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Cheryl Welsh

October 18, 2011

microwave hearing – “…the government uses radio waves to effect other people around her, so as to study her mental reactions. “Wherever I go in my day, people spit, swear, blow smoke in my face, basically 100 insults a day.” Sounds far fetched? Well, don’t make up your mind just yet. Some say they have research going back more than forty years that says…it’s possible. “I’ve got the documents from NASA, the federal times from the seventies, and the DIA talking about how they use the microwave hearing to drive political targets crazy. Welsh is also a law student at Lincoln in Davis. Through her organization, Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, she’s shared documents she’s gathered with hundreds of people around the world. “It talks about electromagnetic weapons and the Russians want to ban weapons…” (Domestic Terrorism in L.A.)

computer-brain interface technology – “…there were at least 23,000 radiation victims of institutionalized unethical experimentation.2 There are similarities between radiation and mind control experimentation because the government bureaucracy is the same, the groups of victims are the same and it involves weapon testing. But unlike the atomic bomb, the U.S. public is not aware of the highly classified behavior control weapons. This fact contributes to the difficulty that victims have in exposing the experimentation. The purpose of U.S. government research with electromagnetic frequencies and computer-brain interface technology is to develop mind control weapons that meet or surpass the enemy’s mind control weapon program, in particular Russia. The U.S. military’s interest in controlling behavior and in using this on it’s enemies in future warfare is well documented.3 The lethal doses and parameters of radiation were explored and now the limits of computer-brain interface and emf technology are explored in the same unethical way. And by using unwitting victims, experiments are conducted without limits of human subject experimentation committees…” (Nonconsensual Brainwave and Personality)

informed consent – “…the committee made their recommendations in a 1995 report; and although Clinton issued a memorandum two years later that included several ACHRE prescriptions, bureaucratic delays kept it from being properly approved before he left office. The Department of Health and Human Services finally published it as an interim proposal in the Federal Register in 2002, but it remains unapproved by the appropriate agencies and departments. So while it seems crazy, it’s true: Today, in a country that for the last eight years has been defined by questionable intelligence-gathering techniques and interrogation methods, the U.S. government is no more restricted in carrying out nonconsensual, classified research on human subjects than it was after World War II. Thus, it’s time for the Obama administration to reexamine the guidelines for classified experimentation on human subjects and close any loopholes that would allow a person to be unknowingly subject to experimentation. In fact, a prohibition on waiving informed consent in classified human-subject experiments should be the centerpiece of any new legislation–the waiver of this right being perhaps the most offensive aspect of the Cold War research programs…” (Outlaw nonconsensual human experiments now)

Cheryl Welsh is founder and director of “Mind Justice,” a human rights group, law graduate, an activist and a targeted individual from Sacramento, California. In a rare CNN interview she explained: “…It is very hard to explain to people, for people to understand. I will give you an example of how I concluded that government experimentation may have been involved, or somebody was outside manipulating these things. I believe that the government has the technology to read your mind remotely. I came to that conclusion, besides a whole series of things, was everytime I smiled the telephone would ring. That would be one example of what they do. Very Pavlovian kinds of situations like that to where you could conclude that everytime you smiled, something like that happened in a highly significant amount. I also found that people were acting strangely. If I went to the grocery store, having twenty people being mean to you in one day you take notice. It did not happen in my normal life. Or have twenty people swearing, spitting, twenty people drop their keys. I knew something out of the ordinary was happening, it’s very hard to explain…Logically, that you are having mental problems. If you feel the government is after you that is just a classic symptom of mental illness. So, you have to be very careful about what you say and how you say it and if you say it to a mental health professional. They do not check out your facts, they come to their conclusions based on their DSM III, a diagnostic manual. If you say I think the government is after me and they read my brain remotely like a computer screen, you are not going to get the benefit of the doubt, they have a bias that you just cannot overcome…” (Raven1)


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