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Allen L. Barker

February 15, 2012

The Truth “…The United States Government tortures its own citizens. We go around the world talking about human rights, but agents of the U.S. government have not hesitated to commit the most vicious crimes against humanity right here at home. The political reality is that the U.S. is the leading economic and political power in the world, and the only superpower. Thus the U.S. government can maintain its pious hypocritical stance without fear of “serious” exposure. Our government has grossly abused its current power. It has wasted a chance to be a world role model for ethical government, and the chance likely will never come again…The mainstream press will not challenge — and at times participates in — outrageous governmental abuses. Watergate and the investigations of intelligence abuses in the mid-’70s were historical rarities. The press routinely cooperates in a conspiracy of silence — even when innocent American lives are being destroyed and hideous crimes are being committed. The investigations of intelligence abuses in the ’70s were also not especially effective. The investigators were completely outclassed by a group of professional liars, trained to subvert governments worldwide. The Cold War was still on, giving additional clout to the apologists for domestic crimes committed by our own forces. The “intelligence community” is well aware of the limited attention span of the American press, and repeatedly and effectively uses stonewalling, or worse, to escape any responsibility or accountability for its actions. The reforms of the ’70s were subsequently largely reversed. We need a sustained, nonpartisan political consensus to clean out our nation’s dirty secrets, give the domestic victims redress, punish the Cold War criminals, and start fresh without the baggage of secret, unacknowledged atrocities…” (Datafilter – The Truth)

Realtime Idiot “…Exposing the technology helps to bring out the the concepts and the violations even in the unlikely case that the natural model holds and a weaponized “psychic space” is the source of some people’s harassment. Thus the decision or conclusion to bring out the existence of the technology and its known history of abuses follows in both the standard model (directly) and the natural model (indirectly). [And is the right thing to do regardless, because of the victims still suffering and denied redress. Human rights are axiomatically model independent with regard to any model.]…Although it provides a very good example of multiple model reasoning, there are some good reasons for victims to avoid the psychic model altogether. It may be used as a psyop to distract from the technology — even that which is known openly to exist. It may be used to deceive technology victims into thinking they are “just psychic” and that the torture is “natural” (which it is not in either model). It is hard to take a natural psychic model to court, and so justice would have to proceed on other channels. The very association may be (and at times has been) used to connotationally tar mind control victims and their human rights plight with the “kookiness” that psychic phenomena tend to be regarded with in our society…Recall that an RTI is a realtime idiot, and is like a DJ at a radio station you are forced to listen to constantly and cannot turn down. They can access your private thoughts and harass you with this fact in their “broadcast.” An AP is an autopig, which is an AI-like machine or expert system doing the job of an RTI. The combination is similar to a DJ playing taped segments between live segments…” (Part I: Models of Synthetic Telepathy)

Simulated Third Ear “…Of all the sounds that can be sent, why voices? Why the fascination with that, as opposed to other sounds? The obvious reason is deniability, since our society is currently set up so anyone claiming to experience such things risks being called crazy, and anyone talking of such things risks being called a kook. The deeper reason is because human beings are social animals living in a society and communicating by language. People tend to think in terms of language. People can be controlled by language. You can put a voice projector in a dog’s brain and tell it to “sit” and “stay,” but only humans can take complicated directions in language. In this sense, humans are more vulnerable than other animals. Consider how language is used by the con man, the hypnotist, the politician, the lawyer, and the preacher. The playground taunter. Words can indeed hurt you…For people who hear voices “in their head,” try this just as an experiment. If you hear a voice, stop and listen closely to the ambient noise, especially hums and rattles of electrical equipment. Turn your head slowly to see if it has a directionality. In my case that turns out to almost always be the source of the “voice.” It seems like it is in your head, but it may be externally sent to your “simulated third ear.” The Russian acoustic psycho-correction devices were reported to use such an acoustic modulation technique to cause a voice that seemed to originate in a person’s head (and the rights are currently owned by a Richmond, Va. company). Musicians and audiophiles may have a better ear for this, since they are used to picking out one part of a sound from a soundscape. The sound is very directional to the sound source when you externalize it. Besides the ever-present electrical hum, there are other sources of sound like jets passing overhead that might be voice-modulated or have voice signals hidden under them. At least as early as Vietnam, psyop sounds were broadcast from helicopters, for example…” (Part II – Surreptitious Acoustic Signal Modulation, Voice Projection, and Direct Brain Interface)

The Optimization Theorem “…I will start right off by stating what I call the optimization theorem. What is being optimized with this “theorem” is your resistance to the torture inflicted, as well as your ability to try to maintain your life as best as you can. The main context being discussed here is dealing with torture by voice-to-skull incoming, but the general principle holds in much wider settings. It also holds for the lower-tech surveillance-based cointelpro style of harassment, for example…It may seem paradoxical, but the best way to take action is to remain completely calm. This is not the first impulse when subjected to harassment and goading, and it is hard to do. It does turn out to be the most efficient response. The best way to slam a fist back at the face of your pig harasser is to remain completely calm and observe it or ignore it. Work in the real world to agitate for human rights and expose the abuses. It is like a greedy algorithm in computer science, versus an optimal algorithm. The greedy algorithm takes the best move in an immediate sense but does not look ahead to take the best overall move. The optimal algorithm will look ahead and not necessarily make the locally most tempting move. Try to train yourself toward this imperturbability. If you do get angry, focus your anger, and let it motivate you to something productive…When you are completely calm and their crap does not affect you at all their BS just hangs in the air, sticking out like a sore thumb. It does not even get meaning. It then tends to fade out and wait for another chance when the jackals think you are vulnerable or need to be punished for a thoughtcrime. At some level you are aware of it even as you ignore it, because you don’t want to be subliminally manipulated, but it is off encapsulated in some distant zone that has no effect on you…” (Part IV: Bayesian Stopping Critireon and the Optimization Thereom)

Allen Barker been researching mind control technology and its related techniques and politics since 1995. He holds B.A. degrees in physics and mathematics, an M.S. in computer science, and a Ph.D. in computer science, all from the University of Virginia. He has authored or co-authored various papers and technical reports on computational neural networks, genetic algorithms, target tracking, and pattern classification. He currently lives near Charlottesville, Va. Mr. Barker believes that torture victims should not be ashamed to openly state what has happened to them, and he has personally been harassed by people using this technology (web.archive).

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