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October 10, 2011

global protest – “We have more than 500 victims daily being tortured and abused by remotely directed energy weapons. But we remain resolute and most of us work diligently to expose this crime on the Internet, and won’t stop reporting this heinous to the Chinese government. In China, as in the rest of the world, the official police position is that Targeted Individuals are mentally ill, so we cannot get permits to do street protests. However, we did promote the global protest via the Internet. We got nearly one hundred Targeted Individuals to publish the IAACEA press release on their own websites, along with the list of protest locations, and to send many letters to public. Here is our online site of (supporting signatures in English and supporting signatures in Chinese at Change.org…” (Reports From The Front – Oct. Global Protests)

Traveling – “…On 5 April 2002, I could not bear any more suffering, so I left Australia . After I left Australia , I still could hear those voices. I went to Hong Kong , Thailand and Shanghai , China , the voices still always sounded as if coming from neighbors. All the symptoms happened all the time, and my things were often stolen when I was not at my hotels. On August 2002, I went to New Zealand . I again had all the symptoms often occurring. On April 2003, I had already spent all my money. I came back China and stayed with my parents. I had more symptoms : such as astriction, gatism, and sex harassment. They also started to not allow me to sleep at night, or to wake me up at mid-night. Sometimes, they also forced me to sleep when I did not want to sleep. They also forced me to “have dreams” at night. I knew those “dreams” were made by them and transmited to my brain using their weapons. (The principle is the same with a silent sound device which can transmit sound into the skull of person). After the fourth quarter of 2004, they forced me to have “dreams” every night.These people can use their electromagnetic weapons to transmit their voices directly to my brain. They can make “voices” sound as if coming from neighbors or from a nearby person. They also can use their weapons to make “voices” sound like the voices of your friends or your family members. After I came back to China, their voices still sounded as if coming from neighbors. But I knew they were not from my neighbors. (After 2005, they did not pretend to be from my neighbors or friends, but sometimes they can pretend their “voices” sound like a TV announcer). I think that most days they use their own voices. When they started to torture and harass me in Australia , most of them only spoke in English, only one or two spoke in Mandarin without any dialects. Since the second month, more people who spoke in Mandarin joined them. They also asked whether I could speak Cantonese (There are other victims who said that they could hear the voices spoke in Cantonese). After I left Australia , most of voices only spoke Mandarin. There were about 6-10 (they spoke Mandarin) who had been keep torturing and harassing me 24 hours a day and 7 days a week since May 2002 to April 2003. After April 2003, Mandarin voices were used more, over 10, only very few voices spoke English occasionally. (I think that they have employed more Mandarin speaking people to join them instead of English speaking people). During the past few years, their weapons have reached me no matter where I am. In every country, anywhere: inside the house, under ground, inside an airplane, on a ship, under water, inside a car, on the top of a mountain….” (Soleilmavis)

grateful thing – “…The first week I stay in Shanghai, they do not torture and harass me. I go to buy some food and also go to buy some CD. But since the second week, they start to torture and harass me very cruelly. And most of the time I have to lie down on the bed. They even don’t allow me to sleep at night for few days. I have to call a cleaner to help me, send letters; buy food; clean house. They start disturbing me listening to music, they never done that before. On 21 Jul, I send some CD to United Nations; I wish that those CD can record their disturbing voices. Their voices sound from neighbors. So I even make a mistake when I write letters to United Nations. I say:” They are in my neighbor because their voices sound come from neighbors house.” There are also some people come to my room and search my things when I am not home. From the Television, I see many people wear ties which the color I like very much. No matter whether they know it is my favorite color or they don´t know it is my favorite color, it is still a grateful thing for me. This always makes me to remember a story…I also send a letter to United Nations to convey my strong wish to go to School to study. Because those voices tortures and harassed me and did not allow me study in Australia, so I wish that I can go to other country to study. I receive a letter from United Nations and tell me even they can not support my study personally, but they give me an address of Europe Union where they have some information for higher education. One day, I also go to Peace Hotel to have a breakfast. I see 2 Australian men and one Chinese man taking their food and they are talking about. One of them says:” I have been to Hong Kong, Thailand and Guangzhou.” The Chinese man says:” It is hard to live a life in Europe…” (Soleilmavis’ story(Apr 2002—Aug 2002))

Soleilmavis is an activist and targeted individual from China who studied in Australia and travelled to New Zealand and Thailand. She created Peacepink, a forum site for targeted individuals, human rights activists and their supporters. Peacepink is the name of a kind of Pink Color Rose. It means: Peace and Love. We share Peace, Love and Care. Its aim is to to stop the abuse and torture of mind control and directed energy weapons (Peacepink).


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