individuals hope to achieve the formation of an official commission or team of scientist that could systematically investigate the the problem to see they all are clearly describing all detailed the same things, even if their conclusions differ about WHO is doing it , or precisely HOW (with what kind of technology) it is done. Those things they only “suppose” from the position of being victims and average citizens “surprised” by some totally unexpected attack on their lives…” (it goes from human ritghts violation into atack)

Monika Stoces is activist and targeted individual from Antwerpen, Belgium. In his blog post she described her targeting: “…I have been a target consciously since 2005 I realize this was going on much longer in my life without my knowledge. Mijn Naam is Monika Stoces, ik ben geboren in praag 1964, en sinds 1968 woon ik in Belgie,en bezit de Belgische nationaliteit. Studie Filosofie / vocaliste Jazz / Actie buurtcomite rosse buurt toffe buurt. Antwerpen. In 2005 werd ik overvallen door een ongelooflijke beangstigende ervaring, die ik alleen kan toeschrijven aan technologie. Mijn electronica begon vreemd te doen, op de computer verschenen gesimuleerde foutmeldingen, persoonlijke boodschappen, en ik werd overvallen door pijn, angst, 3Dbeelden van mensen die ik ken, zware overdreven gevoelens, en zeer bizarre en levendige dromen en ongelooflijke zware seksuele en emotionele manipulatie. Ik geloof dat deze technologie bijna oneindige mogelijkheden heeft het bewustzijn te controleren, slaap-waak ritme, honger en kou, aantrekkeing of aversie tov smaken geuren mensen en seks. Manipulatie van gedrag, analyse van oogbewegingen, en sturen van motoriek. Eveneens in interactie hiermee, controleert deze technologie alle electronische toestellen en communicatie. Ik realizeer me stilaan dat het gaat om de zwaarste schendingen van de mensenrechten de laatste decenia. Ik vraag een internationaal onderzoek, naar technologische misdaden tegen de mensheid. I do realize these are the biggest violations of human rights the past decades…” (blogspot)


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