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Joan Siegemund

June 15, 2012

mysterious blisters – The accompanying pictures are of victim Joan Siegemund’s right arm around October-November 1997. After a car accident in July mysterious blisters appeared around the site of a newly-healed cut incurred in the accident. New blisters or enhancements of the older ones persisted for 6 months, and continue today, but on a considerably diminished scale. No firm diagnosis was ever given by the numerous dermatologists she visited (Joan Siegemund’s Arm Injury)

fighting the injustice “…I am speaking of the 1993 murder of my mother under a Boston guardianship and the disapearance of her considerable estate ($5 M.) The murder was actually drawn out since 1987 when drugs forbidden by the court were administered to her that are known to cause what is often called sudden “natural” death. I believe her death would have occurred within a few months but for our vigilence. Our inquiries into her medication and appeals to the court were met with more severe drugging resulting in brain damage and near death, and to our home, burglaries and vandalism of a decreasingly subtle variety. Suddenly after her passing, contradictory Death Certificates surfaced, suggesting that the failure of her keepers to provide appropriate medical attention may not have been entirely accidental, and refusals of several courts, including the Supreme Judicial Court of Maine, to grant Discovery or allow her to visit a specialist, raised more questions. It was when we started fighting the injustice that thing began to happen, typical things associated with mafia/narcotics practices: killing flowers, burglaries, phone interference, little things to let you know those doing it had qualms against interference by the authorities. Mind control was preceeded by strange kinds of vandalism calculated to induce wonderment and terror. This was followed by micro and other waves that were traceable by Gauss meter to a neighbor and presumably to a more remote unspecifiable source. As I discovered more of the puzzle pieces of my mother’s murder, as well as at least one other murder (abd possibly more) related to the over-up, the micro et al waves grew in intensity, as did the disappearane of documents related to the mysterious deaths. The high point of such harassment accompanied my discovery of 2 contradictory death certificates for my mother. This may not be the first case of microwaves/Mind Control as an instrument of Obstruction of Justice, but it may be the first to be disclosed on the Internet on a Web Site devoted to uncovering the use of allegedly military defense weapons designed and developed with tax money against citizens acting in defense of their rights within the full scope of legality, attempted to protect a family member from gross abuse…” (raven1: Joan Siegemund)

tin foil evidence “Just reread your resume on your MCF site and my eye caught what it did not catch before: that the govt does not believe you are the victim of microwaves. The evidence, as my tin foil-covered window has told me in clear tones, is but a roll of tin foil away. We covered our windows completely with tinfoil and after initially getting only tiny holes, we then found much better evidence of strange things from the sky–and from much closer. Patterns in various shapes, some in vertical pulse lines and others with angular whale-bone type with one series of parallel lines (in this case 3) going off at angle to another set that is more radiating, not parallel. The tinfoil must completely cover an access window so that the waves must pass through them, and it is easier for them to pass through window than walls. This, together with fax paper or other paper with ink of any pen preferably a wide-tip felt marker should, I imagine, constitute some sort of indication that strange things have been coming through that cannot be explained otherwise. I have sheets of paper on which I jotted down various notes, and while they lay beside the computer which is often getting interference, I watched in amazement as the ink blurred before my eyes. I showed this to Kathy, together with the tin foil and NY Times story which I will send you. I will also include a piece of the black closed-cell foam rubber “skin” which may have to be worn in more than one layer, but which, because it is thin, is easily added to without being too bulky.” (Detecting Psychotronics With Tin Foil)

confirming EM wounds “…The first officer I approached was heading a long table..May I show you some rather unusual pictures,” was my opener, and I waited for a affirmative sign before displaying my small portfolio. The reaction was subdued but intense. He gazed deeply at the 1.5 in. inch bright yellow blisters (height of about a half inch) and the 5×6 red inflamed areas displayed on the film. “What are these?” he asked. “Ebola virus? That’s the only thing I can imagine.” No, he said, he had not seen cases of Ebola, except on a television documentary. But he came close. EM and Ebola are both man-made, and both lethal. When I told him they were caused by EM frequencies targetted at my arm and other body parts, he did not seem in the least surprised and made no attempt to refute it. The Red Cross badge he wore seemed to give him an added modicum of authority of one who had seen much that was unspeakable. I then proceeded to the the next table, and this is where it happened. Two outgoing and charming officers, fascinated by the arm artwork, readily ventured that the pictures might represent white sulphur bombs or napalm! It was apparent that one of these officers was familiar with those terrible compounds and the wounds they produced. Then it happened: “One of our fellow officers has the same thing,” said the redhead officer. His companion concurred with: “Let me introduce you. He’s right here,” getting up to lead me a few steps way to the officer in question…I was full of wonderment, not because I had seen my first confirming EM wounds, but because heretofore, I had believed that if anyone was immune to this sort of overt EM harassment, it would be the police…In any case, he stated that his wounds were electromagnetically related, that they were diagnosed as such by a dermatologist, and quickly volonteered the latter’s name…I returned to the second table where now the Watch Commander, a comely blond lady, Lt. Nancy Lauer and officer Karen Ellis were speaking. When I displayed my pictures to them, the reaction was instantaneous. And when I said I believed a drug dealer living near me was the perpetrator, Lt. Lauer instructed officer Ellis to take down the information. After showing my artwork to the bomb squad officer wearing a microwave shielding uniform who was operating a microwave-controlled robot, and who volunteered the name of a San Diego based uniform shop that made microwave-shielding clothing, I showed my pictures to a few more officers and volunteers who were silent yet clearly dismayed. How many similar pictures, I wondered, had they seen and how many were chafing under similar EM burns as Officer Sharp and unnamed others?..” (A Funny Thing Happened at the Police Station by Joan Siegemund and Kathy Kasten)

Joan Siegemund – American Psychotronics and Mafia Victim. Joan Siegmund’s story begins with her mother being drugged in order to steal her inheritance. When Joan began to protect her mother she experienced burglaries, phone interference, and psychotronics. She says: Mind control was preceeded by strange kinds of vandalism calculated to induce wonderment and terror. This was followed by micro and other waves that were traceable by Gauss meter to a neighbor and presumably to a more remote unspecifiable source.
Also see Joan’s page on tin foil as an electromagnetic beam detector, and her page on her mysterious arm wounds. Both pages feature photographs. The latest from Joan (6-98) is her wonderful visit to the West Los Angeles Police Department Open House, where she found an officer with the same kind of EM burns! (lambros)

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A Funny Thing Happened at the Police Station by Joan Siegemund and Kathy Kasten

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