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Joel Bryan Harris

February 13, 2012

“…Gang stalking, literally, is an attempt to alter the mental, nervous or emotional state of a target individual; gang stalking, said plainly, is mind control. See the first essay, Motives for Mind Control, of Allen L. Barkers series on mind control operations, for a more detailed analysis of what mind control is, this as the parent set of operations of which gang stalking is merely a subset or part. Gang stalking could be defined, loosely, as any action taken by an organized group of individuals to cause intentional emotional duress in another individuals life, with emphasis on the visibility of the organized group as opposed to the invisibility of other types of groups such as covert surveillance groups, etc. Other terms for this sort of action against a targeted individual have been termed elsewhere, “group stalking” or, as so often these sorts of operations begin at one’s workplace, “workplace mobbing”. With gang stalking, the point is to be seen, to let the subject (stalkee) know, beyond any doubt, that he or she is being observed, be it outright following, “mirroring,” or any shape and variety of street theatre operation…” (Gang Stalking and Harrassment)

detonation event “…There must be a charge, and there must be a reason for subsequent, psychological concern; judging from the set up attempts I’ve already experienced and judging from the direct conversation I have had with others close to me who have heard rumblings of these events, those are the basic objectives of the investigators. So, how would the investigation accomplish this feat? A simple overview, could go as such: First, the agency needs what I term a “detonation event,” something to get the proverbial ball rolling, so to speak; in other words, some sort of setup which immediately moves me to a controlled environment such as jail or even an institution; this sort of event could be a drug related setup or something as whacked out as the website hacking set up which was played out at a past employer and which, just in time, I thwarted. Second, post this detonation event, the agencies need some basis for the behavioral science groups being able to argue for the court mandate of extensive psycho-therapeutic and even, supposedly, biological studies; therefore, less invasive, “secondary events” have taken place within the community, such as false testimony to authorities regarding my behaviors in public, the regular creation of unsolved crimes which, post detonation I would somehow be linked to (DNA from a crime scene, property found on my premises that would link me to another time and place, etc.) and a variety of psycho-social based street dramas which could eventually be pointed back to if a detonation event were ever successful. However, key to all agency objectives is the detonation event from which all other objectives would stem post completion of a successful setup…” (The Anatomy of a Setupwords)

amnesia and psychotic symptoms “…In fact, having poured over the contents of scores of books dedicated to the discussion of Phencyclidine (PCP), I would have to say of utmost importance to each was discussion of the occurences of memory loss and comparisons to clinical schizophrenia. Whole chapters of certain books were dedicated to discussing the drugs ability to cause amnesia and psychotic symptoms indistinguishable from ‘clinical paranoid schizophrenia;’ furthermore, every one of my symptoms from the first night, especially the apparent anesthetizing of my extremities and the overwhelming feeling that I were dieing, were cited in most books as common symptoms of severe “PCP psychosis,” or overdose. One book even mentioned, specifically, the extreme diminution of gag reflex, due to the drugs anesthetizing effects. Most important, however, were the bits about memory dysfunction, as it has been known to me that a primary objective of the investigation is to create the illusion of my having a memory impairment of some kind in order to buttress the behavioral science goal of total discretion in extensive psychotherapeutic investigation of my entire personal history. Another topic discussed in the various books I read on PCP dealt with the protocol followed within hospitals and law enforcement when dealing with PCP overdose cases, that when such cases are admitted to emergency rooms or are apprehended by the authorities, the first action taken is an immediate search of that persons premises and immediate belongings, due to the fact that so many of such persons simply can’t remember when or if they took the drug (or perhaps they might, “psychotically” believe they had been drugged by someone else!)…” (Covert Druggings)

defeating the adversary “…The two major factors, in early 2002 or so, when I began to swing ‘round and outside of the big cycle of fear and destabilization brought on by the gang stalking and general harassment, were one, my discovery that PCP was the drug that I had been repeatedly drugged with, and two, very close to that same moment, my discovery of Allen L. Barker’s essays on his experiences with and thoughts on, mind control operations and especially, what is becoming of American, so called, “culture.” Until reading the first three of his essays on mind control operations, I had simply been adrift in my circumstances without a clue that anyone on this planet had experienced anything remotely like I was experiencing; I had truly and dramatically, at the beginning of these circumstances, found myself on a completely alien plane of existence; Allen’s essays were like a goddamn life-line thrown down from reality and I devoured each essay as though every word would (and often times did) yield some valuable epiphany. That was a bit poetic, perhaps too heady, but it needed to be said; arguably, those essays may very well have saved my life. Anyway, my point here is that to victims of gang stalking or mind control operations, simply finding others who have shared and are managing within similar circumstances, is invaluable to defeating the adversary. What do I mean by, “defeating the adversary?” I mean, simply, the retention of one’s sanity. Make no mistake about it, the goal of the adversary, when it comes to gang stalking operations and the perpetrators behind them is, quite literally, to drive their subject mad…” (For Victims of Organized Harassment)

Joel Bryan Harris: “Contrary to local popular opinion, I do not spend my time stalking ex-girlfriends, videoing up the dresses of pre-teen cuties or doting over my ever expanding porn collection. Much to the contrary, the majority of my time is devoted to political work; due to the nature of this site and the fact that it addresses my knowledge of a federal investigation of myself, I choose not to get any more specific than that. Separation of church and state, all that…Other than politics and the study that goes into truly understanding what politics is, I spend my time writing, surfing, drinking coffee, and planning my ale making project. Oh yeah, I’m going to make an ale. That should drive the AA people crazy. For now, and probably for another year or so, I’m just researching, but will eventually get around to it. For the record, my favorite ales are in the IPA category and some of my favorite brewers would be Stone Brewers, Dogfish Head and Great Divide…” (Jwho the hell is jbh?)

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