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Jesus Mendoza

October 16, 2011

invisible and silent radiation – “…Satellite technologies are in use against those who denounce injustice and are replacing the dragging and hanging. Exhibit “7″ describes the swelling pains and suffering caused by invisible and silent radiation, and demonstrates that we are dealing with the same mentality that murdered and tortured women and children in concentration camps. Every day these judges stay on the bench represents a crime to humanity, a violation to due process and a violation to the Clause of Separation of Powers. Now is the time make questions and to speak up against injustice. Don’t’ let apathy skepticism and indifference make you or your family another victim of hate. Call now your State and federal legislators and civil rights organizations and demand an explanation in writing to this case…” (Who is responsible for the torture of women and children?)

heavy surveillance – “…I have received death threats after putting before and after pictures of my family members on a web site in 2005,” said Mendoza. “My incoming and outgoing emails are read and sabotaged, especially when they are from persons offering help or relevant information which pertains to my slow electro magnetic murder. “My telephone calls too are under heavy surveillance and are being controlled. All members of my family including my children, wife and in-laws are literally being electronically cooked to death. And now, I find myself at times almost unable to breathe, and with barely enough energy to function, I am bedridden much of the time and the blood in my eyes indicate broken blood vessels…” (Innocent Texas Citizen Targeted With Deadly Electronic Weapons)

harmful domestic surveillance – “…Jesus Mendoza Maldonado Vs. Keith Alexander et al, Supreme Court of the United states (Case No. 06-9569). This case details how this Administration has manipulated federal courts to discredit claims of harmful domestic surveillance as delusional. Please ask your federal and State legislators for an explanation in writing to this case. Legislators have an obligation to tell you the truth. Please share this information with others, so they can do the same. This in turn could spare lives and pain and suffering to innocent victims. Do not allow apathy, skepticism, or indifference make you another victim of these terrifying technologies…” (Clear And Present Danger)

overexposure to radiation – “My three children and I are the subject of torture by satellite tracking and Organized Stalking as retaliation for denouncing fraud of federal funds, racial discrimination and judicial corruption. This Complaint points out to specific and concrete evidence on the federal record showing the legitimacy of my claims. Please See Exhibit ‘1’ (attached) which describes some of the physical harm caused on myself and on my children by overexposure to the radiation used by satellite tracking. Exhibit ‘2’ and ‘3’ describe some of the physical harm caused on myself by overexposure to radiation. Exhibit ‘2’is a Decision of the Social Security Administration finding my electromagnetic sensitivity a severe impairment. Exhibit ‘3’ is a Physician Statement of Disability by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services which describes some of harm caused by the overexposure to radiation. I was maliciously overexposed to radiation for the first time in 1997, as retaliation for denouncing a fraudulent scheme against the second largest law school in the country, the Thomas M. Cooley Law School located in Lansing, Michigan. At that time I was going on my second year of law school. I found myself on the emergency room with a swollen heart and breathing difficulties a few days after I submitted to the dean of the law school evidence that the law school engaged in racial discrimination, fraud of federal funds, and the giving away of law degrees to those affiliated to government agencies. At that time, I had been elected president of the Hispanic Law Society and I had been on the Dean’s list. The Electronic Aggression and the Organized Stalking forced me to leave my studies one month away from finishing the last semester in the State of Michigan, and I returned to my hometown, Mission, Texas. I left the law school in good moral and academic standing. In my efforts to stop the electronic aggression, I sought help from the federal courts. Although the litigation did not stop the electronic aggression, the following line of cases established on the record the legitimacy of my claims…” (Complaint of Violation of Civil Rights, and Request for Help)

Jesus Mendoza is a whistle blower, law practitioner, activist and targeted individual from Mission Texas. He and his family suffered from electronic attacks particularly radiations after he blew the whistle on a corrupt law school where he was a [Dean’s list] student. The U.S. government, in court, admitted they had Jesus under “electronic surveillance” but would not admit to the assault on Jesus’ body, or the torture of his children (Raven1).


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