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Christopher Bollyn

January 29, 2012

land of the free and the home of the brave – “…Americans today still believe they are free because the media tells them so and because they don’t see the restraints and are able to move around and buy things. Americans are, indeed, free to work and shop, but they have virtually no real political power whatsoever. A good example is that while an overwhelming majority of the U.S. population is against the war in Iraq, the war and the huge spending bills to support it go on unchallenged by their representatives in Congress. Why don’t the Congressmen vote to stop the disastrous war that has consumed hundreds of billions of dollars and taken more than 3,000 American lives? Most Americans in the “land of the free and the home of the brave” are completely unaware that they have lost the most cherished democratic franchise, i.e. the citizen’s fundamental right to vote and count their votes. They think their vote counts and don’t have a clue that they lost their democratic franchise years ago. They are unaware of this situation simply because the media has not told them. “If the media doesn’t talk about, it must not be a problem” is the American way of thinking. For the Zionist-controlled media, the absence of any citizen oversight of the vote-counting process and complete lack of transparency in American elections are simply non-issues, just like many other very important subjects of vital importance to the survival of the republic…” (Exposing the Zionist Hidden Hand That Rules Britain and the United States)

controlled network and news outlet – “…We have to look at the media to understand the lack of a similar anti-war movement in the United States. Today, there is no mass resistance because the U.S. media is now completely owned and controlled by Zionist Jews who actually support the fraudulent “War on Terror” and the illegal wars being fought by the United States and its allies. These wars are being waged to benefit Israel and strengthen the Zionist hegemony in the Middle East and Central Asia. The Zionist-controlled mass media in the United States now works full time to promote the war agenda – first Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Iran. In the Zionist-controlled media there is no room for any real criticism of the Zionist war agenda. Today, nearly every network and news outlet in the U.S. mass media is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews. This is a statement of fact and should not be misconstrued to be anti-Semitic in any way. Zionist Jews control nearly all of the U.S. mass media: television and radio networks, major newspapers, book publishers and leading book stores, and the big film studios and chains of movie theatres. They have taken control of the media for one reason – to manipulate public opinion by controlling the message. It is the same with media as with pipelines: He who owns the pipeline controls the product. Many of the Jewish media moguls are members of the secret organization of Freemasons, the International Order of B’nai B’rith. Philip Morris Klutznick, the man who made Obama president, was the international president of B’nai B’rith. The Sulzberger family who owns the New York Times was one of the founding families of Lodge No. 1 of the B’nai B’rith, which was started in New York City in 1843. It is through this secret society, which is closed to all non-Jews, that the media moguls and Jewish financiers are able to conspire against the American people while living among them…” (Why Are We Unable to Resist?)

chemical and biological weapons – “…We can expect to see multiple cancers in one person,” Moret said. “These multiple unrelated cancers in the same individual have been reported in Yugoslavia and Iraq in families that had no history of any cancer. This is unknown in the previous studies of cancer,” she said. “A new phenomenon.” The Pentagon’s Goodno questioned Dr. Korényi-Both’s report that 8 of 20 recently returned soldiers from one unit had experienced malignant growths. Goodno and Korényi-Both did agree, however, that Iraqi chemical and biological agents had not played a role in the 2003 invasion. This is significant because three factors have generally been blamed for causing Gulf War Syndrome: Iraqi chemical and biological weapons, the cocktail of vaccinations given to coalition soldiers, and depleted uranium. The absence of any detectable chemical or biological agents during the 2003 invasion of Iraq reduces the number of potential factors for the malignancies in the veterans to pre-war vaccinations and DU…” (Depleted Uranium Blamed for Cancer Clusters Among Iraq War Vets)

Christopher Bollyn was born in Chicago and grew up during the 1960’s in suburban Schaumburg, Illinois. He was raised in an educated middle class family. He delivered newspapers before school and became an Eagle Scout at age 15. He served as an altar boy in the Episcopalian Church and earned the God and Country award. His father, Albert, grew up in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood and graduated with a degree in journalism from University of Illinois after serving the Army Corps of Engineers in Germany. Christopher’s father was his first proofreader and editor. Albert Bollyn owned an interior decoration business and enjoyed acting in the theatre guild. The Bollyn family is related to Sir Thomas Boleyn, the father of Queen Anne Boleyn, the second wife of Henry VIII and mother of Queen Elizabeth I. His mother, Charlotte, grew up in southwestern North Dakota, the daughter of Scandinavian and Swiss homesteaders. Charlotte was an educator and interior designer who held advanced degrees from Columbia University. When she studied in New York, Charlotte worked as governess for the Farish family and took care of the young William S. Farish III, the former U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom and friend of the Bush family. Christopher’s parents both served in World War II. After graduating from high school, Christopher traveled extensively in Europe and the Middle East. For several winters he lived and studied in Oslo, Norway. In spring he would cycle across Europe and the Near East. In Norway, he lived with an erudite Swedish countess and studied Middle Eastern history and Semitic languages at the University of Oslo. Christopher returned to the United States in the late 1970s and began studies at the University of California at Davis. He has a degree in history from U.C. Santa Cruz. His emphasis was on Palestine/Israel. His last year of university was spent in Norway, Greece, and the newly liberated Baltic States where he researched the psychological effects of the Soviet occupation on the native population. Christopher met his wife, Helje, in Oslo. Helje is a Swedish citizen who was born and educated in Estonia. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from Tallinn University. They were married in the Chapel of Kalmar Castle, Sweden. After the birth of their second child, Christopher and Helje wrote a book ABC Zoo and dedicated it to the children who love to read (bollyn.com).


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