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Andy Pero

January 27, 2012

pre-conditioned rage – “…Andy also went to the chiropractor, where one of his ex-girlfriends worked. Andy admitted to me that this ex-girlfriend was a Presidential Model, a Monarch programmed mind controlled operative—who he was trying to stay away from. Andy told me that when he was in for a treatment at the Chiropractors office, his ‘ex-girlfriend–the “project girl– spoke a few trigger phrases, which elicited a pre-conditioned rageful response from Andy. Andy’s angry outburst directed at this woman then resulted in her filing a formal complaint with the local police that Andy was being “abusive.” In September of 1998 Andy was arrested in his New Jersey home by local police at the instigation of the FBI and aided by the complaint from his “vengeful ex-girlfriend”. They had a court order to confiscate a handgun that Andy possessed, even though he was compliant in every way with the police on this account. There was a discrepancy on the status of Andy’s firearm, which somehow resulted in a heated argument between Andy and the police. They proceeded to arrest Andy on this questionable charge, and used it as an excuse to indicate that Andy had been abusive and uncooperative towards them, resisting arrest. Andy ended up being remanded to a mental institute, from which he spent several weeks trying to extricate himself. Luckily, Andy was released from this hospital and was determined to be mentally sane. We corresponded by e-mail and telephone, even though Andy knew he was under constant surveillance. He became increasingly more paranoid about his condition, because it seemed as if every step of the way in his recovery process and memory breakthroughs, something would distract him. Andy disclosed many things to me during this time, and I was able to do an interview with him until things got too difficult…” (Project Superman: The Saga of Andy Pero)

mind control research – “…Our own government. One of my handlers-who tried to brainwash me into believing that he was my father–was basically a Nazi. I nicknamed him Adolph because he is very Aryan looking. After WW2 many Nazi scientists were brought over to the US through our own Intelligence community who formerly worked in mind control research in the concentration camps. I believe they are a remnant of the Nazi party working in conjunction with different branches of the US government and the military. Much of my training and torture sessions were done right at the University of Rochester, NY. They used to take me to a private room in the attic or top floor of the library. The big lab where I had most of the programming done to me was at the Rome National Air Base in Rome, NY. I have also been used in the Montauk chair while at Camp Hero, Montauk, L.I. and also in a chair in Atlanta, GA at Dobbins Air Force Base. The Montauk facility located in Camp Hero, L.I. was reopened by the Department of the Navy and is active to this day. Basically there are underground bases located across the country. Each one has a different function and specialty. There is a facility in Rochester, NY, Paramus, NJ, Dobbins Air Force Base in Atlanta, GA, Camp Hero in Montauk, L.I. and many others. In the Paramus, NJ facility is where they do the sex programming for many of the female agents. For the most part, 99% of them are involuntary sex agents and couriers who were raised in various mind control projects…” (Interview with Andy Pero, Montauk ‘Superman’ Programming Victim)

regaining the essence of me – “…As I regain my memory, I remember that Mr. Green, the man who was so terrified of me, was one of the men who raped my mother in front of me while they held a gun to my fathers head when I was about seven years old. I remember 6 men coming into our house. Two of them put a gun to my fathers head and the other four went into the back room and had their way with my mother. I think I was about seven years old. As the men left they were laughing at my father and about what they had just done. My father just sat in his chair and cried. I ran outside and swore to kill these men. This man turned around and put his gun in my face but I didn’t flinch. I just stood there and swore to kill him. He looked at me, and thought about killing me for a split second and then slowly walked away, looking at me in the eyes. I remember that I had made the association of Mr. Green and what they did to my mother and father and that’s the reason why they could never break me using beating tactics. I had made the association between him and the entire group. That’s why no matter what they did to try and make me one of them I always hated them and would always hate them so there was nothing that they could do because the damage was already done. Through my contacts I have found out that the reason why I am having so much trouble regaining the essence of me is that what these people did to try and control me was they took the essence of me (my soul and my mind) out of my body, smashed my mind into many pieces and stuck me back in my body upside down and backwards {{so to speak – branton}}. I remember that when I was sent on missions for the “Delta Force”, they would send me through a “Time Portal” and then bring me back a few days later. To earth in earth’s time. However, when you alter one’s time line, they come back different. This is why when I would come back the mother of my child would always tell me that “I am different somehow?”. I will explain this more later…” (Project Superman Part 7)

Andy Pero was unwillingly subjected to a mind control program off-shoot the Monarch Project-a trauma based mind control program similar to what Cathy O’ Brien describes in her autobiography by Mark Philips, “Tranceformation of America”. Andy Pero claims to have been created through a combination of genetic manipulation, trauma based mind control and Silva Mind Control training resulting in superhuman feats and psionic abilities. In addition to this, Mr. Pero alleges to have been unwittingly used in covert assassinations as a Manchurian Candidate and also in missions connected to the Montauk Project, such as time travel. Andy Pero first went public with his story in August of 1998 as a special guest of Preston Nichols while at a lecture series hosted by Bob Eure of Philadelphia, PA. I was so astounded with Andy’s testimony, that I interviewed him personally so that his story could be shared with readers of Unknown Magazine. For those who are unfamiliar with me, I have worked for ten years investigating and counseling UFO experiencers, abductees and occasionally survivors of various forms of anomalous trauma, such as ritual abuse and mind control. Because of my background in alien abductions, paranormal, the occult and anomalous trauma, I recognized Andy as an extraordinary survivor of trauma based mind control, one whose story should not remain hidden” (Project Superman: Andy Pero).


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